Aa Family Komedy Chhe WITH Eng subtitles | Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2017 | Sanjay Goradia | Jagesh

“Call the fire brigade;
my desires are on fire.” “O darling. O darling.” Hey, Vasudhaben.. ..what are you doing? Have you finished veneration? Yes, yes,
I too am singing devotional songs. O Lord Shrinathi. “I am waiting for you.
I am warming my heart on the stove.” “O my faraway beloved.” Saraswati,
Lord Shrinathi will get scared. O beloved, dig, dig, dig. O beloved, dig, dig, dig. Mother is calling you, father. Go, go. Daughter-in-law,
why are you telling me to go? Why are you encouraging
this crazy woman? What did you say? Don’t you feel shame
in singing romantic songs.. ..at an age when you
should be singing prayers? Don’t you feel shame in
trying to attract old women? Mother, does father
try to attract old women? Yes. He daily goes to
meet Devkor over small matters. Saraswati,
have you ever seen Devkor in your life? And are you aware of Devkor’s age? Devkor’s age is approaching
the path to Dev (God’s abode). And you are talking about Devkor? Can’t I have some kind
of choice in my life? Do you have any kind of choice? Yes, that is why I married you. Forget it, daughter-in-law. Henceforth I never
want to talk to this woman. Henceforth whatever I want
to tell her I will write on a paper.. ..and you will read it out to her. Father, you will have to do it. I cannot read and write. That is true. Would I have married
your son if I was educated? Where is he? Soon it will be evening. My worthless son Jamnadas
has still not returned home? No, father, I too am waiting for him. A phone call had come
from Babloo’s Panchgini hostel. What?
– His 6 months’ fees is due. They have said that Babloo’s
admission will be cancelled.. ..if we do not pay the fees. Saraswati.. ..our son Jamnadas has
become the father of a son.. ..but he has still not
settled down in his life? Every hour Jamna changes his business. It is good that all my
life I worked as a teacher.. ..and I have saved some provident fund.. ..and I am getting some pension
on which our house is running. The poor boy is working hard. Yes, he is surely doing it. He is working hard
at cheating everybody. And you have spoiled him. All your life you have praised Jamna,
and Jamna only. Because of that Jamna
has become good-for-nothing. Yes, you only used to say this. Saraswati, wait and see,
one day our Jamna will be chasing world. Yes, he is chasing. Currently the whole world
is chasing our Jamnadas.. ..but those who are
chasing are his creditors. I will pick it up, father.
I will pick it up. Sure, pick it up. It must be
from one of his creditors. Pick it up. Then you should pick it up.
– What? Son and daughter-in-law,
both are equally worthless. Yes, yes, I am picking up. Wait. Hello. Yes, tell me. No, no, there is no Mahendra
Makwana here. Wrong number. What? Oh,
I see, you are Mahendra Makwana? Why are you laughing? Go inside. Yes, Mahendrabhai, tell me. No, no, absolutely not. I am not Jamnadas speaking.
I am his father Gangadas speaking. Yes, tell me, Mahendrabhai. What?
What? What.. Did you hear, Saraswati? Did you hear what he said on the phone? The phone is stuck to your ear. How can I hear? Listen now. You son borrowed money
from Mahendra Makwana.. ..by telling him that today is the 12th
day ritual after his father’s death. Oh, father, you didn’t attend
the 12th day ritual after your death? The phone is on. Hello. Hello! The doorbell is ringing. What is this, father? Surely, surely it must
be one of Jamna’s creditors. Daughter-in-law, tell whoever
he is to go back from the door. Brother, father says that whoever it is
must go back from the door! ‘I am your husband and not brother.
Open the door.’ See, he has come. Mother!
– Yes! Hey, why did you take
so long to open the door? Have you applied henna to your hands?
Move aside! I am going to remove this door tomorrow. It is made of brass.
It will fetch very good money. Mr. Jamnadas. Did you address me with so much respect? Yes, my son.
– Yes, father? Remember one thing that it
is okay if a debtor has nothing else.. ..but he must have a door, okay? Sir, money? Yes, give it. You have to give me the rikshaw fare. Oh, you are the rikshaw driver? You are amazing. Sir, just now you told me there.. ..that you had forgotten
your wallet at home. That you will pay me on reaching home. How much is it?
– 160 rupees. Uh.. Mother!
– Go, go, go. Go, go, go. Did you see? My whole family is comedy. Will I get money or not? That is the tragedy. I will make an effort. Father, have you got 160? I will return it in the evening. Jamnadas, shall I slap you? For you, has an evening
ever come in your life till date? You are not repaying
loans from outsiders. At least repay loans
of your family members. Loans from family members?
– Shut up. Gopi, do you have some cash? Saved from vegetable expenses? How can I have some? Yesterday you had stolen
it from my tin of rice. Stealing form your own house? Shut up, you honest man. Mother! Look, she is tinkling loose change. Forget it. Forget it.
You have been penniless since birth. What about my money? I am making some arrangement. I will give you a cheque. Are you going to give
me a cheque for 160 rupees? Yes, and that too dated 15 days later. For 160 and that too after 15 days? Yes. You see,
I have an account in Swiss bank. It will take time to transfer money,
right? Take it. Shall I take it back?
– No, no, give it to me. This is for 80 rupees. The fare for coming here is 160. Didn’t you come with me? Why are you arguing? What kind of man you are? Gujarati Vaishnav! Listen, O temple man! Oh, God, did you cheat
the rikshaw driver also? Go inside and make lemonade! There are no lemons in the house.
– Take this. Did you buy this?
– How can it be? Every Saturday,
uncle Bhikhu living opposite us.. ..hangs lemon and chillies on his door. Father.
– Wait. I took this from it. Here, take these chillies.
Use them in curries. Jamna, Jamna.
– Change my name. Jamna, Jamna!
It sounds like an old fashioned name. Who gave me this name? His sister. Your aunt Narmada. I requested her so much
not to name you Jamnadas. I cried so much and pleaded so much. Your aunt said that her
brother’s name is Gangadas.. ..her sister-in-law’s name is Saraswati. That makes two rivers. So we must have confluence
of three by having third river. So she named you Jamna. Jamna, there is a tradition in
our family to give names after rivers. My father was Tapishankar. My mother was Godavari. My two sisters are Narmada and Sindhu. My uncle is Satlaj
and my aunt is Sabarmati. Small family, river family. Mother, it is good that.. ..we don’t have the tradition
of naming after areas. Otherwise he would be Bhuleshwarbhai.. ..I would be Walkeshwarbhai
and you would be Teen Batti. Lemonade.
– Here comes Khau Galli. Jamna, stop criticizing names.. ..and explain to me
what you intend to do in your life? Rupees! Father, I intend to earn money. So why don’t you earn? Father, why are you promoting lies? I do not earn money?
What do you mean to say? Didn’t I earn 160
rupees just a while ago.. ..by giving the rikshaw driver
a dude cheque for 80 rupees? I just step out of home
and earn money at every step. Oh, you are earning money at every step?
– Yes. Then give an example
and explain to me. – Okay. Since past 6 months we have
not paid salary to the maid servant.. ..and still every morning she
comes to do the house work, right? That is because she hopes that she
will get the salary next month. – Yes. Wait, let me take away this
glass or else you will sell it off. Since past 8 months,
does the milkman deliver milk packets.. ..to our house every morning? That is because he hopes that
he will get paid next month. – Correct. Since past 10 months,
does the grocer deliver groceries.. ..to our house whenever
we order it on the phone? My son, how long will
he keep giving on credit? Won’t he stop it someday or other? Then we will find a new victim.
– What? There is a grocer exactly
opposite our grocer. When our grocer stops giving on credit.. ..we will start buying on
credit from the opposite grocer. Won’t our grocer tell
the opposite grocer.. ..not to give us on credit?
– Father, he won’t tell him. You still don’t know Gujaratis. If one incurs a loss,
they just keep waiting to see.. ..when another one incurs a loss. Take your own example. You got trapped so you
too got me trapped, right? Hey, Jamna! Why tell lies? Father it is an art to borrow. And not returning the borrowings
is an even bigger art. This is an accomplishment. Whoever masters it has
made his life successful. You know, our Hindu religion
believes in reincarnation. Why? So that we can say that if not
in this life, I will pay in next life. Tell me which other religion
gives you such a facility? Tell me. Tell me. Explain to me, in this whole affair,
what business do you do? Of hope.
– What? In our country there is no
business as noble as that of hope. The inflation will come down.
Petrol will become cheaper. Narendra Modi will deposit
2 lakh rupees in the account.. ..of every citizen by bringing
back money from foreign countries. The government is selling
many such packets of hopes.. ..to the people and is running the
country so can’t I run my small house? Jamnadas, you can’t run it at all. Remember that till date no
one has been able to run his house.. ..with the money earned
through lies or dishonesty. Father, it is my humble belief that.. instead of begging to someone.. ..for money it is better
to do something about that person. Oh, God. Then do something about Babloo’s school. His fees for 6 months is due. And there was a call
from Devyaniben as well. Give me 2000 for my Ladies’
Association membership I can’t do anything about her. Instead of Ladies’ Association,
look after home. Mother, what do you say? Shall I tell you?
– Sure. I want to go to Nathdwara. Good, but you can’t go with my help. Go if you can go with the
help of your husband’s savings! Mother, is your issue
of Nathdwara is over? Come and help me in the kitchen.
– Come. Nathdwara with his help? He is a penniless man.
– Hey! Who could have come at this hour? Apart from your creditors, does
anyone else come to our house? – Really? Then you will open the door.
– What? And listen. If anybody asks,
tell him that I have gone to Bangkok. You can’t afford to go to Bhuleshwar.. ..and you are talking of going to Bangkok.
– Father. Don’t you know that your
father never tells lies in his life? I know. Tell the truth.
– Yes. Oh, God, why wasn’t he
martyred along with Gandhiji? Why are you laughing? Oh, Choksi, it is you? Come, Choksi. Come in. come in, Choksi. How are you?
– The same. Sometimes 5 after 6
and sometimes 5 to six. And how is your wife Neelima? You care a lot for my wife Neelima. She is alive and is harassing me. Good, good. Sit, Choksi. Sit.
– Yes, yes. Hey, Jamna, come out. My childhood friend,
Dr, Choksi has come. It is not your creditor to demand money. Why do you keep lowering my
prestige in front of everybody? – Hey. Well, Doctor, how are you? Are you fine?
Are you fine? Are you fine? Are you fine?
– Shut up! My neck will have more
problem because of your neck. What is the matter?
You have come to our house unexpectedly? Is there a strike at your clinic? I have come to discuss
your father Gangadas’s reports. Oh, God. Go on. Discuss it. In the meanwhile I will go to
the kitchen and will drink milk. – Wait! Jamnadas.
– Yes? Where are the reports
of the full body check-up.. ..you had got done last week? Jamna had gone to get the reports.. ..but he didn’t bring them
because all my reports were normal. He is lying. – No, no, father, it
is like this. – It is like what I say. The cheque Jamnadas had given
at the time of body check-up.. ..had bounced. So the lab personnel
refused to give the reports. Jamna. – I told them that
I will pay the money in the evening.. ..but they didn’t agree. How would they agree? It was in the evening. Jamna, I don’t know what to do with you!
– Gangadas, gently. From what your reports show,
you cannot speak loudly. Oh, God. How many months has he got? You see, we would know
how to make arrangements. Come on take me to
the crematorium right now. Wait. Father, not right now! The wood is damp today. Do you realise what you are saying? Choksi, what is the matter?
Is everything normal? It is not normal. It is not normal. Your heart has got 70% blockage. 70% blockage? You will have to get bypass done. Won’t it be okay if I get
my mother passed? – Shut up! Where can I find a bai
(woman) for him at this age? When should I schedule my operation? Within one month.
