(2019) TOP 5 BIGGEST SIX in Cricket History

right Sweat egg, and I make them visible in the over-sixty module It’s one easily. This is a flick It’s brettly And look where the ball is gone. It’s disappeared into the crowd Magnificent strike India gaining some momentum 61 for two Particularly on Michael if that’s working. There is massive. It’s huge It’s in someone’s backyard and the feed on us right back folks done get [on] the sign it later. [let’s] downtown It has gone miles Would have gone through [the] old McKenzie stand if it had have been there Doesn’t he like it? It’s a big six on this ground [test] match. We saw in on the roof here right above us And this one here Into the backyard and people that is a huge it Yeah, don’t don’t give a back like this one for history because it would have the new Graham Low stand if it [hadn’t] been there and of course that it would have bounced back off the new Graham. Low Standard [good] bat and this is one of the greatest sixes this ground has ever seen [IV] [the] Greatest I think this sale and this stand had just been built and he put it over The net area out the back and Kyle Rahman and his daughter were walking in nearly nearly got hit nearly wore the kookaburra But there were better sound off the back arms and writing it and I guess it’s the consistency of this Gabba pitch 143 meters in Heels a Monster Monster oh dissipation from this big crowd Everybody’s been threatening to do this [from] two years to get one [greater] the screws He’s been swinging up in two years. This is this is just literally the perfect shot [Masai] feed that’s gone into that at the middle of the bus. I think there’s a great reverse angle coming of themselves One sort of coming in a minute from the third slip and you mentioned Aiden Blizzard That is gone miles. It’s gone right [out] of the ballpark It’s 300 meters away What I think I’ve ever seen anymore with the breeze or not that is just massive Sure, you played at the wacky. We’re just seeing a replay [now] if you ever seem on that Big year I Haven’t I think? Gillies, maybe in the [Demo] I went close But I don’t think that it’s going to ball get hit in the nets [liftoff] Yeah, that is gone onto the nets on the fall the breeze is going that way But that is like a golf shot up of the breeze about an 8-iron pinnacle [hail] [whip]


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