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As automakers rush to add more
crossovers and suv’s to their lineups they’re starting to stretch the
definition of what a crossover or an SUV is. take this model right here
it’s the entry-level Lexus UX 200 subcompact it’s new for 2019 and Lexus
calls it a luxury crossover for the modern urban explorer
while it does deliver on the luxury front in some ways in others it feels more
like an economy car if you like the design direction Lexus is taken with all
of its sharp angles and edges there’s a good chance you’ll like the look of the
UX 200 because it follows that theme and it builds upon it with some interesting
unique hues this is an F Sport version which is Lexus’s mid-level performance
trim and it has a different version of Lexus’s signature spindle grille twin
spoke 18-inch alloy wheels and different bumpers the UX 200
taillights are just as dramatic as its massive front grille it features a
hundred twenty LEDs that run the width of the car and it’s a new look from
Lexus that really makes us stand out when it’s illuminated there are also
these miniature tail fin like elements at the edges of the light bar you also
get the Lexus experience inside as the UX has the same type of upscale
materials and interfaces that you’d find in one of the brand’s more expensive
SUVs F Sport models offer this red and black color scheme and the seats are
finished in simulated leather upholstery that does a good job mimicking the real
thing other F Sport cues include a digital instrument panel with a moveable
section an F sport steering wheel with shift paddles and aluminum pedals Lexus
continues to evolve its remote touch multimedia system and the UX
incorporates some of these new features besides the familiar trackpad and
buttons on the console there are these new dials on the leading edge of the
armrest for things like tuning and volume the additional controls improve
usability but this remains one of the harder systems to use when you’re
driving because of this trackpad and how you have to interact with it and the
screen apple carplay smart phone connectivity is standard
and while the apps look great on the dashboard widescreen display it’s not a
touchscreen so you still have to use the trackpad to navigate through the carplay
interface you get used to it after a while but carplay is really designed for
touch screens so it’s a little more cumbersome than it could be even though
the UX 200s cabin looks nice enough for an entry luxury SUV it’s snug
accommodations don’t make you think luxury the up sports front seats are
comfortable for longer drives but the back seat is pretty small with not a lot
of extra space for adult passengers if anything it’s more like a subcompact
hatchback than one of its competitors like the BMW X1 which is considerably
roomier inside and if a serene effortless driving experience is
important to you well you’ve come to the wrong video that’s just not what the UX
200 offers it’s powered by a hundred and sixty nine horsepower 2-liter
four-cylinder engine that works with a continuously variable automatic
transmission the combination gets good gas mileage it’s gets an EPA estimated
33 miles per gallon and combined driving but the driving experience pays the
price acceleration is sluggish especially at
highway speeds where the engine makes more noise than passing power and if you
want to get all-wheel-drive you have to step up to the UX 250h hybrid because the
UX 200 is front drive only the ride can feel choppy at times on the highway and
firm in general all models get 18-inch alloy wheels but the F Sport gets
different springs and stabilizer bars for a sporty or feel according to Lexus
The problem though is that the bumpy ride doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a
luxury car rather it makes you feel like you’re in an economy car even though
certain aspects of the UX 200 are luxurious it’s small cabin and driving
performance dragged down the overall experience a split personality isn’t
always a bad thing but in this case there’s too much economy car and not
enough luxury car in the UX and with the price of around $35,000 that just
doesn’t work

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