– Within one month? And how much will be the expense?
– 5 lakh. Gangadas. Gangadas! Looks like he is dead. Expenses avoided. I am alive, Jamna! You see, he won’t die
without making us spend 5 lakh. I will refer you to famous heart
surgeon Dr. Shripal Doshi of Mumbai. Do and meet him. And have courage. Don’t worry, doctor, I am there, right? That is why I am telling
him to have courage. Right now I have paid for the reports. May God bless everybody
with a doctor like you! But He should not bless
anybody with a son like you. Deliver the money for
this report to my clinic. Would I pay you since
I have never paid anybody? Jamna, Jamna, do control your tongue. Saraswati! Daughter-in-law Suman!
Come out! I say everybody come out! What happened?
– Look at this, Saraswati. Look at this. I would have died within a month.. ..if these reports had
not been delivered today. Really, father? Jamna, does your wife
feel happy about everything? She is enthusiastic. Father, why are you crying? You would have got
an attack after a month.. ..but it would have
been the first attack. After that wouldn’t you
still have got two more chances? Jamna, I will throw this file at you. But what has happened? Saraswati,
my heart has got 70% blockage. I will have to get bypass surgery done. How much will be the expense? 5 lakh.
– 5 lakh? Yes. – Don’t worry, father.
Everything will be managed. No, daughter-in-law,
there is nothing much to worry about. It is good that I have got medi-claim. What? Hey, Jamna, get up. Jamna, I say get up! I am feeling very sleepy. I will put you to sleep forever. Get up.
Stand straight. Jamna.
– Yes. Jamna, that day I had given
you money to pay my medi-claim premium. Did you deposit it?
Did you deposit the money? Father, it so happened..
– What happened? That day Preity Zinta’s
luck was very strong. – Okay, so? So I bet money on Punjab. Later I came to know that Shah
Rukh Khan’s luck was stronger than hers. So your premium was lost.
– Hey! Father, why have you
gone quiet like a silent film? So what if you don’t have medi-claim? When will my friends be of use? I will call up Mahendra
Makwana right now. He will rush here with money. Mahendra Makwana
will not give you money. Why won’t he? Because he had called
up a little while ago. Who picked it up? Who picked it up? I did. I picked it up. So he has found out? He found out that.. ..cheated him under the
excuse of my final rites. Jamnadas, what about my operation? Father, don’t worry. We will pawn some expensive
item from our house. Do one thing. Pawn me. Father, I said expensive not heavy. I will beat you with this stick. Hey, beautiful.. ..do you remember you had
a red box full of jewellery? I had!
– You don’t have it now? How can I have it now?
Didn’t you sell off my jewellery.. ..when you had tried
your luck in the stock market? JamnaůJamna, have you sold
off daughter-in-law’s jewellery also? Father, that is why
I am forced to wear Bentex. You are not fit to wear even Bentex,
you idiot. Go inside! Go! Go! Go! Get lost! Go! Mother, is there any
expensive item in our house.. ..which has escaped my attention? We have got 2 kilo onions. Where did you find her? What? What do you want to ask? Wait, I will come there. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Now tell me. What do you want to ask? Do you want to ask where I found her? When she was young she
used to come with her father.. ..to Kabutarkhana to
feed chickpeas to the pigeons. Her father used to call
the pigeons and throw chickpeas.. ..and this girl used to collect
all the chickpeas and used to eat them. What were you doing at that time?
Selling chickpeas? Hey! Shall I slap you? Does your father look
like a chickpea seller to you? And stand straight. Stand straight! Stand like a man! Straight! Attention! And never ask me in
future where I found her. You always find my
weak point and hurt me. Jamnadas, now tell me clearly
what to do about my operation. Father, there is still a month’s time. I will find a victim from our building
and will cheat him of his money. Enough, Jamnadas. Enough of it. Enough, I say. You are master Gangadas’s son. Master Gangadas,
who has always taught his students.. ..the lessons of truth
and devotion to duty. And I can’t tolerate if
my son openly disgraces my values. Remember one thing.. ..that I have always lived with my ‘neeti’
(policy), my ‘pratiti (conviction).. ..my ‘prerana’ (inspiration)
and my ‘jyoti’ (knowledge). I did have a doubt. I did have a doubt. Since you were having
affair with four women.. ..you were bound to have 70% blockage! Yes, yes. Hey, idiot, keep quiet.
Why are you agreeing? You illiterate woman, I’ am talking of my ‘neeti’
(policy) of discipline.. ..my ‘pratiti’ (conviction)
of self-control.. ..and the ‘prerana’ (institution) and
‘jyoti’ (knowledge) of my values. My son had abandoned all of them. But Jamnadas, today your
father is taking a strict vow.. ..that I will have my operation
done only with honestly earned money.. ..otherwise I won’t
get my operation done. And this is my final
and irrevocable decision. But father.. – Now you
have to decide whether you want.. ..to take the path of truth
or do you want your father to die. Your time starts now. Gangadas! Hey, Gangadas! Here, upstairs. Why are you waiting there?
I have come up. – Water. Thank you. Gangadas told me to come here quickly.
There is good news. What is the good news? The good news is that my husband
has decided to be truthful from today. Hear that. You are talking about
an impossible thing. Jamnadas will take the path of truth?
That is not possible. Hey, Choksi,
do not talk nonsense in my house. Why is it not possible? It is possible. Choksi, do you know? My son has promised me that
henceforth he will be truthful. And Choksi, he has told me
that he will get my operation done.. ..with the money earned honestly. We will see. ‘Father! Open the door!’ I uttered his name and Jamna came. My dear Jamna, come. Come. Move aside.
Move aside, father. Move aside. Hey, Jamna, stand straight. First tell me what happened?
Why are you running? IůI have to make a phone call. But what has happened? Tell me. Just now I found this
purse in the rikshaw. Did you find a purse in the rikshaw? Are you going to return this purse? Choksi, did you see?
Wow, my son. Very good. Very good. Father, there is no name
or phone number of the owner.. ..in this purse,
so I am calling up Lal Mirchi FM Radio. Calling up FM Radio? Right, do it. Do it. That is right. Choksi, if we call up FM
Radio and give the purse to them.. ..they will find the rightful
owner and will return the purse. But if you give it to the police
they will return an empty purse. He should be handed
over to the police. – What? Hello, Lal Mirchi FM Radio? Listen, I am Jamnadas speaking. ‘Tell me, Jamnadas.. ..you want to dedicate
which song and to whom?’ I will tell that to you later.
Look.. ..I have just found
a purse in the rikshaw. ‘Oh, I see.
So you want to return that purse.’ ‘Jamnadas, because of people
like you our country is progressing.’ Idiot, dim-wit, stupid girl, do
you think I am an idiot like my father? I want to tell the short summary of
Bhagvad Gita to the owner of this purse. Listen. Till yesterday your cash which
was in this purse today it belongs to me. I will spend it tomorrow.. ..and a day after it
will belong to someone else. What had you come with
and what will you take with you? You had come naked and you
will depart wrapped in a tiny shroud. The short summary of Bhagvas Gita ends. The radio announcer fainted. Doctor, now this purse
officially belongs to me. Jamnadas, this is called
theft in an indirect manner. Very good. Father, that day.. ..you had returned home from temple
wearing someone else’s footwear. Can’t it be called theft?
– Hey, Jamna. Gangadas, did you steal footwear?
– Of course. What is this? Jamna, don’t tell lies.
– Lies? – I will slap you. No, Choksi, you see, it so happened.. ..that on that day someone
else went off with my footwear.. ..so how could I return
home with bare feet? So I wore someone’s footwear
which was lying there. Yes, someone else
took away your footwear.. ..so you took another person’s
footwear and came home. Although, you are not at fault. Doctor, that day all
devotees at the temple.. ..had gone home wearing
someone else’s footwear. ‘Oh, you have returned?’ What if the same things happened in the
case of wives? It will be so much fun. Someone would steal my
wife and then I will steal.. ..someone else’s beautiful
wife and bring her home. Choksi. The government cancelled
the pre-2005 currency. Instead, it would be
so much fun if it cancelled.. ..all the pre-2005 marriages.
It would be great fun. God knows when such
happy times would come. I think that Modi will do it.
I have full faith in Modi. When we.. – I will slap you.
I will slap you, Jamnadas. You keep talking nonsense. Have we elected Modi to do such frauds? Take back your vote from Modi. And do you want such happy times? As long as a cheat like you is alive
no such happy times will come. Jamnadas, you are never
going to achieve anything in life. You will end but you will not mend. Father, thank you. Thank you? Idiot, you are thanking me? Jamna, son, you promised me
that you will walk the path of truth.. ..so I had such high hopes from you. Jamna. Jamna, son, I too have
‘abhilasha’ (ambition) in my life. I have a ‘akanksha’ (desire) I have a ‘apeksha’ (expectation). I did have a doubt. I did have a doubt. There comes Mrs. Doubtfire. – Shut up. It is time to get thrashed
with stolen footwear. – Shut up. Wasn’t Apeksha the geography
teacher in your school? Yes, the same one.
She used to wear Punjabi dress. What same geography teacher
who used to wear Punjabi dress? Had you ever seen the geography teacher?
She didn’t use to wear Punjabi dress. She used to wear bright red
Guajarati sari and walked in style. You got trapped. You, candle stick. I am candle stick.. ..and your Akanksha
is fragrant incense stick? Dear.
– Yes? My ‘apeksha’.. ..I mean I am talking
about my ‘ichchha’ (desire). I am talking about ‘ichchha’ (desire). Who is Ichchha? The one with flat nose? Yes, the same.
He had taken her to watch Bahubali. Just like he carried Shivalinga,
this one was carrying her. Hey, stop it
or I will pick and throw you. He is talking about Bahubali. Mother, come here. Forget about him. Tell me what do you have in your hands? The ticket to Nathdwara. Nathdwara?
– Yes. With whose money?
– My husband’s money. With my money?
– How? While he was having a bath
I took out ATM card from his pocket.. ..and went out and withdrew money. You have inherited my traits. Saraswati. O Saraswati, how muchůhow
much cash you have withdrawn? Gently. Gently, or else you will die. Saraswati.
– Yes. My sister, how much have
you withdrawn from the ATM? 15000 only, my brother. Look at your mother’s audacity. She says only 15000. It is only that much. The expense of to and fro Volvo fare,
lodging and food.. ..and shopping for nice
saris would come to that much. Yes. Give her another 10000. Mother, have you got
your ticket to Nathdwara? Yes, dear, I got it. Look. I will keep the snacks ready. – Yes. I will prepare ‘cholafali, thepla,
fafda, sev-mamra, chakli, ghughra’.. ..’gathiya, chevdo, mohanthal
and farsipuri’ (Gujarati style snacks). I will start. Saraswati.. ..are you going to Nathdwara to pray
or to open a snacks shop? Don’t criticise. I am doing it for your sake.
– What? In future, won’t prayer
along with medicine be of use? Tell me, dear, shall I make
an offering of 51000 rupees.. ..at the morning ritual? Oh, God! You have already taken 15000 from ATM.. ..and now you are talking
about offering 51000. Look, mother!
– Yes. Mother, you have
given an excellent idea. Why didn’t I think of
such a money-making idea? Jamna. Jamna. Hello, Manoj? I am Jamnadas speaking. “Lord Shrinathji who
dwells in the universe.” My mother is going
to Shrinathji tonight. Do you want to make an offering?
501? Mother, 501. It is not enough to
buy even a cotton sari. Hello, hello, Manoj.. ..collect money from all the residents.. ..of your building who want
to make an offering to Shrinathji. I will come within an hour to take it. Okay, okay. What? Yes, yes. Bye. Mother. Mother, just wait and see. By evening 12 to 15 thousand
rupees will be collected. I won’t give you anything from it I am going to spend it all. Doctor, do you want to make an offering? My 3300 for the reports..
