Adelaide BMW Golf Day Highlights 2017 – Kooyonga Golf Club

Well welcome everyone to this the 2017
the BMW golf cup international here at the magnificent Cooyonga Golf Club
and of course the funds raised from today supporting the Childhood Cancer
Association it’s something that we’re very proud to be able to do
really looking forward to what promises to be terrific action a great first prize it
really is special we’ll talk about that a little bit later but I think it might
be time to go and chat with some of our participants and just see what they’ve
got their expectations what promises to be a brilliant day I know you’ve been
out practicing your expectations please you know what’s goals like as soon as
you say something it goes the opposite so you’re gonna go horrible things I’m
gonna have a really bad round okay let’s turn it where it’s not a forgiving
course but it is it is a very interesting course to play well you know
you can’t expel too much energy early on so you guys got to save it it’s my first
time so we’ll see how we go whether I get invited back again will be another
thing they will say you finally miss me yeah I can miss some point easily the
conditions here at Kew younger what he expecting that there well you can’t
blame the weather today I shouldn’t think no no
but all the Nerds will play a part in it and hopefully everyone will be nervous perfect 30 degrees beautiful course
beautiful cars great participants here as well how’s your golf I’ll tell you
later it’s not starting great yeah I’ve played
a couple of holes now very very ordinary the actual golf but doesn’t matter I
still enjoy the day is just absolutely perfect and in the word that’s fantastic
the course is in great condition you know it’s loving it actually 1 to 14 so
I can’t win at the games and I’m probably not gonna win it today the way
I’ve started but after the Gulf playing I think it’s good I need help I’ll tell you what there’s been some
great action right throughout the day again out great things for all of the
supporters as we know supporting the Childhood Cancer Association your
support is absolutely vital and it is genuinely appreciated so much to get
through we’re just here at the halfway mark I tell you what we are really
looking forward to seeing those scores coming in and making the presentations
for the winners we wish you all the very best for the international leg of this
wonderful competition tell you what wish’ was made

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