2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport | CarGurus Test Drive Review

hi I’m Chris Ward law for CarGurus and this is the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.
Now inside and out the Santa Fe Sport’s a little bit smaller
than the regular Santa Fe and that means it’ll only carry five
people while carrying less cargo but at the same time it’s also lighter
in weight and therefore gets better fuel economy now let’s talk about what we’re driving
today and then we’ll get to the pros and cons of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Now my
test vehicle is the Santa Fe Sport 2.0t it comes standard with limited trim and
then on top of that my test vehicle’s got the ultimate package and that pushes the price up close to
thirty seven thousand dollars but the reality is is that this vehicles
competitors are right in that same neighborhood. Now
I happen to think that the styling is pretty terrific I wouldn’t change a
thing about it and apparently Ford think so too because
up-front don’t you think the new Edge looks pretty much exactly like this now around back one of the things that
you get as standard equipment on the 2.0t is a smart tailgate and basically what
that means is that if the cars locked and you’ve got the windows up and you’ve
been in a store at the mall or something you come back out your hands are full as
long as the key fob is in your pocket or in your purse or your backpack you just stand here for a
moment it’ll automatically open and you can load your items into the trunk. Now the man a space that
you’ve got to work with back here is close to thirty five cubic feet
you’ve got these handy little storage bins under here because a third row
seat’s not available in this vehicle and when you want to expand space to
you about 71 or 72 cubic feet you just pull that and the rear seat folds. Now my test vehicle’s
got a tan interior and honestly I’m not that crazy about
this fake wood that comes with it I like some of the other colors that this vehicle
comes in especially the one that combines black with like a saddle leather Now aside from that the different colors and
textures and shapes in here kind of create a jumbled mess other dashboard but the reality is that
the way the controls are laid out once you get used to it it’s really easy
to find things now the ultimate package includes things like a heated steering
wheel heated and ventilated front seats you’ve got heated rear seats the one
thing you don’t get with the ultimate package in fact you don’t get it no matter how
much money you have to spend is a height adjuster for this front passenger
seat and the seats it’s pretty low to the ground so anybody sitting there is gonna feel
like they’ve shrunk about six inches I’m sitting on a power driver seat it’s
very comfortable the driving position is perfect and the material up here is nice and soft the back seats got plenty of room for
adults although the front seatbacks are made of hard plastic so when people
have the seats all the way back you’ve gotta watch your shins and your knees.
Now like any turbocharged engine is a little bit a turbo lag right of the line
so you step into the gas and it takes a minute but then as soon as
that turbo kicks in you’re taking off there’s plenty of
acceleration to be had with this power plant it so
there’s no excuse for merging onto a freeway going fifty miles an hour now for 2015 one other things that
Hyundai’s done with this vehicle is they have re-tuned the steering
and the suspension it’s got this thing called a driver
selectable steering mode you push a button right here on steering
wheel and you can switch between comfort normal and sport settings and
the idea there is that as you go from comfort to sport it
increases the amount of heft and the amount of “feel” because this is
electric steering there really is a lot of feel personally my favorite setting his
normal that’s an improvement over last year when my favorite setting was
comfort so they’re is a benefit to the work that Hyundai
perform there they’ve also done some work on the suspension
and now this vehicle he handles remarkably well the ultimate package gives you a set a
19-inch wheels and tires and with that size rubber on this size
vehicle that combined with the more adept
suspension tuning this may cause actual really enjoyable
to drive not just on a twisty road like the one wrong right now but pretty much anywhere you’re traveling of course the problem with driving this
enthusiastically is the turbocharged engine starts
sucking down a lot of gas the EPA says its post get 22 miles
per gallon in combined driving and I got 19.9 miles
per gallon during my week behind the wheel there is
an active ecosystem that you can use and I did but it’s really easy to
override it just by pushing further on the
accelerator pedal getting transmission kickdown and then wooshing forward now one thing that my family really liked about this
particular vehicle is this panoramic sunroof it basically runs from the
windshield all the way to the cargo area and the
kids loved it now it’s true that the Santa Fe Sport is an impressive midsize crossover SUV
infact there’s only one reason I can think of not a recommended and thats unimpressive
crash test scores from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety otherwise this is a great value in a
mid-size crossover for more details about the 2015 Hyundai
Santa Fe Sport please read my review on CarGurus and thanks for watching

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  • Nice video, I scope these out on Car Gurus all the time looking for the best deal on a used model. BTW, the Ford Edge is a dead ringer.

    There are a few things I'd change about the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. OneĀ  thing I would change about this vehicle is the ground clearance. I would like it to be about two inches more the ground. The second is the engines. I'd drop the 2.4L 190 HP I4, make the turbo standard, as well as offer that outgoing 3.5L 276HP V6 as an option. Otherwise I love the exterior styling, options, and color schemes. Also, the third thing I'd change: bring back the juniper green as a color option.

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