Anatomi Golf

SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, AND POSITIVE COMMENTS Book Source: This book is titled Anatomy Golf, author of Books: Dr.Craig Davies and Dr. Vince DiSaia. Book publisher: Human Kinetics, 2018. Upswing or Backswing Downswing Follow-Through Preworkout Warm-Up, Warm-Up Progression Hip 90/90 Ankle Dorsiflexion Using Superflex Bands Triangle Pose Pigeon Pose Segmental Cat Camel Prone Swimmers For Shoulders Scapular Circles Abdominal Plank Single-Leg Stance Hip Flexion and Knee Extension 30 Degrees Forward 30 Degrees Backward Mobility For Optimal Swing Angles Isometric Hip Flexor Stretch Hold (Hamstring Activation) Combat Frog Isometrics For Adduction and Abduction 90/90 Transition Single-Arm Punch With Opposite Arm Pull Spine Wave From Loaded Beast Arm Reach From Crab Scorpion Reach From Loaded Beast Beast To Crab To Beast Flow Cossack Squat Reverse Opener For Mobility Wall Angel Balance And Proprioception Training For Efficient Energy Transfer Big Toe Raise Pronation Supination Isometric Heel Raise Single-Leg Roll-Out Single-Leg AirPlane Modified Hand-To-Toe Pose Single-Leg Catch Stork Turn Stork to Bow Straight-Leg Raise on Stability Ball Hamstring Curl On Stability Ball Single-Leg Tug-Of-War With Battel Rope Single-Leg Reaching Squat Asymmetrical Opener Rotation Rotational Resistance and Deceleration For Injury-Free Swings Half Side Plank Hip Series Kneeling Paloff Press Kneeling Battle Rope: Beat The Wave Alternating Arm Reach-In Abdominal Plank Battle Rope Pull In Plank Step Back Internal Shoulder Rotation Single-Leg Horizontal Chop V-Sit With Rotation and Single-Arm Reach Rotating Side Plank Anti rotational Back Lunge Anti rotational Romanian Deadlift Forward and Back Deceleration Jumps Lateral Step Into Lateral Bound Depth Drop Strength For Increased Distance Front Squat Goblet Walking Lunge Knee_Up Reverse Lunge Push-Up To Plank T Push-Up Seated Row With Tubing Inverted Row Isometric Farmer Hold DeadLift With Hex Bar DeadLift With Barbell Bent-Over Barbell Row Battle Rope Grip Pull-Up Single-Arm Rotation Press Alpine Squat Explosive Power For Longer Drives Kneeling Soccer Throw Reverse Wood Chop With Tubing Jumping Split Squat Plyometric Push-Up Kettlebell Swing Weighted Vest Plyometric Squat Plyometric Golf Throw To A Wall Shot Put Modified Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch Medicine Ball Stability Slam Thank you for watching video SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, AND POSITIVE COMMENTS


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