Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 450 Out Snow Ski Trick

One of the harder tricks that I’m going to
be showing you today is the 450 out. I’m going to be spinning outside, so you want to make
sure that you’re comfortable with doing 360s this way, because, similar to the way that
you would spin an outside 270, you’re going to spin the outside 450, but you’re going
to go a little bit harder with the spin and you’re going to go all the way around, so
you land regular again, as opposed to just popping out backwards. So, similar to the
outside 270, you’re going to go, pop this way, you’re going to slide the rail like this,
and then you’re going to drop you’re arms a little bit and then you’re going to pop
and spin this way, and then you’re going to keep spinning around, and this would be as
if you were 270, but you want to keep going another 180 and spin it 450 degrees, so you
land regular again. Once you’ve mastered this, then it’s pretty much–this is a competition-level
trick. You can bring this into the contest, judges are going to be impressed with it,
and it’s going to be something that not that many people can do, but it’s not super, super
hard, so once you get it down, it’s a really fun trick to know how to do, and it’s a really
good, impressive trick to know how to do, because not that many people know how to do
it. So, that’s pretty much how you do an outside 450 out of a flat bar.

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