AND PEOPLE CALL ME THE LOUD ONE | Golf With Your Friends #3

*wapoosh* Jack: I’m ready! Wade: All right Mark: Hooh
Wade: We are going to golf with dinosaurs! Jack: Whaaat?
Bob: Yayyy! Jack: We got dinosaurs?! Jack: Who that guy? The gingerbread man!
Mark: Game on. Waiiit Mark: I’m not ready. Bob: *laughter*
Mark: I’m not ready guys! Mark: You thought I was ready.
Bob: There’s a timer on this shit, so… I – you’re Mark: I have fooled you!! Jack: Wait.
Mark: Why is this so goddamn loud? Bob: *laughter* Wade: What? Mark: Why is it so goddamn loud? Jack: Wait, I got a stroke? What?
Bob: *grunts questionably* Jack: Oh yeah, you push it forward… Jack: Ohhhh…
Wade: Yeah, we have a power bar now. Jack: Fack! Jack: And now I’m two strokes in. Jack: And no wins yet.
Bob: Oh God I was so close! Fuck. Jack: *imitates Bob* Yeah!
Mark: All right. I’ve been wanting to use… Wade: I used to like golf- Yeah! Wade: Click, hold the mouse down, and push it forward.
Mark: Uh-huh. Jack: Don’t tell him!
Mark: Okay. Hang on. I shouldn’t… Jack: I want to watch him rage and laugh at his misfortune
Mark: Hang on, I should start recording this… Bob: Hahoo! Yay, I did it!
Mark: Ha ha ha ha, yeah, you guys are gonna do so much better than I am, I know that for a fact. Jack: I got a bo-jay.
Wade: Take your time and think about it, Mark. Wade: You got all the time in the world, not a minute thirteen. Mark: Whoa- who-ho… hahahahahaha
Bob: See ya! *all laughing* Mark: Oh, are you guys already in there?
Jack: Yeah. Jack: We’re having a hole party!
*Nonsense from Wade and Bob* Mark: Boop! And… *hohoho* Everyone: *disappointed noises* Mark: Fucking Mark: Hang on, guys. Everybody hold on to your goddamn horses.
Jack: Now you’re not even lined up right anymore. Jack: Ohhh Mark: I don’t need to be lined up right. Watch this. Jack: [strange mocking noises] That’s you. That’s what you sound like.
[Wade and Bob laugh] [more weird mocking noises from Jack and Mark]
Mark: That’s what you are. Mark: That’s you. Mark: What did I hit!?
Bob: What the hell? Jack: What the fuck was that?
Bob: What just happened? Mark: What did I hit!?
Jack: You hit a lag wall. [cheering]
Mark: Winner!
Wade: Look at that!
Jack: Straight giga! Jack: Kobe! Wade: Well that wasn’t enough Jack: Pa-toosh! Mark: Well… Bob: Woohoo! Oh please!
Jack: Oh, why am I up here? Bob: Oh my god. Oh my god! Bob: Oh my god! I did it! Bob: Guys, I did it! Look where I am! Jack: What did you- Whoa… Bob: I did it!
Mark: I’m a winner! Wade: [distressed screaming] Jack: Are you in the hole? Mark: Oooohhhh, I seeee…
Bob: I’m in the hole, bitches. Wade: Oh, wait, do we wanna get up there?
Jack: NO!!! [Mark and Bob talking over each other] Bon: If you go down the log, the log puts you in the hole.
Mark: That’s just an option. Jack: Yeah, but I was up there. Jack: Whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa…
Mark: Dammit. Oh, goddammit… Jack: Yes! Mark: This isn’t like golfing It. It’s different. It doesn’t obey real physics.
Bob: Whoa-oa-oa-oa… Jack: Wacky! Jack: Whoa. [Jack laughs] Jack: My ball just decided to be like… Jack: “sump” [everyone making unintelligible noises] Jack: Wacky! You guys are so random. Bob: Can you glow with L still? Wade: Bob, look at you! Bob: Yay! Go me!
Mark: We’re professional YouTubers. Bob: Whoa! Jack: Oh, Jesus… Jack: Giant balls.
Bob: Holy shit snacks. Jack: Where is the hole? Bob: Um…! Mark: So we’re supposed to go where exactly? Bob: I’m assuming straight across? Jack: Wait, is the hole up to the… what?
Mark: Aaahhhh… Mark: I see with my wisdom!
Wade: I think the hole’s up. Jack: Do we have to go-
Mark: Watch and follow. Mark: The way of the Markiplier!
