9 Stroke Rolls in a Groove | Drum Lesson by Dex Star

hey guys how’s it go Dexter here with
your lesson for you on 9 stroke trolls within a group so a 9 stroke wall what
on earth is that it’s roll with 9 notes simple as that so we’re going to be
playing a double stroke roll right right left left and we’re going to basically
do it up to 9 notes so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 and we’re gonna have an accent on that
very last note so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then a big accented single note with
the right hand so that’s our 9 stroke roll so practice that on a pad or the
hi-hat or a snare and just get that down first and then we’re gonna try and apply
that to a groove so here’s what we’re gonna be doing with it we’re gonna play
the 9 stroke roll with bass drum on the first note so we’ve got that bass drum
back 5 6 7 8 and then the 9th note we’re gonna come down nice and heavy with the
right hand on the snare drum and that’s basically where we’re going to be
applying this and then we’re gonna go into the rest of the group now if you do
want to see this visually guys you can get the notation on my patreon page to
go check it out so all the way it’s online and then the rest of it is gonna
be simply this simply hi-hat kick hi-hat kick and then a kick and hi-hat so
that’s our group of 5 that comes after the night bass drum and open higher up
to there it sounds like this and then the very last a little bit is
gonna be a hi-hat and snare drum together and then another high up so
dead simple that ending part so put the three bits together first part now those
doubles the nice stroke rock we’re actually gonna be playing in
thirty-second notes which is pretty darn quick so you’re gonna have to work on
your double stroke roll so get that faster which again I’ve got a really
popular lesson on how to speed up your double stroke rolls which basically goes
into all about bouncing the stick and trying to get accented second nation and
that won’t lead you to a much more smooth and comfortable double stroke
roll that you’ll be able to play faster so go check out that lesson if you want
to and then you can try and apply it to the nine stroke roll which basically is
take an accent on the ninth beat and then try and put it all together into
groove now as always I’m going to finish this with a short solo around the kit
just applying this in some different ways just exploring what you can do once
you’ve got this up to grips so have some fun with that one guys
remember to check out the page here on notation if you want to see this
visually or if you’re new please subscribe and I’ll see you guys for
another lesson sometime soon


  • Probably asked before – but what sticks do you use?

  • mathieu defreitas

    Dude you are the only drummer i like the fills. Seriously! Other drummer, no matter how good they are, i dont really enjoy listening them playing drum, but you.. God your fill sounds soo good!

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