• about the 914. it exists the 914/6, that is the 914 with flat 6, and wider

  • Homebrand Bleach

    gaskings just did one like this

  • 1:40 how does this idiot holds the steering wheel..i want to punch his face

  • VW and porche had trouble making quiet engines didnt they ? lol

  • Iso Grifo?

  • Patrick Uitvlugt

    Pneumatic means with air, Citroën uses a hydraulic system, LHM fluid.

  • kevin paul halliday

    I'd never heard of the VW SP2, very nice little sports car, that, much prettier than the 914. Is there such thing as a Dino v8?. Is it a modern thing that Dino is given as a name to only v6's?. The Pantera has long been a favourite of mine with it's big old american v8. Can we have some more vids like this please, I could watch these beauties all day, every day.

  • Like si has visto el Ferrari con matricula de Madrid y el De Tomaso de BCN… 😂😂👌

  • The VW SP2 looks very similar to the Porsche 924, which was conceived as a VW, but turned into a Porsche.

    Also, wasn't the PRV V6 (from the Alpine) the basis for the XJ220 engine? I thought the De Lorean was a GM V6, but I guess I need to go do some research.

  • Michael Bullington


  • song at the end?

  • Except for the Volkswagen SP2 and alpine A310 I disagree that these are underrated.
    Check out the Porsche Tapiro, Monteverdi Hai, Lamborghini Flying Star II, Alfa 1600 Junior Zagato, BMW 2002 GT4 to name a few.

  • rodolfo sandino ortega

    men buenos videos..siempre los veo ,pero me podrias resubirlos en español .saludos bro

  • That VW…very cool!

  • EDD china approves xDDDDDD Nice video like allways 😉

  • dat vw sounds like a Little wrx love it yeahhh <3

  • The Mach 1 isn't a sports car…

  • Christian Zamponi

    I wonder why old cars sound that good, event with few horses. If you buy a 60/80hp car nowadays it surely won't sound like this.

    Is it the exhaust they had? Or something else?

  • saab 99 turbo!!!

  • Good video friend 😉

  • 26 BL 128 Grommetknob

    orange urracco is bad ass. love the pantera too.

    i really dig stuff like this. the less mainstream stuff

  • I would say the 18RG Toyota Celica. DOHC, 140 ~ 150 hp. lightweight.

  • Underrated? There's a reason you never hear about these cars. They are all hunks of garbage.

  • Why isn't the Fiat 124 Spider on this list?

  • what's underrated about an esprit? they even made it a bond car. mach 1s aren't underrated either

  • can you do a video on the best wagons?

  • ur video is better than gas kings

  • I'm surprised you overlooked the Geo Metro. I had one that would go 80 mph flat out. I surprised quite a few 50cc scooters light to light. I had plans to install a supercharger until I discovered the thing wouldn't fit. Disappointed, I sold it to a girl and bought a Honda Helix.

  • The Esprit weighed far more than you claim, at ~2700 pounds. That's almost 1000 lbs. off.

  • 10 underrated sports cars. First one: "..official performance specs were too optimistic and the car turned out to be a lot slower."
    Doesn't that make it an overrated sports car?

  • Maserati Peacock, because Merak is "Peacock" in Indonesian

  • check the Matra cars

  • kyubey, the cute little devil

    urraco: James may
    308 dino: Richard Hammond
    merak: Jeremy clarkson
    like if you knew the episode where they drove these

  • Never heard of this 'rear middle' layout before, interesting…

  • dam is hype dam is chill

    my car consume 20 -30L/100KM …when i drive from 0 to 55 km in city and traffic
    but when i drive on straight street and the speed is 100 -120km it consumes 4.4-6L/100 KM

  • ford mustang mach 1 YEAH!

  • I would call the Italian and British sportscars in this video overrated. Unreliable shit. I would love to see an VW SP2 with a 912 engine though.

  • wait! WHO underrates a Detomaso Pantera?
    and why arent they being verbally abused and shamed..
    the SP2?
    65hp+sports car dont really add up, unless maybe..nope anything im thinking of is more a track day car not a sports car..
    mustang is a muscle car not a..FFS forget it
    why not through a chevy vega in there too..

  • I really love this channel, it always answers the weird questions I think about.

  • Quite surprised to see our VW SP2 on this list!