– Shall I offer it? Mother, this is called
true devotion to Shrinathji. Mother.
– Yes. Mother, tell Lord Shrinathji
that his 3300 is on credit. Someday I will come and
offer it after closing time. Our account is settled.
Congratulations. Stop dancing. Cheating me is not going to help. Do something about 5
lakh needed for his operation. Doctor, my son will collect
50 lakh and not 5 lakh. Really? How? That he will know. Doctor. Father.
– Yes? I have signed a contract. Oh, for cheating whom? Father, there is
a TV show Sach Ka Samna. I have signed a contract
to participate in it. Really?
– Really? Father. Father,
hadn’t I promised you that I will get your operation done
with money earned in the righteous way? Jamnadas, one has to speak
the truth in Sach Ka Samna. That is my talent. I tell lies in such a
way that it sounds like truth. And mother, Sach Ka Samna
has been running for 3 years.. ..and I am used to telling
lies since 30 years. Whose experience is more?
– Yours, my son. So I am going to win. Mohit Mehra, the boss of Sach Ka Samna.. ..will be coming to our house
in a little while to interview me. He will be arriving any moment. Go and see who it is. Who is it? I don’t know. Hello.
– Hello, who are you? We are Shubhangi Satbhagi
Sarayu Pravinadevi. What are you looking for? She is alone.
I am looking for the other three. We. We are Shubhangi
Satbhagi Sarayu Pravinadevi. Oh, so you.. I got the idea. Let me know when you finish. Is your name so long? Your father’s name? Akhilendra Avdhoot Alankari
Nabhapurush Pravinchandra.. ..Sharadchandra Rupareliya. Does everybody in your
family have such long names? Your mother’s name?
– Baby. Mother, the name of mother is Baby! Hey, Babyben, who are you? I am a ‘Vechaan Taruni’.
– What does it mean? It means sales girl. Oh, she has come to
this house as a sales girl? She will be cheated. Death wish attracts
an animal to the hunter. What did you say? Death wish attracts an animal
to the hunter. – Yes, it does. Am I like a hunter?
– What? Do I look like a hunter? Am I the son of a hunter? Hey, Jamna. Hunter, hunter, hunter? Sit, hunter.
– What? Sit, sit. Sit, sales girl.
– Okay, okay. Sit, sit, sit. Come. Mother.
– Yes. She is a sales girl. She thinks that we are her customers. She doesn’t know that
she is our customer. What have you come to sell? Hey, go inside and make tea. Go! Listen,
drink the tea inside only. What is in this?
– Sel patika. Speak in Gujarati. We all are Gujarati. Fen patika. After ablutions with pleasant,
fragrant clean water.. ..apply fudfudak. Fudfudak fen patika. Fen patika turns copper
colour into white and gives shine. Could you understand even a word? Father. Father. What does fen patika mean? First of all tuck in your tummy. Stand straight like a man. Fen patika means a soap
which lathers all over our body. Oh, have you come to sell soap? You gave such a long
description of such a tiny soap? Okay, fine. What is the name of the soap?
– Ganga Jamna. She has put the two of us on sale. That too by a woman? How much is the cost of its content? Double thousand coins. It looks as if she has
taken a contract to harass me. Masterůmaster,
what does double thousand coins mean? Double thousand coins.
Double means two. Thousand means thousand.
And coins means rupees. Oh, two thousand rupees? Sales girl, I have got a scheme for you. Jamna. – I won’t use
soap for your operation. Keep quiet! I say, would you like
it if I give you 5000 rupees.. ..in exchange for your
soap worth 2000 rupees? I would like it.
I would certainly like it. Here, take this lucky
coupon worth 5000 rupees. This is railway coupon. Růrůrailway. The railways have issued
lucky coupons for lucky passengers. The lucky draw will
be held after 15 days. This number will win in the lucky draw. I have done the setting
with the railways. And what if the number doesn’t win? Come after 10 days
and take 10000 rupees. From that uncle. Really, uncle?
– Yes, dear. I cheated two persons at the same time. I will take your leave.
– Yes, you may go. Bye.
– Yes, I got the idea. I got the idea. Mother, right now she is laughing.
After 15 days she will come here crying. Suman. Hey, kitchen queen, come out. Take this. – Oh,
God, did you cheat the sales girl also? Yes. Now you go and cheat
Deviben of Ladies Association. You have to pay 2000 rupees to Deviben. Instead of that give
her soap worth 2000 rupees. Will she agree to it? Go or else I will
hit you with soap cake. Go. Go! Go! Go! He has come! He has come! He has come! Mr. Mohit Mehra has come.
From Sach Ka Samna. Move. He has come. He has come. He has come. ‘Come. Come. Come.’
Come. Come. Come. Hello, everybody. Myself Mr.
Mohit Mehra from Sach Ka Samna. Well, Mr. Jamnadas..
– Myself. In person. Oh, nice meeting you.
– Same here, sir. Please come. Please come.
Please sit. Come. Mother.
– Yes. You are sitting like
Bajrangi Bhaijaan. – No. So offer a seat.
– You are sitting. Let him sit, not me!
Can’t you see he has come? I can see. Don’t mumble.
– It’s okay. Please come. Well, the contract I had
signed for appearing on your show.. Do one thing. You sit here. I will.. No, no, I will stand here. You sit here. It will suit you. This is your seat. I will stand here, okay? Move back! Don’t peep! – I won’t. Stand there. At the back. Okay, so I have signed a contract
to appear on your show. – Yes. So my appearance on your show is fixed,
right? – Yes, it’s confirmed. That is why I have
come to your house. – Wow. In fact this is your
confirmation letter. Oh, wonderful. This time our show is a bit different. It is special. Mr. Jamnadas, this time we
want to get to the bottom of truth. I see, so you will go down? Down?
– Deep. Deep. Down there! Down there! Okay, yeah. But before that I will need
some details about your family. Yes, write down. This is my father. Do you have two fathers?
– What? How can I have two fathers?
What are you.. Hey, move aside! Not that defective piece.
That effective piece. Shall I jump and fall on you? You will come to know the after effect. Can you see him?
– Of course I can see him. Hey!
– He said it, not I. Sorry. – Okay. He is my father.
– Okay. Gangadas.
– Gangadas. Satyavadi (Truthful) Gandhivadi
(Gandhi’s follower). Does he have three names? No, no, he has only one name. Gangadas. Satyavadi and Gandhivadi are that..
what do you call it? Adůadjective. Adjective.
I will explain you. Do you remember in childhood
we used to eat ice cream? It used to come in plastic ball.
Vanilla ice cream. – Yes. First you eat ice cream and
then you play with the ball. – Yes. Which company used to make it?
– Kwality. Yes, they are his qualities. Oh, my God. These are qualities? Satyavadi (Truthful) and
Gandhivadi (Gandhi’s follower). -Yes So nice. – Yes,
he is Arvind Kejriwal of our area. Every other day he returns
home after getting slapped. Satyavadi (Truthful) and
Gandhivadi (Gandhi’s follower). She is my mother. Kasturba.
– What? My mother. Saruba. Mother, the truth came out of my mouth.
What can I do? My mother Saraswatiba. Saraswati.. – Didn’t you like the name?
We will change it. We will change it to Brahmaputra. Just tell me. Tell me. No. Jamnadas, it’s a nice name. Hail Lord Krishna.
– Hail Lord Krishna. She is very religious,
devoted, affectionate and a glutton. She is the Jailalita of our area. Hey, keep quiet. Tonight my mother is going
to Shrinathji. – Oh, nice. Do you want to make
an offering to Shrinathji? No, actually I am a devotee
of Vaishno Devi. – Oh, wonderful! My mother is going directly
to Vaishno Devi from Shrinathji. Vaishno Devi?
– How much? 1001.
– Give it. Jamna. – I won’t spend
that money for your operation. Keep quiet! You don’t take it and
don’t allow me to take it! Thank you so much. Yes. Mother, everything
is useless without your blessing. Very good. Very good. Very good. Mother.
– Yes. The cash has been
offered at Vaishno Devi. Here it is. Here it is. Cold lemonade. Are you selling it on a railway
platform? Lemonade! Stand straight! Suman. My wife. Suman Jamnadas Ladha. Here, have lemonade.
– Thank you. What is the matter, daughter-in-law? All of a sudden you made lemonade? Dear, tell me, was it there? Did we have lemons in our house today? Of course, father. Isn’t it Saturday today? You see, every Saturday
uncle Bhikhu opposite us.. ..hangs lemon and chillies
on his entrance door. – I see. Mother, hold this tray. He hangs lemon and chillies.. ..and my husband.. ..steals them like this and brings home. We chop the chillies and use in curry.. ..and I used the lemon
to make lemonade for you. Drink it. Drink it. Do you steal lemons? Now face the truth. Do not think about
the theft of the lemons. Look at the fact
that she told the truth. In our house everybody speaks truth. I never thought about that. Think. Think. Sit down and think.
Go inside. Take this and go inside ! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Jamna. Jamna,
how many times have I told you.. ..to talk properly to daughter-in-law? Your wife is so nice and beautiful. Do take her out sometimes. Should I take her out? I had taken her out yesterday. She was after me since morning. Take me to a place
where there is nobody else. Finally I took her
to Congress Head Office. I will come to your show
and whatever I say.. – Yes? Will you accept it as truth?
– No, Jamnadas, it’s like.. Sir, one more question.
I am interrupting you. No, no, it’s okay. Suppose..
– Yes. I come to your show
and speak the truth. – Yes. How will it benefit you? Jamnadas, what you lose as a result
of telling the truth will benefit us. I didn’t understand. I will explain everything to you. You see, when you come to our show.. ..you will have to reveal
before the public certain truths.. ..about your family, which
will be shocking and heart-breaking. I see. Shocking.
– Yeah. Heart-breaking.
– Right. It means not plain but spicy. Something like that, Jamnadas. But more important thing than that is.. ..we will give you an injection
of the day of your shooting. Sodium Pentothal injection. It’s a truth serum. Sodium Pentothal. What is he saying? Sodium Pentothal. It is a medicine after taking which
you cannot lie even if you want to. During narco test the police
give Sodium Pentothal injections.. To the criminals during interrogation
to make them tell the truth. Excuse me. How do you know all this? Sir, I am a doctor.
– Oh. Their family doctor. Doctor Choksi. Hello, doctor.
– Hi. Jamnadas, when you take this injection
on Sach Ka Samna you will speak the truth. So the whole world will come
to know who all you have cheated. And if people complain
after finding out the truth.. ..you will go to the jail straightaway. Well, Jamnadas, you are trapped. You got into a big trouble while
trying to eliminate a smaller one. What happened, Jamnadas? Why are you so tense? He lost his air. On hearing what you just
said his heart skipped a beat. And my worthless son
was coming to your show.. ..to earn money by telling lies. What?
– Yes. The man you think is
truthful is number one liar.. ů.cheat and fraudster person. Just a minute, just a minute.
Jamnadas. What is your occupation?
– Of cheating people. There is no relative he has not cheated. Todayůtoday itself he
robbed me of 3300 rupees. The cobbler,
postman, ironing man, maidservant.. ..sweeper, milkman, electrician,
gas supplier, grocer and barber. He has spared none of them. Jamnadas cannot bear to see
money in anybody else’s pocket. The moment he sees
money in someone’s pocket.. ..he empties that person’s pocket. Didn’t he empty your pocket
just a little while ago? When?
– Vaishno Devi. 1001. Yes, so? Yes. In fact my wife is not
going from Shrinathji to Vaishno Devi. What? Aren’t you going to Vaishno Devi? Hey, tell the truth. Jamnadas, your mother is not
going to Vaishno Devi from Shrinathji? She is not going.
