Hey guys, today I’m gonna teach you how to do it a china ball to light up your videos or photos so stay with the materials a socket a bolt with nut an extension a tube of 60cm another 65cm tube of 3/4 and 1/2 and china ball good, after passing the materials now I’ll talk a little about china ball how it is made and such well, it initially only consists of on the lamp lamp on the wire OK? You will put the … It’s all very messy but that’s it …you will put is… you will put the tip of the wire OK? in socket Simple, this is very simple and… pass an electrical tape and… the male cable you are going to plug into the *outlet* This is (silly giggles) the basics, okay? *Very debauchery* and china ball, simple, you’ll pick up china ball and her iron ride the china ball and, you are going to put the thread gives … …the light wire of the lamp in the case (correcting) you’ll put it in the middle. and then come in here, inside, okay? and leave the lamp more or less in the middle in the middle of china ball and ready, your lighting is ready but… however… this here It’s just the beginning, okay? because you need a holder to put a porcelain ball If you go to your house, you can sustain her it is for example… put a clamp on the ceiling to be able to hold and you put type a wire, or even or thread of energy itself, you can already use to be able to sustain the china ball and there, you already use as lighting (support) OK? only that you happen to go somewhere else like on the street and such that you will not have that possibility to put a thread throw a clamp to hold and such you will need a basis to sustain this and so … that’s where I used the tubes the 1/2 pipe and the 3/4 pipe How does it work? Good… … or 1/2 pipe it can enter the 3/4 pipe getting more portable here, this one is 1/2 this one is 3/4 what you make, you’ll open it a hole on both ends of 3/4 pipe this end here i will use to put china ball right? and this end here, is the end that will be used to support the other pipe that you will also open a hole in this pipe will align perfectly here the holes and after aligned You’re going to put the screw, right? and then the bolt nut you will fix and then ready, after fixed they can already be used and you pass the wire from china ball. inside these pipes and connects to the power and goes all right what are you going to do? on the edge, ok yyyy that’s it at the tip of the 3/4 pipe that will be the one holding a porcelain ball well here you can put both a clamp clamp kkk, I’m using this word you can put a “wire”, say so that fixed here or a thread also just for you to connect here too, that it will look something like this: right? and here is going to be china ball so… grr * I have to hold the cell phone * anyway you’re going to put china ball here. after arming, and the light (lamp) has to stay in the middle good, light in the middle, all right, you can already use the china ball kkk occupying all screen space here on the camera finally …. can already use the light I’m using here is not from a china ball that’s why she’s not so good. she is very strong in my face because? Because the light of china ball is more diffuse so I do not recommend that you use a “pure” light (like the one I’m using) it gets very strong, I can increase it even more … then that’s it china ball will give a “compactness” in the light, making it more diffuse, more uniform right? and this is china ball bid, so I recommend you guys to use is used this lighting also in films and serials and such, in general cinema … is very used because … simply because it has this more open angle differentiating itself from a softbox for example right? So it’s a light I recommend and is a light at a very affordable value compared to a softbox So this is the tutorial and flw, sign up for the channel and like in video if you liked it if not, they can give dislike also or do not subscribe to the channel, only leave already? whatever

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