    Here in Brazil it's considered an Icon, the holy grail of air cooled VWs. hahah
    Sure, it's not powerful, some jerks even said that "SP" in it's name meant "Sem Potência" wich translates to "No Power ". hahaha

    It's design is based on Porsches of that era, and to this day it's still recognized as one of the most beautiful VWs ever created.

    The european VW headquarters tried to get their hands on the project, as it gathered international attention back then, but for some reason brazilian HQ refused, and it became a Brazilian-only release.

  • digitalrailroader

    seeing that green Lamborghini Urraco made me think of the one that was on Wheeler Dealers; then I looked at the Video Source Credit. it WAS the Green Urraco featured on Wheeler Dealers!

  • A Uracco has about 180 hp and costs about 80k second hand. Wouldn't that make it one of the overrated sports cars of the 70s?

  • The Merak and Bricklin have about the same hp and market price. I think you missed one.

  • There she goes to kill me chicken nugget

    I wasn't expecting to find the SP2 on this list 😀
    Greetings from Brazil

  • An underrated and very undervalued car of the 1970s is the Vauxhall Firenza HPF "Droopsnoot". Whether you'd call it a 'sportscar' is questionable – it's not in the same league as those here, but it looks great, goes fairly well, is extremely rare (just 204 built, now only a handful left), has some great racing heritage, and is easily better than a Capri or Escort, which these days can fetch silly money in concours condition. https://youtu.be/YBkM3OFDBv0

  • The first one has a four cylinder engine, 108hp, & four bolt wheels. That's not a sports car. The second one looks exactly like the first one, but with a v8, cranking out 208hp, so maybe it's a sports car, but it still has four bolt wheels. Never heard of a Lamborghini Urraco. They must have been underrated. (hahahaha) The Pantera was definitely a sports car, though. I've seen one of those Brazilian VWs before, but thought it was just a newer Karmann Ghia, which I reckon, technically, it is. A Renault with a v6 with Hilborn injectors?? Mach1 Mustang, finally an actual musclecar, (It's also the first one you showed with an American tag on it,) but the HP rating is incorrect, drop a 460 in there, then you have a Pony with some balls. Porsche 914? Not a sports car, just a wanna be sports car. Ugly little underpowered Fiat? Seriously? I don't know, man. Maybe I just have a jaded view of things. But to me, if it has a four cylinder engine, four bolt wheels, and a plastic bumper, it's a shitbox. How about a 71 Plymouth Cuda with a 426 hemi in it, that's a musclecar. How about a Ford GT40?

  • Most of the Ford v8s used by DeTomaso were sourced from Australia, not the US.

  • But why where they underrated, most of them aren't even a sports car

  • I dont think they're underrated , I mean , who says so .
    Don't let things you hear or read affect you ..
    Most media in any form whatsoever is crap
    Peoples opinions are for a great deal based upon others ..

  • wxwpt the Mustang they look pretty much the same. typical coupe-shape…

  • Freddie the Eliminator

    Merak! =D

  • Mach 1 a sports car? and the Vw and 914 dont have enough power to skin a turd.

  • Jaroslav Záruba

    fkin love the 1971 Mustangs, save for the rather sad power output 😀

  • The Detomaso Pantera of any year or iteration is by far better than any of the others.

  • The volkswagen and the porsche have H4 engines, not F4s.

  • Elizabeth Merkens

    well we all know how the maserati and lamborghini preform after about 2 hours…

  • That Volkswagen was beautiful!

  • i didnt forget 308 gt4!its nice!
    so does lamborghini!

  • The Merak's design is so good, it still looks modern today.

  • Calling the Esprit, Mach1 Dino , Alpine A310 underrated is absolute bollocks.
    And in the case of the Esprit it's really overrated as they were underpowered and underperforming. Yet James Bond drove one, so that's not underrated then is it.
    the Mach 1 is not even a sports car, it's a muscle car that get's thrown off in a slight curve, never mind actual corners.

    the Porsche 924, that's an underrated Sportscar, because really it handled like a dream and is really good fun to drive.

  • Triumph?

    Oh and I wouldn't call these cars underrated just underappreciated.