Wade: Did you just go up? Mark: Yeah. Something like that.
Wade: Okay. Jack: Pa-toosh! Mark: Ska-doosh! Jack: Oh, I see.
Mark: Oh, I’m a winner! I’m a winner! I’m a winner! I’m a winner, guys! Wade: [angry yell]
Jack: Aw, yeah! Jack: Too strong, Wade!
[Mark laughs] Bob: Oh, that’s not where I wanted to go. Bob: Oh no, I thought I wanted to go in here! Bob: Aw, shit snacks.
Jack: Yes! Yeah, par!
Mark: [laughs] Idiot. Wade: Bob, did you put it in the hole? Bob: No.
Mark: No, he put it in the big, bulbous hole. Mark: He went for the big one when he should’ve gone for the more normal-sized hole that he could handle. Bob: Whee! …Aw, shit!
Jack: Go for the-
Mark: He’s not girthy enough for that hole- Wow. Jack: Well, say, say bye to your lead. Bob: Whee, go in the thing! Oh wow, look at that. Bob: Look at that skills.
Wade: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho…
Mark: It would be more impressive if it wasn’t on stroke seven. Jack: We’re all on ten now. [Mark and Bob laugh] Bob: He thought it was on stroke 7! I said it first! Jack: No backsies! Jack: Wait, can we fall off both sides? Ah, fuck Wade: AAACH! Jack: Bye! Mark: Woah! Wade: Oh was that all there was? Bob: Oh no. Oh tree! Tree… log Jack: Uh oh, uh oh, UH OH, FUCK! Wade: Tricky tree log Mark: Oh hang on Jack: Stupid- Stupid big wood… Mark: Nooo, that’s the grass! Bob: What did I just stop on?!? Jack: BOOM! Jack: Fuck Jack: Why are you just there? Mark: Bye Wade! Mark: See ya! Wade: NOOO Wade: Oh. Loggie, you saved me! Mark: Pew-pew! Jack: Uh-hoo! Jack: Up we go! Jack: Down, around Wade: Nooo hohoho Bob: *multiple HAHAHAS* Mark: *lots of oh oh ohs* Jack: Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! NO! no no no no no no no Bob: OH LOG Mark: Oh boy, alright. There we go Jack: Please go in! x4 Mark: I know you’re all concerned about me and not yourselves Mark: So don’t worry. I got it Bob: OH NO! Jack: Swoosh [laughing and complaining from all] [Wade laughing hard in the background] Bob: For fucks sake! Mark: Chimney! Bloop… arrgh Jack: Kobe Mark: Aaargh… NOOO! Jack: How did you even do that! Wade: Hey Mark I can see ya! Mark: Fuck you. Mark: God damn it I’m sucking ass- Bob: See ya, look who’s in last now? aha Mark: Aha I was always in last, so that’s joke’s on you suck another dick and go to Hell. Bob and Wade: Hahaaa [random noises] Wade: Oh please
Mark: Ohoho! Jack: Why do we have little rings around us? Jack: Oh we’re in water. Jack: Ok. heh Wade: Weee
Mark: Oooh why! Jack: This is a nice journey! Bob: Oh I didn’t see there were different paths? Bob: Oh we could’ve jumped…
*noises in the background* Mark: Ohhh Wade: Oh sh*t. Jack: Wait how the fuck are we supposed to cross that?? Wade: Why hehehehehe *laughing in the background*
Mark: Wade you should of… Wade: But you said that…
Mark: God damn it I’m in a corner guys. Bob: Weeeee
Jack: You shimmed when you should’ve shammed Mark: Hehehe Hi Bob! Bob: How’s it going. Jack: Hehehe Mark: Not that corner I could tell you that.
Bob: You pushed me! Mark: Not good.
Jack: But we… we don’t have jumping on. We can’t jump. Wade: Well you can jump, when we’re in the water you can do it regardless. Jack: Oh
Mark: Uhuh okay who wants to- Someone tell me their power bar reading Jack: Ok ok
Mark: as they go over that thing. Bob: Aargh
Jack: I’m going… one and a half Jack: No two, I’m going two, I’m going mid. Wade: That was not a- Wade: OH I jumped I made it! I did it! I’m a genius! Jack: Mid Jack: Oh God Jack: Mid is too little! Mid is too little! Bob: Ahh! *Incoherent yelling from Wade* Jack: GO MORE THAN MID Bob: Need to play 3
Mark: Douche! Bob: Jump! Jump you fools!
