6 Year Old Football Player, Football Challenge, Soccer Match of The Week 10MARCH 2019 by Selim BATUR

today will be a very exciting match Orange team’s obvious superiority in the last two games !! Is it continue in this game? Selim Batur and his friends started the game very willing and desirous Selim Batur doesn’t give his black team defense players a chance to breathe ! and snatched the ball a great wall pass shoot and gooooooallll Selim Batur is using the corner kick we know that Selim Batur has very effective corner kicks orange team sets up pressure for goal again black team in search of goals but the orange team is counterattack black team’s shoot is not the goal match continues with these struggles in the central area orange team is using shoot a free kick from the left side black team is again searching for goal very dangerous shot but returned from goal post orange team is counterattacking again Selim Batur is taking a very effective shot distance but returned from goal post Selim Batur using a very effective corner kick but it does not result in a goal orange team is doing a very effective attack. Going through the middle of the penalty area shot and drop goal Selim Batur is taking a hard shot more again but not goal


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