$10K TO $1,000,000. EPISODE 1 | Jonas Gjelstad – Professional Sports Bettor

I turned 10k into a bit over a million
dollars My name is Jonas Gjelstad and I’m a sports bettor previous poker player
basically trying to figure out what I want in life yeah so January I started
with $12,800 600 and 2,000 turnover
$56,000 – $58,000 profit starting in February
back then I had $ 70,000 I was betting for 600 and 3,000
with a $36,000 profit By now, I have made almost $100,000
within two months starting with $12,800
and then in March I was almost able to double my profits I bet for $943,000 and
I made a profit of $93,000 with over 10% ROI again In April, I was having
my biggest month ever in terms of turnover I was betting for $1,3 million
and I profited $32,000 with a 2.6 percent ROI, which
means it’s like I’m maybe running about
what’s expected or a bit below but still it’s like it’s a good month and in May, 763,000 with 2.68 percent ROI and $18,000 profit, but how sports works most of the seasons
are ending mid-may and you can see like my turnover is pretty much half
of what it was in April which will then make sense because it’s only half of a season and then
the summer months you can see, there were basically no bets there were no euros, there was
no World Cup, literally no games so I was betting on some Wimbledon and
some like lower leagues like Norwegian football is on in the summer, Swedish but I didn’t have any success with that but I can also just be due to variance
because the amount of bets like 220 bets, 30 bets so
it’s not many and then the season
started again in August mid August
usually, so I bet with 750,000 and I lost $46,000, and I had
a negative ROI of 7.23 percent which can happen, and I
realized that this point like obviously some of the games it was annoying to see
how they played out and all that I felt like the odds were dropping
I was doing everything right but still you know you cannot always win
every day and every month so I was just on the wrong side of the variance and then in September, the
season started picking up NFL started to go, I tried to figure out like
how to break down NFL and I bet for like over a million,
made over 70K with over 7% ROI And then in October, I decided
to go big on NFL and just really try to figure it out,
and NBA also started then and I bet for 2.8 million
dollars and I made 150K with less than 6% ROI,
then coming up the next month I bet for six million dollars and I
profited over $200,000 with a little less than 4% return
on my money, so at this point I don’t even know how much
I have in my account at this point but i had well over half a million dollars and then in December, you
know, the season starts about to end in the NFL, the playoffs is about to start is going to be much less games and there’s going to be more games
in football though because you know how it is with boxing day and all those things, so I bet
for 5.5 million dollars and I made 400,000 dollars with
7.6% ROI and throughout that year then, I made
I turned 10k into a bit over a million dollars


  • So he made his money via sportsmarket. However Edgebet/Trademate doesn´t support any sportsmarket bookies. Please correct me if I´m wrong.

  • Hi there, curious as to where you are placing this amount of volume? Exchanges or sharp books? Well done, absolutely killing it!

  • Which bookie does he use that lets him place so many bets?

  • Sportsmarket has super low limits though , you dont really need it if you bet on pinnacle yourself

  • do you get signals? if yes, from where?

  • Mike Kleinsteuber

    How the hell do you keep your accounts ?

  • Where can u place bets for that amount? 100% of bookies will tell u to do one…..

  • King Justice-Supreme

    the formula is simple .. bet big.. win big.. over an extended period

  • Gambling Evolved

    cool video

  • Lukas Olander Ekbäck

    Seriously though, 2000 bets a month? Thats about 66 bets a day. How is it possible to have the knowledge over that many sports, leagues and teams and at the same time find edge against the asian bookie…? Is it really a long term possibilty?

  • All-Star Sports Betting


  • I still don't get how you dont get limited

  • to make 10.000 to 1000000.00 in 12 months you need 46% roi per month,, but you only have 5 – 15 % per month roi how is that possible ?

  • TuranciHareket

    so this should be of interest or what? give 3 matches and then we see what you are made of.

  • Curt Stankavage

    Marius, meant to ask but kept forgetting, the software used in this video where Jonas explains his monthly profits and breakdowns etc… what is it? It looks very useful!

  • this is simply an add for a couple of companies. anybody who puts 50-100 sports bets on every day is not a winner

  • can somebody please explain this to me what's the difference between this and sportsbooks like betonline and 5 dimes??

