#16 Soccer & Sightseeing – Tokio Hotel TV 2017 Official

So beautiful today! HURRY, come in! Disturbing, while watching soccer! Unbelievable! Nice, Nice, Nice! I’ll go, concentrate on the important things in life. What? Sex and the City? I’m working. *some soccer trouble in background* my gosh! Get lost! Guys! That was a foul! Dribbled three guys! I’m getting in a bad mood! Why do the have a cock on their chest? Because it’s their national animal! Sure we have a national animal as well! What..? The eagle or what? YA! And they do have the cock as symbol! Yees, but ours is not drawn like this, like so realistic. the french are more creative since ever! and we are good in economy in return. That was sorely needed! Gustav! We lost, because we didn’t watch together! It’s YOUR fault! 12 years marriage, and thats how you punish me!!! Come on, you would like me to punish you! *german antifa anthem* I know your mistake! which one? partying way too long, and doing the same on the next day again! yeah, that’s true! puh, that has a little vodka taste in it! what did you drink in the 2 hours I wasn’t with you? you got really drunk! It’s all Gustavs fault, because he started to order Sambuca-Shots! And the all the lights go out! It’s franconian wisdom In the asshole maybe! Yor suit is looking pretty tight again! naah, too much beer yesterday. It’s hilarious when Georg is doing high five in his suit! Pulling your pants up instantly! who cares! Come on Georg! You didn’t really open a beer, did you?!?! “Konterseidla”, we do it franconian-style now! Gustav is hot again too! You can see the glitter in my eyes ya? Come on, go away!! Just one sipp! Come on Georg, we share! You little pussy, you! You are such a little +#!$§!! GO AWAY NOW! Already tasting good again! I think our suits are perfectly matching with us! I think so too! You couldn’t have done better! It reflects our personalities pretty good! Dude, I’m scared! IIIIHH, you just farted?!?!? Quick turn on now!!! If you say this, our video will be blocked for advertisement What kind of lense is that again?! You don’t even have us in picture now! No, not you anymore!


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