  • The De Tomaso Pantera is definitely not a forgotten car and that Mach one should be forgotten because it's a piece of shit

  • The De Tomaso Pantera is one of THE most BAD ass looking cars ever, and I have felt that way since I saw the first image of one. MANY awesome cars have come out since then, but the pantera is still HIGH on my most wanted list 🙂

  • at 4:03 min it´s my homeland:
    passo Sella…

  • Μιχάλης Χίος

    Am I the only one who felt the pain 9:39 (X1/9)?

  • If you have the Fiat X1/9 you should of added the Triumph TR6 to the list

  • Being the proud owner of a 76' x1/9 i can say it is truly a one of a kind driving experience! May not be the quickest thing but oh just get it into some corners 😉

  • Hey! The "proper" 'stang had the 351 Cleveland, no?

  • thelocustemperor

    Fantastic list, Top gear would be proud!!!

  • And the fastest 4 door production car of the early 70's was??? Built where?? Grow up and look outside the Northern Hemisphere dickheads!

  • The Pantera was an asskickin, Ford powered savage of a car….

  • One obvious omission in this collection is the Fiat Dino (1967-1972) ….. fabulous Ferrari V6 and gorgeous styling. Admittedly, it wasn't officially sold in the US, but great car nevertheless.

  • Read an article in a magazine where a guy restored a Merak. Fascinating, but apparently scarily complex to work at

  • Pantera 351 windsor for me 308 dino next, wouldnt buy any of the others

  • Love your channel man!

  • subtitles over other subtitles,not clever

  • Dr Verity Strange-Fish

    Re Lotus Esprit. When I worked for the factory, back in the day, I test drove one of these. It was the most appalling, rattly, slow cars going. It felt like I was racing, but I was only at 60mph or so. A couple of years later, when I worked elsewhere, I tried again. It was the smoothest, most amazing car, so I bought it. It was the most expensive/most unreliable car I ever owned. I cried about it all next year until I sold it. Looked stunning though, thanks to Giugiaro.

  • Dr Verity Strange-Fish

    Oh Christ, you have another disastrous car I bought! The Renault Alpine. I bought one a couple of years old and sold it a year later because the chassis was rusted right through; apparently it was made out of alu-foil, tissue paper and snot. That's why Renault ceased to build sports cars, thank God!

  • Sterling Crockett

    That little VW from Brazil is a stunning car to look at! From the rear it looks to me like a Jensen Interceptor III crossed with an early 911. Also, the Merak shares its engine and running gear with the Citroen SM, which is drop dead gorgeous but mechanically nightmarish, and also in my opinion underrated. I did see a Bora at a show a few years back and was shocked at just how small the car was, yet taken by its beauty. The owner had picked it up at an estate sale for less then eight thousand US.

  • I thought the panthera had a Cleveland engine

  • Hey where is the Bricklin SV1? Don't know what it is watch utube video "Greg drives the Bricklin", "Bricklin documentary", and other youtube videos.

  • There used to be lots of 914s and X1/9s around here (Vancouver, Canada), but it's a long time since I've seen any.

    I've always loved the SP2, but I see no significant probability of ever owning one… 🙁

  • Hey, can you make a top 10 list of cars with gear-driven camshafts?

  • darrin goodbrand

    Like the old mustang

  • Very surprising to find the VW SP2 in this list. As an additional info, I remember that a few SP2s could have Porsche engines, adapted by the Porsche importer for Brazil in the 70's, Dacon.

  • Giacomo Agostini doesn't like pilchards

  • How are you gonna say the pantera and Lamborghini were sports cars

  • Neutron Alchemist

    You missed the Lancia Montecarlo/Scorpion.

  • Gone in 60 seconds…the original.

  • SP2 just WOOOW

  • Pantera is fantastic!

  • Link to a Maserati Indy SS Stick for sale…


  • vito Ciavirella

    Don't forget Alfa Romeo Montreal

  • Johnny Fuglestad

    mustang is a muscle car NOT a sports car. Lotus is nr1 ferrari nr 2 on my list

  • Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

    Cars of old were so beautiful.

    The 90s and early 2000s sucked the worst designs

    Now they are again so pretty with 3d printing and all.

  • Charles Chauffe

    Saw a Urraco, had to click on this!

  • Define underated

  • The X19 isn't underrated…..it was a true shitheap of an excuse for a "sports car."
    Where was the Matra Bagheera?….That was vastly underrated!

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