  • Francisco Fonseca

    What kind of bets does he make in football games?


    how do i get your picks daily, im doing baseball now and would love to make more money

  • how did you figure out NFL? did you read books, internet, any recommendations?

  • hay mate can you tell me on which site jonas is playing now in these days? becasue sports market is closed in uk right ?

  • How much of your entire bankroll is in-play on a busy weekend? Before the bets has been settled. 50-70 % range?

  • Am a Kenyan in Nairobi kibera slums learning how to make a living from….betting but…..got no funds to help me kick off…..i wish i had a laptop like you

  • Hi jonas
    How do you stay on the good sise of the variance at a sticking point from today

  • Can anyone give me some advice on variance pls thx

  • olagunju okunola sunday

    How can I get your game,?

  • Hi jonas jyst womdered if youve ever experienced issues with bet365 ive got a £20 14 fold in play really good return and one game hasnt shown up as a result contacted them and theyve said they lost coverage of it and wil have to contct one of the traders this scares me cause i cant locate the result online and i cant cash out they could literally tell me it lost how would i know they should be biting my hand off
    Any advice and thoughts on this

  • I just made 1 million and 500 thouaand from this

  • Dokta kioko peter

    Hey Jonas….just rolled my project too… when i reach that mark…promise I will meet you.

  • 3500 bets in a month insane

  • It’s possible to makeThat cause I did leave on but never thought I want be millionaire; bottom line it’s very possible

  • If you do parlay betting it’s easy do itAveraged stayble game’ (team) odds 1.50 if play 5 game parlay odds total is appx = 7 Bet 10K multi odd total will give you 70 K
    Trick is if you play less game parlay increase money means bett more money less game in parlay ;; if I know only two team in this week fixture is good will play only two team parlay averages odds total will be 3 So if two team parlay just increase money amount double or Trible number will be :::30k bett on odds 3 = will 90k Average 100 000 $ 10 time a year = million It’s 99.99999% it’s possible

  • I m professional soccer bettor I did prof my self During Denmark visit ; I F…. them over Danske oddest (Denmark state sport lottery inc went Danskebank almost everyday claim my prize I m very excite Supreme Court of USA may change law about sports betting Court hearing was Dec 4 /2017 Waiting result if sports ban go way I wouldn’t work at all

  • for some one nevers wacht sports like me,i dont thinks i have any chance.

  • Dimitriy Mirovsky

    is this possible? or do u have any particular god of luck beside u?

  • Hi jonas how do i get a win rate of 52% with just 2 games a day and i dont want to do accas is all im getting is 20+ % just wondering how many wagers do you day ??

  • am also a punter but i do just European soccer and the NBA.Would yu be willing to collaborate on tips and strategies?

  • He's placing bets in Italian Lire

  • Hey mate..dont sell crap..probably youre a bookie's employee…you suggest to find value bets..risky bets…ok..ok..your day has 60 hours?? not 24??…so much info and luck?? 1 year you got 1.000.000??..give us a fucking break here..we re not bitting your shit…

  • Which sport are you betting on? And which site??

  • YouTube YouTube

    It's called compound interest

  • Hi Jonas
    Quick question if your on the other side of the varia ce can you do double chances to ride the losses ???

  • wow..it took you that long…two days brother…

  • John Paul Tolentino

    Hi Jonas, which betting online would you suggest? I lived in the philippines.

  • GoldGunsandGolf

    Ad … designed to look like a documentary. Pretty sneaky.

  • Стивен Василевский

    I’ve just received 6 million dollars. Let’s make some serious cash!!

  • I discovered this video on Alchemy Hasty Fixer – there plenty more awesome videos there that should help out

  • Arbitrage???

  • Stop telling me things u won….tell me the method u used to win …..that's what I need

  • Well done Sir 😊👍

  • Hockeyman66 Gavin

    Over long term you won't win. GUARANTEED. At the end of the day luck plays a massive part of it and it will run out at some time. Variance – just a posh word for luck that bettors/ gamblers won't admit too. Look at how much he's bet over time it's ridiculous he will get bitten one day and you will never hear from him again. Good luck and take ur winning while y can it won't last for ever.

  • Francisco Fonseca

    Are most of his bets during the games? Or does he bets before the games start?

