300-Yard Carry With a Putter | Is It Driveable

Hi. Maurice Allen 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Champion. It’s all me. I’m here in Philly following the Playoffs. I’m gonna give you the real thing. I got my Avis rental car. Let’s GO! I’m gonna check out the sights. All the way to the top. Sneak in a little golf. STAY UP! And I’m going to find out is it really driveable? Is it driveable? Well is it drivable? Uh-uh [laughs] We’re here at an icon spot between Pat’s and Geno’s. Nah. Too short. The famous Rocky steps. Definitely enough distance. Way too many people. How about the Liberty Bell? Nah, it’s already got a crack in it. Let’s check out Belmont Plateau. So here we are. Philly skyline in the back. Let’s see if it’s driveable. It’s 370 to the trees. I carried it 393 at World Championships. There are some white poles out there right around 300. Let’s spice it up a little bit. You ever seen a person
carry a putter 300 yards? They say long drivers don’t have a short game. We’ll see. Alright, let’s do it. Stay up. Meh. Give me another ball. Let’s see if we can get it. Ohhh!! Get long. Hang on. Wooo! That’s 300, baby. Haha! Wooooo! I guess it is driveable.


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