– My God. Why should I tell a lie? Tell him to return
my 1000 rupees. Please. Come on, Jamna. Doctor, please give me 1000.
I will return it in the evening. Return the money he gave you. Where did he give me?
– Here. As offering to Vaishno Devi. You saw that he gave, didn’t you? Thank you so much, Jamna.. Hey. – I am telling you,
our Shrinathji is also a nice God. Do try once. Let go of my money, please. Thank you. I can’t understand one thing. Why do people lend him
money if he is like this? He selects another area when the
people in my area stop giving him money. When people in that
area stop giving money.. ..then Jamna goes to
all the stations turn by turn. How many stations have
you changed till date? I will tell you.
From Dahanu to Churchgate.. ..and from Kasara to VT.. ..he hasn’t spared even one station.
– My God, he.. And what do you do when
all the stations are done? I start again from Dahanu. Today I got money from Malad. Tomorrow it is Goregaon and
day after it is Jogeshwari’s turn. Why should I tell lies? How do you do all this? Ask me about that. Ask his father about what
he does and how he does it.. ..where he does it and when he does it. I have watched Sach Ka Samna a lot. I will send you to Sach Ka Samna. My son Jamna.
– Yes. Every day he goes to
all the stations turn by turn. For example Andheri,
Kurla, Ghatkpopar, Borivli. – Okay. He gets down at the station.. ..and goes to the biggest posh
society near the station. – Okay. Out of the three or
four buildings there.. ..Jamna goes and stands at the
gate of one of the buildings. – Okay. Then he reads all the
name plates one by one. He reads all the name plates.
– Okay. Then Jamnadas selects
one of the name plates. For example Chimanlal Trivedi, right?
– Okay. Then on behalf of Chimanlal Trivedi.. ..he calls up the biggest
grocer in that area. Then says that he is calling
from Chimanlal Trivedi’s house.. ..and he orders goods
worth 5000 on credit. 5000 worth of goods on credit?
– He orders on credit. Then he rushes and stands
at the gate of the society. – Okay. He takes off his shirt.
– What? Sh..sh.. Listen. Why do you sound surprised? He takes off his shirt.
He wears an undershirt under it. He goes and stands at the gate of the
society wearing pants and undershirt. The moment the grocer’s
man comes with the goods.. ..Jamnadas tells that man
to hand over the goods to him.. ..and that he will take the goods up. So the grocer’s man
hands over the goods.. ..and Jamnadas collects
the goods and vanishes. Oh, I see. So he collects all the
goods and then all the goods.. Do you consume all the goods? Hey! Why do you point
at my stomach while asking? I’m sorry.
– We don’t eat stolen goods. So what do you do with all the goods? I sell it off. On OLX. OLX? Sir, usually people
make an omelette with eggs.. ..but Jamnadas is a person
who would turn the omelette.. ..into an egg and
would sell it to the hen. Father, I don’t like if
someone praises me publically. I will put up you also for sale on OLX. How can you tell lies so easily? Mister, my son has done PhD
in telling lies. – What do you mean? He has got me admitted to hospital.. ..in order to borrow
money from his friends. 127? 127? Yes ,127 times. He has got me operated
34 times for hernia. He has got me operated
21 times for piles. And 15 times he has
performed my last rites. Why should I tell lies? He has got me to deliver a baby 9 times. 9 times delivery? Do you have 9 children? He is very ‘ghogho’ (stupid). What does ‘ghogho’ mean? Intelligent. Why should I tell lies? Let him be happy. I have only one child. Babloo. But in his greed for
misappropriating money.. ..he made me the mother of 9 children. And people ask me how my children are. So I also had to name them. Som, Mangal,
Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Ravi. That makes 7. The remaining 2? Satam, Aatham. That’s it. That means he has never
told truth in his life? No, he did once.
– When, father? I will tell you. I will tell you. In those days we used to live
in a tenement at Khetwadi. – Okay. In the tenement there
used to be a common toilet. Once I was in the common toilet.
– Okay. He came there running and shouting. Father, come out, I need to go urgently. Father, if you lie on such an occasion.. ..you would really get embarrassed. If a man is going to the toilet
and you stop him midway and ask him.. ..about the truth of his life.. ..and the language in which he replies.. ..should be accepted
as the truth of life. Why are you surprised? The three of you colluded
to spill the beans about me. But remember one thing. I won’t be known as Jamnadas.. ..if I don’t make a curry out
of the same beans and feed it to you. Sir, has the truth about
my life been revealed to you? That means I cannot take
part in your show, right? Wrong answer. In fact our first contestant
of this season will be you Mr. Jamnadas. Jamnadas, just think. When the man who never
spoke truth in his life.. ..he will appear on our
show and will speak the truth.. ..how many lies will be caught? It will create a buzz. The TRP of our show will
shoot up sky high, Mr. Jamnadas! Please stop. Wait, Mr. Jamnadas,
I will have to talk to my senior. I will have to tell my seniors that.. ..we have found the
first victim for our show. Hey, wait, wait. Where are you going? Are you going to win
or lose in your own mind? I don’t want to
participate in your show. I will be ruined if
I take part in your show. I refuse. How can you refuse like that? You will have to come to our show. Do you own me? You cannot drag me
by force to your show. Mr. Jamnadas, we won’t drag you. You will come of your own will.
Of your own will. But why? Why? What for? Because you have signed
a contract with us. Mr. Jamnadas, read the 2nd clause
on page 57 of the 132 page contract. Under any situation you
will have to appear on our show.. ..and if you do not appear on the show.. ..it will be considered as
breach of contract and for that.. ..you will have to pay
1 crore rupees to our company. Mother, 1 crore? Yes, Jamnadas, 1 crore. Mr. Jamnadas, someone is a
good player and someone is a novice. Life is a game and someone
wins and someone fails. “Life is a game.
Someone wins and someone fails.” “Someone is a good player..” Mother. Mother, hurry up. It
is time for you to leave for Nathdwara. The Cool cab will be arriving any time.
– What? Cool cab? Is Saraswati going
to Nathdwara by Cool cab? What is this, father? She will go to the bus stop by Cool cab. Would anyone go to
the bus stop by Cool cab? At whose expense? At your expense.
– What? Daughter-in-law,
I haven’t seen Jamna since morning. Mother, he just went out.
God knows what has happened. Father, he has gone to the
bathroom 17 times since morning. Did he get loose motions on
hearing that he will have to pay.. ..1 crore rupees to the
Sach Ka Samna organisers? It seems so. He was sitting in the bathroom.. ..and was whispering
to someone on the phone. Daughter-in-law,
shall I tell you for certain? He must have been
whispering to Mohit Mehra.. ..from Sach Ka Samna
who had come to our house. He must have been
trying to persuade him.. ..not to be forced
to come to Sach Ka Samna. If they call him and if Jamna
goes there he will go to jail. Looks like Jamna has come. Thank God. Now I can meet
him before going to Shrinathji. She is a terrible kind of mother. Her son is about to be jailed
and she wants to go to Shrinathji. Oh, doctor, it is you? Gangadas. Gangadas.
– What happened, Choksi? Why do you look so scared?
And you are here at this time? Do you want to go to the bathroom? No, no. first I will go there
and then I will tell you everything. Sister-in-law, had you called a Cool cab?
– Yes, yes. It is down there. Hey, Cool cab driver, wait!
We are coming. We are coming. Come.
– Come daughter-in-law. Listen, look after the house and take
special care of Jamna. – Okay, mother. I say,
I am touching your feet. Are you going to do it
or are you just saying it? Are you going to give
something in my hand? I will give you 1.25 rupee
if your daughter-in-law permits. I won’t bend even
an inch for 1.25 rupee. Yesterday a coin of 5 rupees
fell down but I didn’t bend. Come on daughter-in-law, bye. Take this luggage.
– Let us go. Put it into the cab.
– Come, mother, let us go. Hurry up. Hurry up.
– Wait, daughter-in-law. Come back only after
she gets in the bus.. ..and the bus leaves with her, okay? What is this, father? Lord Shrinathji,
Saraswati is coming to pray to you. Lord Shrinathji, please be careful. Gangadas.
– Lord Shrinathji, you heard so soon? It is me. What happened, Choksi?
Why are you so scared? Has your wife Neelima thrown you out? Forget about Neelima Right now I am in solid dilemma.
– What has happened? IůI have been threatened.
– By whom? Madan Madari.
– Madan Madari? You mean the goon who does
illegal business in our area? – Yes.. The same goon has called
me 35 times since morning.. ..and has threatened me.
– About what? About killing me. Since morning his men
are following me. – Why? The police have arrested
an accomplice of Madan Madari. Tomorrow the police are going
to do narco test on that man.. ..to find out about
his illegal business. So let them do the narco test.
Why should you worry? Sodium Pentothal is used for narco test. Sodium Pentothal? Choksi, Sodium Pentothal
is the same which is to be used.. ..in Sach Ka Samna, right?
– Yes, the same. Sach Ka Samna organisers
are going to give.. ..the same injection to Jamnadas. Madan Madari has threatened me ..that they will kill me if I
can’t find a medicine by this evening.. ..which can negate the
effects of Sodium Pentothal. What? – Since morningů since
morning I have been working on computer. I did a lot of research
and I found such a medicine. If an injection of it is taken
before taking Sodium Pentothal.. ..then the effect of Sodium
Pentothal will be eliminated. What?
– Yes. And the police cannot make
the criminal tell the truth.. ..even if they try to and the
criminal will go free by telling lies. Amazing. Whatůwhat is happening to you, Choksi? It is a call from Madan Madari. So why are you dancing? Pick up the phone. Hello! ‘Hello, I am Madam Madari speaking.’ Enough. Hello, I am Madam Madari speaking. Did you find that medicine or not,
you idiot? I have found the medicine. You idiot,
I am talking about the medicine only. Did you find that medicine or not? I have got the medicine with me. I am at my friend Gangadas’s house. I am giving it to him.
He will deliver it to you. Hey, don’t give it to that elephant. What are you doing? He is calling you an elephant.
– What? He is calling you an elephant.
How did he dare to do that? Give me the phone. Hey, elephant, if I punch
you then you will turn into a calf. The network is off. Doctor, there is a window
next to where you are standing. Throw the medicine down from it. Why are you bluffing?
There is a wall next to me. You know our kitchen? Our kitchen?
– Your kitchen? I goofed up. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, whether it
is my kitchen or yours.. ..whether it is of
a doctor or of a goon.. ..but everybody’s kitchen
happens to be similar, right? Why should I tell lies? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, there is a kind
of balcony next to the kitchen. There is a window.
Throw down the medicine from tat window. I will throw it right now. Right now. Hey, don’t look down
or else I will kill you! I am not looking down. I am throwing it. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Will this medicine work? Yes, it will work 100 percent. Give this injection
to your man one hour.. ..before giving Sodium Pentothal. ..so the effect of Sodium
Pentothal will be eliminated. And if the effect is not eliminated
I will eliminate you from the world. You still don’t know my family. My name is Madan Madari. My wife is Naina Nagin. My brother-in-law is Naresh Noliya. My father is Dalpat Dugdugi. My elder brother is Kamlesh Cobra.. ..and younger brother is Paresh Pungi. All of us together will
snatch your loin cloth! He is talking about
snatching my loin cloth. How can he snatch your loin cloth?
– Why? Have you ever worn a loin cloth?
You always wear pants. Now wait and watch. I will take the injection
and reveal such truths.. ..on Sach Ka Samna which will give
you terrible shocks to the three of you. Now I want to tell you a common truth.. ..on hearing which half
of you will go to drink water.. ..and the rest of the
half will go to the loo. Hey, it’s interval! Curtains! Sunny. Sunny. Anita, go to the control
room and check everything, okay? Yes, sir.
