🏏Pakistan cricket star Danish Kaneria admits to his role in spot-fixing scandal | AJ Investigations

[Applause] clean ball him well garnish Canaria is Pakistan’s most successful spin bowler in Test cricket he played over 60 Test matches and took nearly 300 wickets for his country but in 2012 his career came to a sudden end he was banned for life by the England and Wales Cricket Board for his role in a match fixing scandal Canaria denied the charges but now in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera’s investigative unit he’s finally confessed his guilt my name is Donna Scalia and I admit that I was guilty of the two charges brought against me by the England and Wales Cricket Board in 2012 Canaria was found guilty of encouraging a teammate at Essex County Cricket Club to underperform during a match in 2009 and with bringing the game into disrepute for six years Canaria has protested his innocence two appeals were rejected following a recent al-jazeera investigation into match-fixing Canaria decided to come clean I have become social strong enough to make this decision because you cannot live a life with life Canaria says the imminent death of his father made it difficult for him to admit his guilt at the time but his health was getting worse and worse than was and I didn’t had that courage to to face him and to tell him that I was wrong so he was a very very proud guy very very proud of me what I did representing Pakistan representing my country Canaria introduced Merv in Westfield an essex teammate to an infamous Indian match fixer in a nightclub he says Westfield aspired to the affluent life of an international cricketer but Marvin used to tell me that he wants to become a respected er I was highly paid in Essex County and I was that an international player at that time and I was living a life and very lavish life so he also wanted to make money the match fixer a new part saw an opportunity I think so he was targeted by a new bird and I think he fell into that temptation Westfield was jailed for four months and banned from cricket for five years for accepting around eight thousand dollars he admitted agreeing to make it easy for opposition batsman to score runs when he was bowling I want to apologize to Bob in Westfield but as 16 mates mike essex cricket club my essex wicked fans i say sorry to pakistan being an international cricketer and a senior cricketer i should have taken an one step higher of telling moving that this guy is suspicious I want to apologise to my father who’s been always been a role model for me and I always have his photo with me the former international a member of the Hindu minority in Pakistan first met a new bird on a cricket tour in 2005 on the western digital my assistant manager introduced me to a nobody else because he was a Hindu and he was a very much cricket fan when we were in India – and over there 2008 it was I think over there i knowbut invited whole team for the dinner so me and my wife and other cricketers went to his house for the dinner Canaria expressed remorse for failing to report the match fixer despite being warned about him by an anti-corruption officer from the International Cricket Council when came to Pakistan and told Sarah better than me that feels suspicious guide and is involved in doing fixing I regret very much I didn’t complain to the higher authorities like English cricket board or ICC units I didn’t inform them or I didn’t told them that this guy is over here the band has had a devastating effect on canary as life I was the highest wicket taker or Pakistan at that time also I was achieving good money I lost my French respect which I used to get from the ticketing and and everything I lost everything he’s now pleading with crickets governing bodies to lift his ban and in return he pledged to help young players I want to ask people forgiveness and I hope that did they will forgive me and give me a second chance in my life I want to teach young people young cricket and there are people who will do temptation to you but you have to be strong go to a right direction rather going to a shortcut and making money in a shortcut it will end them where I am and today [Applause]

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