  • scam again

  • Winner of a video, I have been researching "betting on you" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Jinarter Clever Bulldozer – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

  • And how much he declared as taxes? In my country certain amount is les than 30,000 is free from tax.

  • Nice video!

  • Bro this weekend i have totaly two fixed african games i can share it with you man
    I really like your video


  • I'm a serious bettor this shows nothing its a spreadsheet with numbers? What is your method do you have a system algo what? because if your betting 3500 games a month you have to have a algo because any sharp bettor will tell you if you do not have a proven algo which 99.8 percent of bettors don;t then betting 3500 games a month is mornic in 2018 if your not spot betting your not making money betting.


  • I turned 50 to 2200 last week but ion got shit on you what’s your technique

  • I don't understand how you were able to risk over $900k in March since you just had a little over $200k (including winnings) in February. Where did the other remaining balance come from?.

  • The issue is not to win, we can all win, the question is how much and if it's sustainable, and it's not sustainable

  • Im very interesting on which platform or betting company do you make your bets? And your account not frozen or closed?

  • Smart Sports Trader

    Be interesting to know how Jonas has done since this was released. If he is still betting in the Asian markets? It would make a good blog post or video for you guys?

  • HBCU Football Matters

    Hit a few parlays and then make straight bets with the rest. Research is essential.

  • The formula is relatively simple.

    Place a large stake of around £1000 on say, 5 games per weekend, only selecting league games involving a clear favourite, who's playing at home. In the space of 90 minutes, you've made a few grand. Simply repeat this every weekend, and you've essentially got yourself an annual salary of a few hundred thousand.

    * You do need a large amount of disposable income (say 10 grand as the title of this video suggests) to begin with, in order to do this however.

  • If you want to win just back the winner of every competition you bet on that’s it so simple

  • How in hell can u handle losing 256k in one day even if u make 1 million in a year! I put a 20$ bet live and my heart is pounding like crazy! This is not a life sorry!

  • If Norwich win tomorrow I can cover my final match and hopefully make a few hundred quid tomorrow

  • On Friday night I put €300 on AZ and Roma to win as a double and they won so I did quite well there, over evens return

  • Ok your on a lucky run bud, no idiot bets $6 mil for a 200k gain, stupid, absolute brainless zero strategy no skills needed, you are just an addict. If you placed a 200k bet for odds of $30 , I am confident that would be the smarter option since I hope you are actually monitoring the games live and you can cash out early if its already in your favour. The strategy is to risk small for big gain, except you doing the opposite. This interview was misleading and not appropriate for any gambler.

  • his methode is not a secret. Its called having a discipline and following a mathematical path. If you listen. He said he bet for 943000 and made a profit of 93k, which is basically around 10% ROI. So he is the example that sports betting has to be considered like stock trading and not gambling. People lose money in sports betting because they want the big results in short term. Its like hoping to make a 400% ROI on a stock in 1 day, which is basically impossible(except penny stocks or maybe cryptos). If you think about it: Lets say you bet 100usd at 1,45 odds and you win. Your profit is "only" 45usd, but imagine placing 100usd on the stockmarket. Very rarely you will have a 45% ROI in one day. You have to think ROI with sports betting and not lottery. hopefulle people will read my comment and stop losing money.

  • Will u coach me. Ill split it with u after taxes

  • Fake! He is an actor. I know him

  • E aggiungerei "echeccazzo"
    Mi hai convinto. Diventerò ricco anch'io

  • Free Expert Sports Picks

    Nice vid! My channel will show you where to get free expert sports picks!

  • a few teams, less than 5 at most and more money that's the formula

  • Hello everybody help should i be flat betting or unit betting

  • You are such a good better that you sell software FOR 120$ minimum per month.
    nice strategy! 😉

  • Anyone bet on cricket here?

  • The Computer Business

    do you progressively increase your stakes as your balance goes up?

  • tomáš Martínek

    .. it is pitty you don't think outside the box. But hey if everyone would i couden't do what i do. Just a hint you need more then math to profit big.

  • Brock Page Productions

    Thanks a lot

  • Great video, thanks for sharing

  • I am jealous of people living in countries where they don't have to pay any tax for their winning bets no matter the amount.

  • Dominic Thomassen

    So how many bookmakers did you play on to win that amount?

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