– Welcome back to Naples, Florida. I’m at the beautiful club at Mediterra. I’m Adam Bazalgette, two-time PGA Teacher of the
Year Award winner down here. Today’s subject, a great
golfer, Adam Scott. My wife and daughter’s
favorite player is named Adam. It’s just not this one, it’s that one. So we’ll have some fun with it, we’ll have a look at why
he’s such a great driver. Stay tuned. (upbeat dubstep music) So Adam Scott, great player in general. Again, we’re gonna focus particularly on why he’s such a great driver and I’m gonna come back
at the end of the video try to show you a couple of things I think you can learn from his
swing and apply to your game and make you a little
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subject of interest to you. So let’s get started, Adam Scott. So there is Adam Scott hitting a driver, let’s just check it out a little bit that down the line view on the right will show you beautiful posture. He’s six feet tall, born
in 1980s, won 13 times on the regular tour including of course, the Masters a couple of years ago and 29 times worldwide, so a
very, very successful player and he’s noted to be a
great driver of the ball. And let’s have a look here
as he goes, great posture. He’s always taking the club
out away from him a little bit sort of a Butch Harmon look, a little bit like he did with Tiger, obviously it’s working great for him but typically I would
see most great players a little bit more in
there with their left arm but hey, the club’s in front of him, everything’s moving together and he just slots it
beautifully at the top. So there’s nothing not to like
about that backswing really. Great dynamic start with the downswing, club’s on plane the whole way. By on plane you mean pretty much that club’s looking at the golf ball. So he doesn’t have to
adjust it or reroute it, or drop it in or anything, gives him an added layer of consistency. Club coming beautifully from the inside, he’s got such good body
motion through the ball there. You look at his trunk turning and look how the club’s right down that target line that, you know, he’s gonna drive it pretty
straight doing that. And Adam also has a
really good sustained look in the club out there that will check out a little bit
from the other side. Now let’s spend most of our time looking from the front angle here. And let’s say, there’s a short iron. So we’ve got a short iron and a driver. And the most obvious thing you’d notice is the relationship at address. It looks like a wedge or a
nine on there on the right, he’s just a hair behind it with maybe the middle of his face
or the middle of his hat, but round numbers his
body’s on top of the ball, and when you look at the driver set up, it’s not that way. So the reasons that account
for that are threefold. Ball position. You can see the ball’s
up off the instep here, much more in the middle
of the stance there. Next thing you’d notice, with the stance of course, he’s wider there on the driver. And the final thing, he has just a little bit of
secondary tilt with the driver. And if it’s there, with iron it’s minimal. So that combination, that wide stance and that secondary tilt, and the ball being forward, change his relationship to the golf ball. And that is so important when you want to drive the ball well. Look at a short iron swing here. Beautiful motion, great extension, great pivot, but look at the relationship of his body to the golf ball there. Let’s do that on the driver. Again, his head’s pretty darn still. Look at the back of that grandstand. It’s not like he’s
moving way off the ball. He’s right about in that spot. But look at the relationship of his upper body to the golf ball there. I mean, his center of
his body is completely in a different relationship and it’s due to the setup and it makes all the difference for driving it well because for the iron, you’ve got to have just a little bit of a downward hit where the bottom of the swing is possible. Right there you can see the bottom of the swing in front of the golf ball, but to drive it well or to drive it really, really well, you want to be very,
very level at the bottom, and you can see once he’s hit the ball, the club’s already
starting it’s upward path and that’s to me just due to how he sets up to the ball. Another thing he does really
well as he comes through here, not only as he created a
great flat spot right there, but the club shaft stays really stable well out into the forward swing. he doesn’t stall his body and flip at the ball. And you can see he recruits his core here if you look right there
really, really well and times it well. I have a tendency to use that but jump too early when I hit a drive and then stall with my core as I hit. He’s got it moving right there, and it sustains that nice wide spot. So, you know when you have a swing that’s as good as his, it’s on plane, it’s got a great setup, you have great width in your backswing, they’re great, you know just a solid look, but your relationship to the ball is such, as his is, that your position allows you to hit this thing level to slightly up consistently. And you’re able to sustain the club in the arm so well, so long for impact. And of course, you can do it with the speed of this guy. You’re gonna drive the ball really well. And you talk about people having
confidence in their driver. Sergio Garcia certainly does. He certainly does. They’re two of the very best, but the reason they have confidence, they hit the thing so blasted well. If I drove it as well as him I’d feel like a million bucks too. I’m telling you, confidence
comes primarily from knowing you can do something well having demonstrated in the past. And that is a swing that’ll work. So let’s have a look at a couple things you can take away from this. So let’s look at two things I think you can apply from Adam’s swing that would help you become
a little bit better driving. Now let’s say we’re not
trying to do a swing lesson or a driver lesson per se. But what are the things you could modify a little bit from your
swing you have already, and let’s assume it’s reasonable. What are the things you
could modify to them that would help you
become a better driver? Well first thing, we noticed his setup was
very apropos for a driver. I’ve put a little alignment
rod in over the top of the golf ball there. Fortunately with the sun angle, that’s creating a nice little stripe. So I can place my left instep about there, I’m gonna get a little bit wider stance. Here’s the thing, I’m gonna tilt my spine slightly, bumping my lower back there, my upper body, just a little here, until about the time I feel that stick somewhere around the outside of that shoulder there. Which is about the relationship he had. Then the thing is you’ve got to memorize what that looks, what that feels like. And I’m telling you, your eyes play a big part of this. We all, once we’ve had
a few thousand balls, have a certain familiar setting with how the ball looks underneath us. It’s just subconscious, we’re used to it. So once you’re in the new position, or once you’re in the position you like, have a look down there, see what it looks like to you like that and kind of memorize that feel. Not just the address, but memorize what that would feel like hitting the ball from that kind of relationship to the golf ball, and kind of mark in there visually. So that would be number one. Number two. We noticed that Adam had
a fantastically use able, usable sort of flat spot
at the bottom of his swing. So I’m gonna put a tee there, maybe put this a little bit out in front of where impact would be. And then make a couple
of baby practice swings. First thing, it might set up feeling
like I could come in, and clip the tops of both tees, and that would give me the sense that I’ve got a good flat spot down there. Now once you’ve done
that a couple of times on a small scale, come to the side of the tee’s, you can mentally picture
what it would be like, and here’s a couple of things you can do. Rehearse that on this scale a little bit. Then, you remember Adam had such a great solid look out here, the club didn’t flip over? Start to engage your core a little bit to widen that out, and just practice that area. So you’re practicing the flat spot, and the sustained club shaft out there. Once you’ve done a little bit, obviously add some speed, I would recommend keeping the backswing really short initially, and doing a mid-size
to full follow through. So, like that. So I’m starting to really blueprint that. Once you’ve done it a few times, hey, try a few shots on that scale, and of course, ramp it up to the big scale. So I think if you can get yourself in the right relationship to the ball, memorize it a little bit, you can start to mimic his flat spot and how he sustains the
width there through the ball, the stability of the club shaft, and just practice it of course. You’re gonna see a little
bit of a difference in your driving at least I hope you will. Well I hope looking at Adam
Scott’s golf swing there was helpful to you and maybe you can take
a couple of things away that make you a little bit better driver. And if you liked the video, of course subscribe to the channel. Feel free to leave a comment, would love to get you more free content. is my website. You can see all sorts of courses in golf, including one on driving and of course we can get together and do a one on one internet lesson, if you’d like. Thanks again. (mouse click) (mouse click) (mouse click)

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