– Sunny! Sunny reporting, sir.
– Sunny, everything is ready? Yes, sir.
– Good, good, good. Where is Mr. Jamnadas? Sir, he is roaming all over the
studio as if it belongs to his father. Sunny, get him ready immediately. Today our first episode
is being telecast live. Everything should be perfect, okay?
– Okay, sir. – Good. Sir, I suggest..
– Tell me. Does Mr. Jamnadas own
a grocery store?- No. Why? Sir, ever since his
promo has begun on the TV.. ..from Dahanu to Churchgate
and from Karjat to VT.. ..thousands of people want
to come to our snow as audience. Wow, that’s great. Sir, all of them are grocers. They must those from whom Mr.
Jamnadas has stolen goods. – What? Look, Sunny,
do not let any one of them come inside. If they come inside they
will demolish this whole set. But why? – It’s nothing.
Just go and get ready. Fast. Okay, sir.
– Good, good, good. ‘Mr. Jamnadas, wait! Mr. Jamnadas, wait! Hello, Mahendra Makwana? How much is due from me? Only 2 lakh? Come day after tomorrow
in the evening and take it. Listen, come in the evening
to my house and take it, okay? Or else I will come to your
house to give it in the morning.. ..and I will deduct
the rikshaw fare from it. That is why I called up. Wow, Mr. Jamnadas, you are so confident. Hey, what did you do? What did you do? she picked my pocket. I pick others’ pockets
and she is picking my pocket? Mr. Jamnadas, relax. She is not picking your pocket.
She is attaching a mike to you. Mike? – Yes,
so that your voice can reach the public. Really?
– Yes. Attach it. Turn around, sir. Good. Yes, sir. Sir, how do I look in this suit? You are looking so handsome. Hey, he called me handsome. I will laugh. You will laugh
when he calls you handsome.. ..because you are not handsome.
You are beautiful. I say..
– Yes? Am I looking handsome in this?
– Absolutely stunning. So can I fold this suit
and take home after the show ends? Mr. Jamnadas..
– Charge for it. I don’t want it for free. I will come day after
tomorrow evening and pay you. Whom have I ever paid so will I pay you? You know what? You can have
this suit for free on my account. The smart aleck spoke. First he will expose me and
then he will give me the suit for free? Mr. Jamnadas, are you ready?
– Yes. Good, good, good. Now you will be given an
injection of Sodium Pentothal. Have you eaten anything? I haven’t eaten anything
since morning. – Good. I haven’t taken the
second injection also. What do you mean? I mean since morning I am
on ‘nayna kotha (empty stomach). ‘Nayna kotha’? In Gujarati empty stomach
is called ‘nayna kotha’. Then we Guajarati people drink
hot water and empty our bowels. Then what we do.. No, no, I got your point. I am suggesting that
you should relax completely. I am relaxed. Good, good, good, good. In a little while all
of you are going to jump. What? IůI mean I will tell the truth
after taking the injection, right? Yes, right, right, right, right. Bring the injection, please.
– Yes, yes. Come, Mr. Jamnadas.
– Yes. Sit on the hot seat.
– Yes, yes, hot seat. Careful. Your hot seat is stone cold. You keep telling lies even
if your name is Sach Ka Samna. Careful. This is very high. I feel as if I am sitting
on the first floor. Please give him an injection. Yes, give it.
Give it. Give me the injection. After a little while I am
going to create trouble for you all. Bring the machine please. What is this?
– This is a polygraph machine. What new gimmick is this? Do not keep changing the rules please. I get confused.
I start feeling nervous. Attach it to him, please. No, I won’t let you attach it. I won’t let you attach it. Mother, I want to go home. Mother! Mr. Jamnadas, these are the
sensors of the polygraph test machine. I mean if you try to tell lies even after
the injection of Sodium Pentothal.. ..we will come to know with the help of
this machine and your blood pressure.. ..whether you are telling
the truth or are lying. If you tell the truth,
this green light will glow. And if you tell a lie,
that red light will glow. Is it clear? Good. Get it ready. Quick. He doesn’t know that
my blood pressure shoots up.. ..when I am telling the truth. My blood pressure remains
normal when I tell lies. 120-80. What do you mean? I mean were you secretly
listening to my talk? – What? You should not secretly listen
to somebody when he is talking. – What? You are listening to my private talk? Get lost.
– What? I told you to get lost. You should go when I tell you to go. Means? It means, I said go so went. Went. Go. Went! Went!
– Okay. First let me call up father or else
he will get angry with these people. The number of my house. Yes, Sabarmati Ashram. Yes, I am coming.
Oh, God. Hello. – Hello,
father, I am Jamnadas speaking! Oh, Jamna.
– Father, please bless me. Bless me. Son, you need courage and
not blessings to tell the truth. Jump into the battlefield.
– Victory is yours. My deeds may hurt you. Father.
– Yes. The program is about to start. All of you sit in front of the TV. Son, we all are sitting
in front of the TV. Myself, Suman, Choksi. I see. Is uncle Choksi also there? Yes, yes. Just a minute.
Take this. Hello, I am Suman speaking. You! You! You! You! Come on everybody, take your seats. Sach Ka Samna is about to begin. Choksi, turn on the TV. Okay, Mr. Jamnadas, are you ready?
– Yes, sir. Good. Good. Sodium Pentothal
must have started to act. Come, let us start the show. Everybody on standby! Camera!
– ‘Rolling.’ And, action! I, Mohit Mehra welcome
you to Sach Ka Samna. Friends, today we have a special guest. Please welcome Mr.
Jamnadas Gangadas Mehta. Look, my son is there. Jamna is there. He looks as white as milk. If I have to introduce him.. He is number one liar,
cheat, fraudster and ugly man. Right. Was this answer correct?
– Yes. How much will I get for this? Shouldn’t I get something for this?
– Mr. Jamnadas.. – I gave correct answer. I gave correct answer in Sach Ka Samna.. Mr. Jamnadas,
our show has not started yet, okay? You should give something.. Friends, our guest has a great quality. Jamnadas Mehta,
has never told truth in his life. He is absolutely right. And today he is going
to face the truth, right? So let us start Sach Ka Samna,
Jamnadas’s test by fire. Okay, Mr. Jamnadas,
let us move to your first stop. And this is your first question. Mr. Jamnadas, have you ever stolen money
from your father’s pocket? I had stolen it this morning. I stole 500 rupee note
from his shirt pocket. I paid the rikshaw fare
to this place with that money. I am not worried about going back. I will go back in helicopter, right? Why not? Wish you all the best for that. Well, let us check if
your answer is right or wrong. ‘This answer..’ It is not important that he stole money. It is important that
my son told the truth. ‘..is true.’ Wonderful. With this you have won 10000 rupees,
Mr. Jamnadas. Well, I can pay off one person’s dues. Shall we go ahead?
– Yes. Here is your next question. Mr. Jamnadas,
do you believe that you are intelligent? Some people like you need to
spend whole life to become intelligent.. ..and some people like
me are born Gujarati. Well done, son. Born intelligent. Till date I have cheated 109 people
and robbed them of their money.. ..and I have set them back
by about 12 to 15 lakh rupees. The funny thing is that they still
don’t know that I have cheated them. If they watch your program
today and if they come to know.. ..then they will realise it,
or else forget it. Tell me am I not intelligent? I tell you, in my opinion you
are very intelligent, Mr. Jamnadas. Let us check if according to the machine
you are telling the truth or are lying. ‘This answer..’ – My son has
cheated people of 12 to 15 lakh rupees. That includes my 3300.
– ‘..is true.’ Wonderful! With this you have won 50000 rupees,
Mr. Jamnadas. Wonderful. I suggest..
– Yes? Remove this red light. Why? – What is the use?
It is not going to glow. You are unnecessarily
paying charges for it. You see, you are paying charges
for it but I am feeling the pinch. Mr. Jamnadas, why are you
worried about its hiring charges? I shouldn’t?
– Absolutely not. I have thrown off the burden. Shall we move ahead? Please hurry up.
My helicopter leaves at 5.43 o’clock. Helicopter? As you wish, Mr. Jamnadas. Let us move ahead.
Here is your next question. This one is interesting. Mr. Jamnadas,
do you believe that you are beautiful? What do you think? Can Bipasha Basu be
the only black beauty? So what if I am dark?
I have got a heart. Mr. Jamnadas, I asked whether
you are beautiful or not. If you look through my mother’s eyes.. ..I am the most beautiful
man in the world. The ugliest man in the world
is beautiful in his mother’s eyes. That is why I tell everybody
that if you want to see the world.. ..look at it through your mother’s eyes. You will find the world very beautiful. Choksi, my son is telling the
truth for the first time in his life.. ..and his philosophy is being revealed. The other Jamna inside
my Jamna is coming out. Well done, son. Well done. Father, is there another
Jamna inside Jamna? It is difficult to handle one Jamna.
How will we handle two? How about watching the TV right now? He has answered 9 questions correctly. Let us see if the answer to
the 10th question is correct or not. And your answer to this question..
– ‘Is correct.’ Wonderful! Wow, Jamna. Very good. With this you have won 12.5 lakh rupees,
Mr. Jamnadas. My God! 12.5 lakh! Well done. Look, lakhs. Mr. Jamnadas, the following
questions will slowly become personal. And your prize money
will also become double. If you wish you can take 12.5
lakh rupees and go home right now. Because if you lose later on you
will go home with only 5 lakh rupees. So tell me, Mr. Jamnadas,
do you want to quit the game right now.. ..or do you want to continue? Is it possible? Since I have taken the
plunge I will go till the end. Wonderful. You know what?
I just love the spirit that you have. You love the spirit?
– Yeah, I love the spirit. Even I also love the spirit. Sorry?
– Spirit, spirit. What do you mean?
– Drink. Drink. What is he saying? Usually Gujarati people
do not drink alcohol. Every day. Sometimes we do drink. In a week..
– Once or twice. By the way it is 4-5 times. Anyway, I drink only once a week. That too if someone offers it. Whisky. That too neat.
Not mixed with water. Why? – You see, on seeing
whisky the mouth waters so much.. ..that there is no need to mix water. It is not that since
someone else if offering it.. ..I will keep on drinking.
Keep drinking till morning. Only 2 or 2.5.
– That’s it. Later ‘khichdi and kadhi’ (lentil-rice
dish and chickpea flour curry). Khichdi and kadhi’ (lentil-rice
dish and chickpea flour curry). I have brought it with me. – Sorry?
– A quarter for you. I mean after the show you can
drink half of it and I will drink half. It will be fun. The groundnuts
from Bharuch. We will eat like this. Mr. Jamnadas,
we will talk about it later. – Okay. Shall we move ahead right now?
– Where? In the show, Mr. Jamnadas.
– Oh, yes. Alcohol is a topic which
makes you forget everything. No, no, it is a bad thing.
Leave it, okay? – Yes, yes. We will move ahead in the show,
okay? – Yes. The next question.
– Okay. The next question is for 25 lakh rupees. Mr. Jamnadas, here is the next question
which is related to your personal life. Mr. Jamnadas,
is there a truth about your life.. ..which has not been
revealed outside your family? In fact, apart from you,
no one from your family knows about it. My father. Choksi, did you see? All the truth will be
revealed about all the lies.. ..he has told to his father until now. Very good, son.
Speak, my son. Speak. Speak. Till date I haven’t
told this thing to anybody. I have locked up this
thing inside my heart. In fact I haven’t let
even my mother know about this. Yes, son, bring out everything
you have kept in your heart.. ..and unburden yourself. Choksi.
– Yes. Choksi, I wish that his mother
is also watching this episode. Mr. Jamnadas, what about your father? Since many years.. ..my father has been having an affair.. ..with our family doctor
Choksi’s wife Neelima! Choksi, what is this by saying? I should ask what this boy is saying? I don’t know.
