10 FASTEST Ski Mask the Slump God Verses (Pt. 2)

I have been waiting a long long time to do
this one guys. Welcome to part 2 of the Fastest Ski Mask
the Slump God Verses, and thank you to everyone so far who has helped the first video reach
800k views. So I decided to wait till The Book Of Eli
officially dropped to do this video, because originally it was gonna have 5 more tracks
than the leaked version did, then it dropped, and it had less tracks. So that was kinda annoying, but regardless
here we are with this list today. So I hope you guys are ready, this is CDTVProductions,
you can follow me on Instagram under that name, and let’s look at 10 more of the fastest
Ski Mask Verses. Honourable mentions: 13 – SLMD Remix (Verse 2) – 7 SPS I was only gonna put 2 honourable mentions
here, but I was forced to put 3 so I could include this song. Otherwise I know everyone would ask where
it is, so here you go. If it’s any consolation, I thought it’d
be much higher up too. 12 – Up Next (Verse 3) – 7.1 SPS And for our second honourable mention, we
have this song that Ski Mask did with Desiigner. It’s worth checking out for Ski’s verse
alone, but honestly Desiigner provides a relatively coherent and good verse as well on this track. 11 – Coolest Monkey in the Jungle (Verse 1)
– 7.1 SPS And here, as our third honourable mention,
we have our first track on this list from The Book Of Eli. It’s a song that I’m kind of conflicted
on, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but nonetheless this verse was fast enough to
be an honourable mention. And with that being said, let’s kick off
the top 10. Top 10: 10 – Run (Verse 1) – 7.3 SPS Kicking off our top 10, here is another song
from The Book Of Eli, and I’d recommend checking out the original version which was
produced by Timbaland if you can, because it sounds great. But to be fair, on both versions we get a
relatively fast verse at the start of the song, and that’s always a good thing. 9 – Dr. Eggman (Verse 1) – 7.3 SPS Not only is this a fairly fast Verse, it’s
one of personal favourites from Ski Mask just because of how smoothly it flows. It dropped right before his Drown In Designer
tape (my favourite Ski project so far), and that makes because it sounds like it’d fit
right in on there. This song was also the first collaboration
between Ski Mask and Keith Ape, and they would also go on to make the song Going Down to
Underwater together (which spoilers, I did count it, but it’s not fast enough to make
the list). 8 – JustLikeMyP*ss (Verse 1) – 7.5 SPS Here we have one of the many great songs found on the You Will
Regret project, this one being a collab with MidgetInTYO. I thoroughly enjoy both rappers on this song,
and it’s a definitely a highlight on the tape it appears on. This song has a fairly simplistic but great
instrumental, and Ski Mask easily rides across it with some pacy bars. 7 – SpaceGhostP***y (Verse 6) – 7.5 SPS As you can probably tell by the title of this
song, it’s a diss to another rapper known as SpsceGhostPurrp. However Ski’s verse was actually recorded
before this song was a diss track, which is why he doesn’t mention him at any point
in his verse. It’s kinda weird to me that it’s included
in the final version of the track when it isn’t relevant to the message of it, it
just makes it sound a bit random, but ignoring that, it’s a really good verse overall. 6 – Vetty Vrocker (Verse 1) – 7.6 SPS A lot of people asked me where this song was
on part 1, and I will admit I completely missed it. This song showcases how versatile Ski Mask’s
rapping can be, and the quickfire bursts of speed just appear out of nowhere. As this is one of Ski’s earlier track though,
you can tell he still had a little bit of work to do on his clarity, because even though
it sounds great, some of the words are kinda hard to catch. This song also has a really strange but catchy
ass bridge where Ski Mask does a little bit of singing. It’s as weird as it sounds, but it really
completes the track and gives it a really fun vibe. 5 – Off the Wall (Verse 1) – 7.7 SPS Yes, Ski did just say “you sippin haterade”
which sounds like something Jake Paul would say, but let’s move past that. For some reason, I counted this one for part
1, but I must’ve counted the wrong part because as you can tell, it’s definitely
fast enough to make the list. I guess this one just didn’t stand out to
me as much at first, because it doesn’t necessarily have one point where the speed
just picks up all of a sudden, it’s more like a song where his flow is just steadily
fast throughout the whole thing so you get used to the speed and it just sounds normal. But regardless, it has made this list. 4 – GnarlyGuyAnthem (Verse 3) – 7.8 SPS As you can tell by the vocal effects and overall
quality of this track, this was a song that was recorded very early on in Ski Mask’s
and XXXTerraria’s careers. I actually really like the choice they made
on here to shift their voices up a few semitones, it gives the song a bit of a haunting vibe
and adds to the unique-ness of it. There’s not many other Ski or X tracks I
can think of that sound like this vocally. A very interesting track, and one that I enjoy
quite a lot. 3 – Poltergeist/Childs Play (Verse 1) – 8
SPS I’m not sure what the reason for the name
change of this song is, but I guess it’s officially called Child’s Play now. I honestly didn’t think this one would be
as fast as it is, because even though the lines are rapped at a very impressive pace,
he takes a big pause right in the middle of the speed rapping part, so it’s crazy to
think that this one might even be at the very top of this list if he didn’t take that
pause. Either way, it’s still a verse that impresses,
and one that is in his top 5 fastest verses overall if we combine both lists. 2 – Dapper Dan (Verse 2) – 8.2 SPS And for our final track on this list from
The Book Of Eli we have Dapper Dan, a song which I did enjoy quite a lot, especially
the first time I heard it. Now on repeated listens, I do feel like the
instrumental isn’t super interesting personally, but the rapping is still solid as ever. As soon as the second verse kicks off, Ski
just instantly whips out the speed. I also appreciate the line that was a nod
to one of his earlier projects, Slaps For My Droptop Minivan, which you should all definitely
check out if you haven’t heard it. It’s one of the most entertaining projects
he’s ever released. 1 – L.O.W. From Nobody’s Mix (Verse 1) – 8.5 SPS And here at the top of our list, we have another
very early verse from Ski Mask. So from what I know, Nobody’s Mix is quite
a few song mixed into one, and according to Rap Genius, Ski Mask’s part on here is called
ID (L.O.W.). Now the quality is super low on this one,
but I still kinda like how it sounds. It’s interesting because you can tell how
early on in Ski’s rapping career this was made as there’s almost nothing in the way
of animated lyrics and there’s 0 ad libs to be found. It’s kinda interesting hearing how he’s
developed over time, but one thing we know for sure is that he’s always had very rapid
flows from the start. And with this song clocking in at 8.5 SPS,
it’s actually the Fastest Ski Mask the Slump God Verse across both of these lists. (Outro Stuff)


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