• Hi. I just love this videos. I'm hopping that with them i'll improve my skiing. First of all, i consider myself a intermediate skier, but i'm finding very hard to improve. I don't know if my skis are appropriate for me and have the correct size; i have those Head Peak 73, and it touches my nose when i put them straight. Right know, i'm on a stage that my parallels aren't going very well, because i loose a lot of speed on curves. I'm doing a lot of "z's" instead of "S's". So, how to improve?

  • Ski School by Elate Media

    The skis sound okay, go back to basics make sure you are not looking at a point and then going towards it and making your turn keep your vision focused down the hill, make sure your hands in front and your movements are linked and smooth. Hope this helps

  • Ski School by Elate Media

    It's not really the type of stuff I do, but I would like to get more freestyle filmed, I will put it on the list.Really pleased you like the films.

  • Ski School by Elate Media

    They're certainly not fully carved turns I am skidding to help control my speed, a great tip for shorter turns is to try and stare at a point down the hill, this will help keep your upper body calm and facing down the hill a huge help for good short turns, so glad you enjoyed the films and the apps.Darren

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    you ski well but your skis are still much to far apart, they don't need to be sandwiched next to each other but they also shouldn't be shoulder width as in your skiing, also I feel you should be making a more emphasized pole plant…..you rarely plant your pole….all in, good skiing , just a few things to work on…

  • I think he has quite a lot of control over the distance of the skis, if he had them closer together he would loose some balance from the knees flexing inwards. Regarding the pole plant, I think he barely needs it at low speeds, it's even a good exercise to practice balance without poles. The pole is not so important in this video, imo, he makes more emphasis on them in other ones. Greetings!

  • How do you keep your speed while skiing like that?

  • you ski with your legs wide enough to drive a truck through….tighten it up buddy

  • I could do red slopes when I was 8 :p

  • Andre Stonehocker

    I'm a fairly new skier and was wondering what short turns really do for you. Any answers?

  • How do you keep your speed with shorter turns? When I attempt this, i keep getting faster and faster

  • When the beginner runs are pretty crowded, which they often are, you almost need to learn shorter turns before long turns.

  • I love this series. Watching these last season I improved my skiing greatly – and I wasn't scared of skiing anymore! Thank you so much.

  • I don’t understand why u didn’t teach with the shoulders facing downhill the whole time? I’ve been skiing since I was three and I’ve always had the idea of shoulders facing downhill drilled into me. I’m now an intermediate/advanced skier and wondering if that’s been wrong

  • please wear a helmet!

  • Will this work in steeper turn? Like I tried this in blue and speed is increasing turn after turn. I had to stop to breath.

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