He is telling absolute lies. How can he tell lies? He is speaking under the
influence of Sodium Pentothal. Choksi, I don’t know about that. Thereůthereůthere is nothing like that. He is telling lies. It is true.
– Not true. True!
– Not True! Let us check whether
your answer is right or wrong. ‘This answer is correct.’ Father, so what mother
was saying was true. I say keep quiet. Why should I tell lies? My God. With this you have won 25 lakh rupees,
Mr. Jamnadas! 25 lakh! My God! Well done. Listen.
– Yes. I want to tell one more truth. For that you can give
me whatever you think fit. Justůjust a minute, Mr. Jamnadas. We can’t do that. Why can’t you do that? I will happily accept whatever you give. Whatever amount may be.
If not big then small will do. I am sorry, Mr.
Jamnadas. We can’t do that. Please. Why? But I will have
to tell the truth, isn’t it? You see, I am feeling as
if I am full to the brim with truth. And if I don’t pour it out,
I will feel nausea. – What? Should I vomit or
should I tell the truth? So I am going to tell the truth. As you wish. Please go ahead. Please. Our family doctor is Choksi.
– Yes. He is having an affair
with Naina Nagin.. ..the wife of Madan Madari,
the don of our area. What is he saying? I should ask you what he s saying? No, no, he is telling lies.
– He is telling the truth. You said that he is speaking
under the influence of Sodium Pentothal. It is a lie.
– It is true. Lie.
– Truth. I say..
– Yes. Please check my BP and tell me.. ..whether what I said is truth or lie. Okay, fine we will tell you that.. Tell it for free. Do not deduct money. Total M. A. F. A. T. M. A. F. A. T? ‘Mafat’ (free). It is the favourite
word of Gujarati people. ‘Mafat’ (free). Coriander leaves ‘mafat’ (free)
with quarter kilo ladies finger. Fall-beading ‘mafat’ (free) with a sari. With a wife, the sister-in-law..
– What? Slaps for ‘mafat’ (free). Okay, fine. We will tell
you for ‘mafat’ (free). – Okay. That this answer..
– ‘Is true.’ Okay, great. Well, Mr.
Jamnadas, let us move ahead, okay? Next question. The next question is for 50 lakh rupees. Just a minute. Time please. Wait.
Sorry, sorry. Before I answer this
question for 50 lakh rupees.. ..I want to clarify a small matter. What do you want to do? I want to clarify that.. ..after answering this question
for 50 lakh rupees, I am going to leave. But the next question is for 1 crore,
Mr. Jamnadas. No, I am not greedy. We Gujarati people happen
to be very contented. We don’t fall prey to greed. Too much greed is the
root cause of sin, you know? Do you know how this
proverb ‘Too much greed.. ‘..is the root cause
of sin’ came into existence? There was a trader. He was very stingy. He had a mother.
Once it so happened that.. Okay, okay, Mr.
Jamnadas, okay. As you wish. This will be your last question.
No problem, okay? Shall we move ahead?
– Yes, yes. Okay, we will move
to your next question. Hey, we don’t want the truth. Get up. Get up! You are sitting on the hot
seat but we are feeling the heat. Mr. Jamnadas,
here is your last question. Mr. Jamnadas.. Is there a truth about your life.. ..which even your wife
doesn’t know until now? Oh, no, now it is my turn! As the tree is so is the fruit.
Like father like son. I had an affair before marriage.. ..and I also have a son from it. Father! Let us check whether you
answer is right or wrong this time. ‘This answer..’ His son.
Father, I will be ruined. ‘..is true.’ And with this, our dear Mr.
Jamnadas has won 50 lakh rupees! A big round of applause for Mr.
Jamnadas! Jamnadas has won! Wonderful!
A big round of applause! Listen, Neelima.
– Forget Neelima. The guilty is accusing the police! Neelima. – Sister-in-law Neelima.
Hey, you! – Wait. Do not address her as sister-in-law. All your life you addressed
her as sister-in-law.. ..and took disadvantage. Father, should you take disadvantage? Jamna, keep quiet. I say keep quiet. Sister-in-law Neelima,
please explain to him.. ..that there is no affair
between the two of us. I am having an affair with Gangadas! Gangadas, if he is having
an affair with Naina Nagin.. ..then you and I too
are having an affair. Sister-in-law Neelima,
let go of my hand. It is not necessary that
we two are having an affair.. ..because he is having
an affair with Naina Nagin. Sister-in-law Neelima,
this is not like a competition. Jamnadas,
you rascal, what did you say there? The truth, father. The truth. What kind of truth this is? Father! Truth has no caste or creed. You only had said it once. What you said is not true. Look, Neelima.. – Hey!
– Sister-in-law. Choksi, let me complete my words. Sister-in-law Neelima,
please explain to him.. ..that there is no affair
going on between the two of us. No, Gangadas,
once I give a commitment it is sealed. After that I don’t
listen to my father also. Gangadas, I am your servant.
– Hey. I yearn for your love. For you I am reliance
fresh and for him I am stale. Gangadas, I love you.
– Hey. Gangadas, let us get our photo clicked. Then shall we go on vacation
to Kashmir and Shimal in helicopter? Forget about Kashmir,
I can’t even go to Kashimira with you. Come on let us get our photo clicked.
– What are you doing? Let us get our photo clicked. Jamna. Click our photo
– Certainly. Certainly. The photo of new mother and old father. What is this? This is the Titanic of the two of us. Sister, this Titanic will sink. Due to your weight?
– No, due to your mother’s yelling. Click the photo quickly.
– In close-up. What a couple. Vonoba Bhave and Sarojini Naidu. This is Kashmir. This is Shimla. This is Masoori. Thisůtrouble has arrived. I did have a doubt. Old mummy, you?
– What? He is calling you.
– What is it? Mother, how come you came suddenly? I have called mother. I called up mother so she
came urgently from Udaipur by flight. To seek answers form you and father. Father is a cheat..
– And the son is a fraud. Shut up, you idiot. I will deal with you later. Hey, lover boy! Are you coming out or shall I come in? I am going to count to 3, okay?
– I am here. One, two, three. Stand straight! Stand straight! Saraswati,
what Jamna said there was all lies. Jamna can tell lies.. ..but the machine didn’t lie. The machine had said,
‘This answer is true’. Wasn’t Jamna’s mother enough for you
to make you lust after Neelima? What do I do with you? Hey, laughing Buddha, turn. Turn. If you don’t turn I will
apply Fevicol and will stick you.. ..permanently to this wall. I have turned. For you I had kept my hair silky.. ..but you turned out to be Imran Hashmi. Grey haired Imran Hashmi. Stop making wisecracks. And I beg to you.
I will fall at your feet. Please tell these people
that whatever you said.. ..on Sach Ka Samna was not true. No, no, Gangadas. Jamnadas cannot tell lies. Because on Sach Ka Samna,
along with Sodium Pentothal injection.. – ..he underwent polygraph test also.
– Really? Do you really think that whatever
he said there was completely true? Yes, yes, what he said was 100% true. Choksi, my friend,
how can you say so confidently? Because I am really having
an affair with Naina Nagin. O Mother Goddess Melady! Wow, I had shot an arrow
in the dark but it hit the target? Suman.
– Yes, mother. Call up the lawyer right now.
– Why? I want to divorce this father-son duo. We will.
– Do not go back on your word. Father.
– Daughter-in-law, keep quiet. Saraswati, you cannot give
divorce over such a small thing. Where will the two of
you go after getting divorce? Who said that we will go?
– What? You father and son will go
out of the house with your belongings. You rotten food in open drain. Listen to me. Be ready with your bags packed. I too am going to divorce you. Madan Madari is also
going to divorce Naina Nagin. People are giving divorce in bulk. All of us will go to the same lawyer. We will get discount also. Hey, is there a sale
going on for divorce? One divorce free on getting one divorce? You cheater. I am going to give you a gift
also along with divorce. – What? Thrashing from Madan Madari. Until now your neck was crooked.. But I won’t be known as Neelima
if I don’t get your hands.. ..legs and body crooked
by making Madan Madari thrash you. Gangadas, I love you. Hema Malini. Hey, Madan Madari! Listen! Listen! What is her name?
– Neelima. Say sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Let me finish the sentence. I say Neelima and am
about to say sister-in-law.. ..and by the time I sat sister,
you interrupt me. Sister-in-law Neelima, okay?
Sister-in-law Neelima. The nice modern wife
is standing before you. What did you find attractive
in this old fashioned woman? My Balwant is better than you. Balwant. Saraswati, who is Balwant? My father’s pet bull. Jamnadas, I say stop laughing. Stop laughing. So much has happened and
you are not worried a tall. Jamna, do you have a heart or not? Father, right now I am
more worried about your heart. I am more worried about your operation. Enough, Jamnadas, that’s enough. Stop it, I say! How many times should I tell you? I have told you thousand
times and I am telling you again.. ..that won’t get my operation done.. ..with money earned by dishonest means. It means I won’t get it done. Saraswati, I don’t know
what fraud your worthless son.. ..has committed at Sach Ka Samna. All of you have accepted
as truth the lies he told there. Jamna, you have ruined your
father’s prestige in his old age. You have tainted my character. Son, a man may commit
one mistake in his life. He may commit two mistakes. But you have committed
a string of mistakes? Father, I have committed mistakes. It is important to commit mistakes if
you want to bring out the inner truth. If Kans had not committed
the mistake of keeping.. ..Vasudev and Devki together, Lord Krishna wouldn’t have been born. And if Lord Krishna had not been born. The book of life’s truths,
Bhagwad Gita wouldn’t have been written. If Ravan hadn’t committed
the mistake of abducting Sita. We wouldn’t have found Lord Hanuman.. Forget about Lord Hanuman.. ..we wouldn’t have found Lord Ram. A hero is valued because
there is a villain.. ..otherwise, Jai and Veeru would
have been useless without Gabbar Singh. He is stunned. Who has come now? People are constantly
coming to our house. I am going to throw them out.
-Oh, God. Mother! Mother!
– Yes. Lakshmi has come. I did have a doubt. First Neelima and now Lakshmi. Mother, not Lakshmi.
Goddess Lakshmi is here. – What? The man from Sach Ka Samna
has come to give the cheque. All of you keep quiet. Do not speak.
– Yeah. Nobody speak now. Okay, I’ll just call you back. Yeah. Hello, Mr. Jamnadas, how..
What are you doing? I am checking whether you
have brought the cheque or not. I’m sorry,
we haven’t come to give the cheque. We have come to test something.
– What? Actually, you see, Mr. Jamnadas.. ..we have doubts that
whatever you said on the show.. ..about yourself and your family.. ..is all untrue. Right, right. Absolutely right.
– I was absolutely right. Your machine also said it was true. Mr. Jamnadas,
the machine is also made by man only. What do you mean to say? We want to do and not say something.
– What? Tomorrow morning I will come
to your house to stay for one day. Why? Mr. Jamnadas, all the affairs
in your house you talked about.. ..on our show, you will
have to prove that they are true. Yes, yes, Mr. Jamnadas, we
would like to meet all those involved. We would like to meet your
father’s girlfriend Neelima. We would like to meet the woman
with whom you are having an affair. We would also like to meet your son. I too would like to meet him. We will meet. All of us will meet him. And after meeting all
of them if we are convinced.. ..that you are telling the truth
then we will give you 50 lakh rupees. Or else? Or else, Mr. Jamnadas,
read the 2nd clause on page 27.. ..of the 132 page contract. You will go to jail
for 7 years for cheating us. Jail?
– Yes. This life is a game. Sometimes
in palace and sometimes in jail. See you tomorrow.
