✔ Minecraft: How to make a Golf Course

How to make a Golf Course Today we’ll make a golf course! Golf Courses often have a few different features and I’ve tried recreating them. I’ll use grass wherever in the ‘rough’ areas. Sandstone slavs as ‘bunkers’, Green/lime clay or wool combined with each other or grass blocks as the ‘fairway’. And lime clay as for the green and we play with snowballs! I’ve created a new world for me to build in as this will take up quite a bit of space start of by digging the shape (golf course) of your course i found a random image of a golf course and based mine off of it I’ll be making the green first I;m also adding a nice little flag and a hole. PS: you dont have to Now for the fairway I’m combining lime clay with green clay :] Now for the bunker!!!!! This is the ‘tee box’ where the ball starts!!! Now plant some trees and flowers around the course. Now the grass as the rough!!!! Place it all around the course with a one block space between. I’ll quickly fill the last hole with water Now we’re done! Bye!!!!!


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