A Golf Swing for Seniors playing Pain Free

I am John if you’re experiencing pain in
your body with golf or after your golf play and you’re taking any type of
medication or Aleve or motrin or anything to dampen that pain or mask
that pain or get rid of your pain then you’re doing yourself a big disservice
and in fact you’re probably wrecking your body so down the road it’s going to
be much harder for you to get better and you may require surgery sucking it up is
not the way to go and this is for all levels of golfers because when you’re in
pain your brain is saying hey stop doing what you’re doing or your brain is gonna
find a different way to do it and that different way to do it which is a
compensation may even be worse than what you’re doing right now
so the real solution is to find out what’s happening with your body during
your golf and that’s easy to do you can pick up the phone and you can give me a
call set up a time come in I’ll give you a free consultation. I’m an expert at
diagnosing what your issue is telling you exactly what it is and how we’re
going to correct it and then correcting it and once we get it corrected we’re
gonna get you back out onto the golf course you’re gonna play pain-free
you’re going to be able to putt fine you’re going to hit the ball farther
you’re gonna be more consistent all the things that you want to do in your golf
game that are now being held back because of the pain that you’re
experiencing you’re gonna have a much better game so give me a call let’s get
together to figure out what’s going on with you and get you better you

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