– Hey, look. Hey! Mr. Mehra,
make a compromise and end the matter. I can give you a few
lakhs out of 50 lakh! I will pay TDS as well! What happened, Mr. Jamnadas? You were very proud of
the mistakes you had made. But remember my son,
it is okay if there are.. ..a couple of incidents
of mistakes in the book of life.. ..but printing mistakes in
every sentence is not acceptable. You can become rich if you
tell utter lies in life to earn money.. ..but if you earn money sticking
to your morals and values.. ..then only you can
become a noble person. If you fly high in your chafe
for money you can become an aeroplane.. ..but if you stick to the principle
of Karma and walk on the land.. ..then only you can
become a human being. And Jamna,
are you going to teach your father.. ..the tales of Lord Rama,
Krishna and Hanuman? Are you going to explain to
your father what the value of a hero is? Son, listen carefully to one thing. You can become Salman
if you take off your shirt.. ..but you can become Hanuman
only if you slit your chest. I will go and meet Choksi
right away and tell him.. ..that he may be having
an affair with Naina.. ..but I am definitely not having
an affair with sister-in-law Neelima. All of you must remember this thing. And Jamnadas,
you better remember it for sure, okay? I am going to Choksi’s place right now. Remember it. Jamna, tell me honestly,
what is going on? Mother. Mother,
I will tell you everything honestly. Mother, I had told
all lies on Sach Ka Samna. When I talked about
affairs it created trouble. Mother, father is not
having an affair. – What? I too am not having an affair. I don’t have a young son a also. I was going to tell you all this
after getting the cheque in my hand. Mother, I know that I am useless.
Worthless. I also know that since
childhood I have survived.. ..on father’s salary,
his provident fund and his pension. Mother, what can I do? I did various businesses
and tried hard to settle in life.. ..but luck didn’t favour me. And I didn’t realise when I started
to cheat people while doing efforts. And on top of it the high expenses. Mother, trade, traditions and family.. ..all three break the
back of the middle class. That is why I decided that
I should collect some money.. ..and pay off my debt with it,
pay the fees of Babloo’s school.. ..and get back Suman’s
jewellery which I pawned. Till date father has done a lot for me. So I wanted to repent for my mistakes.. ..by getting father operated
with the money I earned. Hey, why are you crying in installments? I didn’t know you were so emotional. Jamna, should you speak
like this in public? What else should I say, mother? Mother, if I go there and say that every
morning my father goes to the kitchen.. ..and drinks half a litre milk
or that he eats 10-12 cream biscuits.. ..would they give me 25
lakh rupees for such answers? But what will happen now? What can happen now? If the things I have said
are not proved to be true.. ..I will have to go to jail. But they have been proved to be true. Just now uncle Choksi had confessed.. ..that he and Naina
Nagin are having an affair. And aunt Neelima.
She was also declaring loudly. I love Gangadas. I love Gangadas. So weren’t these two
things were proved right? You too have become intelligent
after living with me. But idiot, these two things
were proved to be right.. ..but the other two things? What will we do about a young son? And from where will we
get my alleged girlfriend? From Suman’s Ladies’ Association. Yes, yes. Yes, yes. Your Ladies’ Association
has 1000 women members. One of them will surely be
willing to become my girlfriend. Till date you have
never been of help to me. Today you are of help.
Go and get on with the job. Go, go. Go and quickly
find a girlfriend for me. And listen, hey! Find a beautiful one.
She is a girlfriend and not a wife. Jamna.
– Yes. What will we do about a son? Mother, we can’t find
one in the Ladies’ Association. Shut up. Tell me how many years
old son do you want? 2 years old,
12 years old or 22 years old? Wouldn’t it depend
on how old his mother is? I mean 22 years old,
32 years old or 42 years old. Who is it? The son was about to arrive
but someone else has come. Let me go and check. Who is it? Hey, what kind of man you are? Didn’t I say we are Gujarati Vaishnav? Shall I make a CD and give it to you? You have given me trouble. You have issued me
a cheque of which bank? Why, did it bounce? It would bounce if it
can be deposited in a bank. I came to know when I went
to the Reserve bank of India.. ..that there is no Karu and
Karu cooperative bank in India. No, it is not in India. It is in Bangladesh. There has to be a limit to telling lies. No limit or condition applies
to me when telling lies. You should be ashamed. You are old enough to be my father. Mother, the lamb has come
willingly to get sacrificed. He can pass off as my son, right? His age he is fine but
height is not appropriate. Why do you worry about height? You know the height of my lies. Mother, something is better
than nothing, right? – Yes. Come and sit. Sit, Baka. Sit, sit. If you hadn’t come
I would have lost faith in God. I want to ask.. ..will you be my son for one day.. ..if I give you 16000
rupees instead of 160? 16000 rupees? With 16000 rupees I can get new glass,
new seat.. ..and new colour for the rikshaw. Sir, for 16000 rupees I am
ready to become not only yours.. ..but Asharam Bapu’s son as well. Mother, he is smarter than me. So for one day I have
to address you as papa.. ..and your wife as mummy. Stop it. I still have to find a mother for you. It means you are having an affair? No, no. That is what I wondered.
Who would find you attractive? Hey! You still don’t know about my capacity. You see, I remain so
busy in affairs of money.. ..that I can’t find
time for cashless affairs. Otherwise I would have
hit a century by now. I am sure. But where will we find
a girlfriend for you? His wife has gone to find
a girlfriend for him. – Yes. Has your wife has gone
to find a girlfriend for you? You heard it right. What kind of family is this? Like a cooperative housing society. Whether it is wedding or an affair.. ..everybody helps each other. Where is Suman? Found her!
Found her! I found your girlfriend. Look, she is my wife. She found a girlfriend for me. Learn from her. Where is she? Hey, come in!
– Hey, come in! Where did you find her?
I have already cheated her. I have explained everything to her. I have explained that old account
is settled and new account has started. Really? But how much have you promised? I have fixed the deal
for only 20000 rupees. Are you crazy? Should you pay her 20000? She would have agreed to do it for free. I cannot work for free. You have to pay me in coins. If 20000 coins are
not acceptable to you.. ..then you will have to pay
me 10000 coins for earlier deal.. ..and settle my account. Forgive me. I agree for 20000 coins. Mehra, now come and face me. My girlfriend is ready
and my son is also ready. It means she is my mummy? Idiot, she is your mother. Don’t have lustful
expression on your face. I understand that I
have to become your son. But what do I have to say as your son? What do sons say these days? Papa, papa, I passed.
Buy this and that for me. You should keep talking like that. Will you give it to
me if I speak all this? Does it belong to your daddy? Fathers make promises. They don’t buy things. Listen, your name is not rikshaw driver. Your name is Chintu. Chintu. Chintu. You have 10 o’clock
shift tomorrow morning. So get ready and come tomorrow morning.
Run away. Run. Run. 16000 rupees.
Bye-bye, papa. Bye-bye, mummy. – Bye. And what will I have to do? The same. The same. Keep confusing Mehra by
speaking difficult Gujarati. May I give you a symbolic sign? She always does the
first experiment on me. What is a symbolic sign?
– Sample. Sample? Oh, that reminds me. Listen, take her to the
beauty parlour in the morning.. ..and get her beautified
and bring her here. Mehra, now come and face me. I have pasted another face on my face. Your mind will get confused. Because I have put untruth
to watch over the truth. “Who says that untruth is the loser?” “Who says that untruth is the loser?” “Who says that untruth is the loser?” “Who says that untruth is the loser?” Mr. Gangadas.
Mr. Gangadas, where is your son? Since past 2 hours we have
been waiting for Mr. Jamnadas.. ..but he is not here! He has disappeared. What do you mean?
– He is caught in a dilemma. He has to go through fire test.
His true colours will be revealed today. Sir, may I tell you a true thing? Yes? – I really am not having
an affair with sister-in-law Neelima. I am as pure as river Ganga. I’m sorry, Mr. Gangadas, but I believe
that what your son has said is all true. How can you say that with confidence? Because yesterday I
saw your friend the doctor.. ..fighting with his wife Neelima
near the gate of your society. In front of the whole society
Neelima was loudly declaring.. ‘Yes, I and Gangadas
are having an affair!’ ‘Gangadas is my Ganganam
and I am his chewing gum.’ Not only that, but this is
written on the walls of your society. Neelima is crazy after Gangadas. The old man is feeling youthful. Oh, God. Next to it something
is written in Gujarati. The old man’s hair is grey
but still he is seducing a new woman. I am sure this woman is
going to ruin my married life. Mister, isn’t it possible
that she might be saying all this.. ..to take revenge on Choksi? But Mr. Gangadas.. Who is he? Get lost. Get lost. I am Choksi. Who has done this to you? Madan Madari. Madan Madari forced me to do
the serpent dance at the crossroads. He tore my clothes and thrashed me. Hadn’t Neelima said that he will
make my hands, legs and body crooked? He did that. Careful. Careful, Choksi. Careful. Careful. Come on, it is 2 feet away. Sit down. Are you sitting properly? Go on making mistakes in life. If you make mistakes then
you have to face consequences also. First make mistakes
then you get thrashed. You were very eager to
have an affair with Naina Nagin. So, doctor, is it true..
– Careful! Keep quiet. So it is true that you are having
an affair with Naina Nagin. – I had. I had an affair. After getting thrashed
our affair has ended. So what Mr. Jamnadas said about the
affairs of both of you was absolutely true? Listen.. Now if his affair is proved
to be true he will win 50 lakh rupees. Mother! Mother! – Yes? Oh! By and by even shouts are hurting me. Who is this? He is doctor Choksi. What happened?
– Madam Madari beat him up. So hard? Both of you please relax.
Please calm down. Please. Relax? Because of you the affairs
of our husbands were revealed. Just a minute.
Just a minute. Just a minute. Aunt, please keep away. And let go of my legs. Please. Look, it has been proved
that these two are having affairs.. ..but it has still not been proved
that your husband is having an affair. It will be proved. I have arranged it. What? Sir, I have seen with my eyes. Both of them were
clinging to each other.. ..just like a creeper clings to a tree. My husband is Asha and my son is Sai. What will we do now? Mother!
– Hey. She is there.
– Mother! Come here.
Come here. Come here, my darling. Who is this beggar? I am not a beggar. I am Choksi. Have you changed your profession? I am ruined because of you. Madan Madari thrashed me because of you. Very good. Very good. Come on let us start. If you ask for the golden sun.. ..I will gift you whole of morning. If you ask for a pinch of sugar.. ..I will give you Sharad Pawar. I am touched on seeing your feelings. Oh, why is the crowd staring
at us with a questioning attitude? Very good.
Very good. Continue in the same manner. Suman. Suman. Move aside. Suman, please forgive me. I have cheated you. I have cheated you. Now you divorce me. Mother, I could not control my feelings. Son, I forgive you. I forgive you.
I forgive you. Just a minute. Just a minute. Are you supporting him? Mother!
– What can I do? He is my son. He is my flesh and blood. You see, if Lord Krishna
can have two mothers.. ..why can’t my son have two wives? That’s enough. Mother,
your overacting is over. Come here. Excuse me. Because of your Sach Ka
Samna my married life is ruined. The peace of my home has been robbed. I earned money but I lost my family. My father lusted after his wife..
– Hey! And this one also got punished. Have you brought it?
Have you brought the cheque? Mr. Jamnadas, first you will
answer a few of my questions andů ..and till then no one
will talk to him. Please. Oh, God. Oh, God. The toy has been set in place. So, Mr. Jamnadas, who is this? Hey, hey, he is asking your name. Shoot. Hello. I am Shubhangi Satbhagi
Sarayu Pravinadevi Sushmita Kalki. It is not over yet.
She has stopped to breathe. Tell him your father’s long name. Look, I don’t want to know her name. I just want to know
what her relation to you is. Sheůshe is my ‘atideshik’ better half. ‘Atideshik’ better half? Substitute of wife.
– What? Substitute of wife. Just like there are subtitles in films.. ..she is sub-wife. The wife who is for everyone. But.. – Why should I tell lies? Fine. So she is your lover. – No. I am her lover. Fine. Tell me where
is the son of both of you? He must be parking
the rikshaw downstairs. Does your son drive a rikshaw?
– Just a minute. Didn’t I say that
no one will speak to him? It is good that you stopped him.. ..or else he would have
crushed ‘bhangra’ (goofed up). Bhangra?
– No.. ..not Punjabi dance ‘bhangra’.
It is Gujarati ‘bhangra’. You see, we Gujaratis
have round shaped ‘bhangra’. It is placed on a stone
and is slowly crushed like this In Gujrati when someone goofs
up we say he crushed ‘bhangra’. When someone passes
gas then also we crush. crushing is a favourite
pastime of Gujarati housewives. Gujarati housewives feel yoga
like peace when they make crush. If you crush and you too will feel it.
Go on. Crush. Crush. Crush, crush, crush.
Crush, crush, crush. I too will crush. Crush, crush, crush. Just a second. Just a second. Forget all this and
tell me where your son is? He is playing downstairs with rickshaws. What do you mean? I meanůhe is asking
you the meaning. Shoot. No, no, Now translate it into Gujarati. He got stuck. Papa! Papa. Papa. Papa. Hey, what are you wearing? Today was school day, papa. I came here directly after school. Papa, I passed. Papa, I passed. I am a rikshaw driver. Vroom. Vroom. Gorai! Gorai! Gorai! The rikshaw driver
cannot forget his rikshaw. I told him to become my son but he came
as the son of rikshaw driver! How do I.. Who is he? He? He is our son. Chintu. Chintu. Chintu. Is he your son? Yes! Did you see how it echoed?
Yes. Why did he go in? It is his house.
He can go anywhere in his house. He can go in or out. He can go anywhere. He has come here for the first time. Vroom. Vroom. Vroom. Papa, papa, I passed.
Papa, papa, I passed. Get CNG fixed in the rikshaw. Gorai Charkop rikshaw. Gorai Charkop rikshaw. If a person passes test
he would ask for chocolate. Would anyone ask for CNG? Mother.. Tell me one thing. Why is he saying Gorai Charkop rikshaw? You see, when his mother was pregnant.. ..we were taking her from
Gorai to Charkop in a rikshaw.. ..and suddenly there was traffic jam. There were rickshaws in front,
back, left and right. A speed breaker came in the path. The baby was born. He was born in a rikshaw
while going from Gorai to Charkop. That is why he is very attached
to rikshaw from Gorai to Charkop. Crush, crush, crush. Crush, crush, crush. Just a minute. Just a minute. How old is he? Ten.
– Ten? What do you think? Does he look like 10 years old to you? Don’t you have common sense? And I agree that a
wife may not have brains.. ..but a lover also doesn’t have it? You all create a mess
and I am forced to clear it up. Again I will have to
fool him and this fool.. Your Chintu’s age is ten.. Ten.
– Exactly. A 10-years old boy
has such a big moustache? The rascal shortened his
pants but didn’t cut his moustache? Papa, fix music system in the rikshaw.. ..because I have passed. I have passed. I have passed.
– Shut up! Shut up! What kind of school is there
which passes you every 5 minutes? You had taken part in a drama. Why are you still keeping
the moustache from it? Go back to school and
return the moustache.. ..the park the rickshaw
downstairs and come back. Go! Uncle, do you believe
now that I am his son? – Go! The idiot. He has attaches
the rate card for the rikshaw.. ..on the back of his school bag. What do I do with him? Will both of you stand together, please? Come here, come here. Come here. He wants to see how we look as a couple. Then he will give the cheque. Look, how God has made our pair. I am Coca Cola, she is Fanta
and that one is bottled soda. I am black kite, she is yellow
kite and that one is loose kite. Enough. Tell me one thing. Both of you are this much
tall so why is your son so tall? Someone please gag him. He is interfering and spoiling things. Mr. Jamnadas,
I can’t see any logic in all this. Why are you talking about logic? You have been interrogating
like CID ever since you came. Why this is like this
and that is like that? What do you want to ask? I’m sorry. Look, I am telling
you for the last time. This is doctor Choksi. He is having an affair with Naina Nagin. Naina Nagin’s husband is Madan Madari. So Madan Madari has thrashed him. His wife is Neelima. She is having an affair with my father. The lady standing next
to my father is my mother. I am her son. That one is the wife of this son. I am the husband of that wife. We husband and wife have a son,
Babloo, who lives in Panchgini. This one is the lover of this husband. This lover and this
husband have a son, Chintu.. ..who is playing rikshaw,
rikshaw downstairs. Crush, crush, crush.
Crush, crush, crush. You don’t want to crush?
Take out the cheque. Relax, Mr. Jamnadas, relax.
Relax. Relax. You see, for the time being I will accept
that these two are having an affair. But I still have doubts about your affair.
– Why? Because of your son.
– Why? I don’t believe that he is your son. No, no, he is our son. Little son. Little son. You will have to prove it. How can we prove such things? I have no clue.
– I have a clue. Do Chintu and Jamna’s DNA
test if you want to prove it. Wonderful. Okay, we will get DNA
test done for both of you. Get it done. Get it done.
Get it done but it will not match. Why? – Because Chintu
is her first husband’s son. Yes. Again there is an echo. Then do another thing. Get DNA test done for her and Chintu. Right, Jamna? Now I am tired. Shall we get DNA test
done for the two of them? Get it done. Get it done.
Get it done but it will not match. Why? – Because Chintu is her
first husband’s first wife’s son. Hear that. The first husband and the
first wife died in accident.. ..so the question of doing
their DNA test does not arise at all!. Are you satisfied? You keep on trying to spoil things! Are you my father or a cobra? Whenever I am about
to get the key to success.. ..this man goes and changes the lock. Keep quiet! DNA. DNA. DNA. Do you know the meaning of DNA? Do not disturb. Case dismissed. Case is not dismissed, Mr. Jamnadas. The case has just started.
– What do you mean? I mean do you think that I am stupid? Since a long time I have been watching
the charades on in your house. Mr. Jamnadas, you have been
telling one lie after another.. ..in order to prove
one lie as the truth. Why would we tell lies? Money, Mr. Jamnadas, money. Money makes mighty
people dance to its tune. Neither wife,
nor son, nor father is important. The whole thing is that
money is most important. Sorry. Whatever you are
telling and explaining to me.. ..I don’t believe that all that is true. Okay, so prove that all this is untrue. No one is to interfere. Who would catch a person
who urinates while bathing? Mr. Jamnadas, tell me one thing. How much do you love your lover? I can do anything for her.
I can even bathe second time. It’s okay. For the time being do only one thing. Marry your lover right now. Marriage? Marriage?
Mother how can we accept it? That is not acceptable.
How can we accept it? Why can’t you accept it, aunt? Just a while ago you had said
that if Lord Krishna can have 2 mothers.. ..why can’t your
son have 2 wives, right? Mr. Jamnadas, get married
and take 50 lakh rupees from me. Mr. Gangadas,
do you have any problem with this? Why should I have any problem? Jamna, you got caught even
though you urinated while bathing. The liquid stream came out. Mr. Jamnadas, I will call the priest. Take four nuptial rounds right here
and accept cheque for 50 lakh, okay? I say is there no other option? There is one more option.
– What? Jail. I had asked you the option,
not your wish. ‘Brother Gangadas!’ Brother Gangadas, since you had asked.. ..I have brought Jamnadas’s,
son Babloo from Panchgini. Babloo?
– Yes. Father, did you call my Babloo here?
– Yes, daughter-in-law. Where is he? Where is Babloo? He is sitting in the car down there. Sister-in-law Neelima,
should you have done this? Should you have left Babloo in the car? Bring him upstairs. This is house also. No, no, father,
if Babloo comes up and sees all this.. ..what moral values
will his tender mind learn? Values? Jamnadas, since when did you
start to worry about moral values? Son, you don’t have even
distant relation with moral values.. ..but remember one thing, my son. Moral values exist in the
house where truth is spoken.. ..and the house where
there are moral values.. ..there only sympathy. There
only compassion, sensitivity, success.. ..happiness and liberation exist. And what have you done in your life? All your life you have run after money. But son, there is an
unwritten rule in life.. ..than man never likes what he gets.. ..whatever he likes he never gets.. ..and when you are holding three aces,
there is no opponent. Son, you have learnt
very late to face the truth. But daughter-in-law.. ..let your Babloo face the truth from
right now and from this very moment.. ..so that in future he will
walk on the path of honesty.. ..instead of the path of untruth. Go sister-in-law Neelima.
Bring Babloo home right now. No, no, father,
if Babloo comes here and sees all this.. ..I will fall in his esteem. Very good, my son. Very good. You have complete idea of how much
you will fall in your son’s esteem.. ..but Jamna, I too am your father. Do you have even a hint of
how much you have fallen in eyes? But whatever he did was..
– He did for my operation. I know, Saraswati, I know very well. I know that his intention was good.. ..but the path he adopted
was totally wrong. Father the path your
son chose might be wrong.. ..but your son is not wrong. I couldn’t have raised
5 lakh rupees in a month.. ..for your operation
by telling the truth. But by telling lies I would
certainly have brought back.. ..my father hale and
hearty from the hospital. And this is the truth of my life. Father, truth is a very expensive thing. An ordinary person
like me cannot afford it. And don’t you keep saying
that truth only triumphs in the end? It is our tragedy that
truth triumph only in the end. Had it triumphed at the beginning
would anyone have dared to tell lies? Father, for me the survival
of my family is the final truth. And for that I will tell
lies even a million times! Then confess that whatever
you had said on Sach Ka Samna.. Yes, I had lied. I had lied on Sach Ka Samna, okay? ‘This answer is true.’ Mr. Jamnadas,
your Sach Ka Samna ends here. Hadn’t I told you that this
time our show is different and special? This time we wanted to
get to the bottom of the truth. In this your father is with us. Cameras have been fitted
all over your house.. ..and this special family
episode will be telecast tomorrow. Why are you applauding? Mister, am I going to get some cash
for this or will I have to go to jail? Mr. Jamnadas,
you will get 5 lakh rupees.. ..for the questions you
answered honestly. Congrats. What congrats? You took cancelled the zero from 50. Father, 5 lakh rupees for
your operation has been arranged. My son, it was anyway going to be
arranged. I had already told you that.. It is not necessary that moral
values exist wherever there is riches.. ..but wherever moral values exist.. ..riches will certainly
come some day or the other. He spoke. Morari Bapu spoke. Son, when we walk the path of truth,
we may not become millionaires.. ..but when in need you will
certainly get enough to survive. Yes, but I got a bit extra. But you did take extra.
Buy one get one free. Let us go or else I will give you extra.
Bandages. Papa! I passed. I passed. I passed.
– Shut up. You have failed. These two papas have passed. He found his son and I found my son. Where is Babloo?
– In his hostel at Panchgini. What?
– What do you mean? It means this papa had to tell
lies for the first time in his life.. ..in order to reform this papa. First pay his 6 months’
fees which are overdue.. ..then only they will send him here. Why don’t you say so?
I will call up Mahendra Makwana. He will rush here. Hello. Mahendra Makwana? I am Jamna speaking.
How are you? You are facing bad luck. My father is always not well. Nothing.
This time his kidney has failed. I need 45000 rupees for dialysis. Please send it over, my friend.
– Jamnadas! Makwana, go and get your dialysis done. I have mended my ways. Jamnadas, you are never going to reform.


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