Mark: *defeatedly* Ahhh! Bob: Haha! Who’s the [idiot] now? Jack: WABOOSH! Mark: WOOO! Jack: Oh I hit the fuckin’ edge! Wade: [laughing] Mark! Jack: I hit the fucking edge… Jack: Huah! you pygmies no not the recipe Oh jump it you got it you’re gonna do the
jump ha ha ha yep nice yes ah of all your stores yeah
that works ha ha ha ha oh my god don’t you just do that oh just up my screen
yeah I didn’t even know I could hit you fuck was that collision oh so close so
close honey oh hey wait I’m on stroke fire because
of Crowell kid I got a bogey going going going
Winfred a Oh Oh daddy like a pretty baby please please oh yeah oh yeah I go in oh
yes oh gosh you Bob Bob that’s you others via you totally rusted me a ruse
you got him odd Bob how are you gonna show your face at the alumni now alright
you know what hold over here I think this is a shortcut
yeah you do that for the shortcut oh shit wait
you did not gain any strokes so it is a shortcut Hollis you wait you sorry stupid you in here no I’m myself
Roger Bob we’re neck and neck we’re neck and neck and balls I’m an independent oh
yeah Oh Jack got the stress dude pro where why’d I just know I’m in a dress
okay should you fix you put happen no no I’m
dressed today wait put in this day we’re gonna discovery oh fuck I just did the
same thing yeah there we go okay there’s a way of doing this
BAM oh that actually worked for you well actually worked out I’m outrageously
good wow that was the worst thing the whole thing would work not just a
fucking little pushy man Oh awful fuck you you are just here hey I’m knocking
mating oh no there’s there’s ramps and shit ass shit boy oh okay blows come on
hey Bob can you hear that way too far away
slurping his mouth oh yes but yeah random is it there’s
Dino eggs over there you think I know baby can I throw okay
watch this you’re going Bach I thought the drawers are big whoa I hit
a drum that that’s not far enough uh how does famous train a fish oh oh no
I thought things would bounce me they don’t bounce me oh oh go get your
destiny hey Denis hey what’s up guys I’m here never gave I love dicks to me
fuck yeah bogey love dictionary where we all get up and we paint a mystery
painting with our dicks and yes the status just course full power home power
top color smack take that nerds is anyone in the hole yet
me later no if I’m not in the hole no one’s in the hole
yeah Cruz markiplier dammit nobody winters ever oh hey oh you know here you
go now you may resume your look at the tea no a hole till I go get your bread
man over there Wow mark you’re the first one in thanks I know you all fuck aware
of this fact I’m whoa hello shit fuck yeah true looking fuck huh what use me
excuse me I gave up Renly ball-ball fucking do you
like Oh then we were all in the hole now smart
girl having say fuck you got it Bob I believe in you wish what pubis well I am
the morning ha ha wait what are you doing is how you scream is you for having this happen
that’s just what all youtubers yells whatever it whatever they paid oh yeah
was it good question wait wait to see everybody we just be saying you yell
hello somebody my people I have a roulade wait guys
ah hey crazy way Billy enjoy sir hello it’s not crazy it’s kind of crazy
got yo ass up everyone boy okay guys we got is here I got a weak hair hey not
here whoa I’ve had a journey hold about oh
you bounce this yeah about yes goo balls well they hit a hole oh fuck guys guys
I’m going backwards apparently Barry what happened where am I
I went in a fall oh yeah me I think I’m talking a loop is gonna stain oh wait
here we go you got lucky there I don’t know where I’m going but I’m
going there okay that hole is right there what oh
yeah what else I counted a stroke you haven’t
slowly oh shit Oh crouch oh sweet baby boys huh no no yes no oh
hey Martin I’ve decided I need that dope abuse oh shit I did that thing that
Marcus did brother shut up shut up it’s not don’t call that my thing that’s not
my did that Marc thing fuck real mark there golf
oh okay good great excellent Oh God there’s nothing I’ll get you
those you hit me you know it’s funny people wad people think I’m too loud
youtuber and I’m feeling to employer that’s the but a pretty quiet yeah you
are I’ll you why you grouping me in with a loud ones okay touch move on fuck
that’s not good that is a really challenging angle okay
oh okay yeah damn it
I want the holy bitch hi oh look at that that one : it’s not as badly as I want
oh look at the bone toys this is some sweet like dominatrix shit no fuck yeah
you know I don’t even think about going to be here like I don’t think I’d want
my testicles crushed I’m just gonna throw that out there rot in there
what brought that up on you unearthing balls what brought it up on me well it
had dropped that in stream it’s just a better way – no Jack said it
something about mall crushing and on sale I said I’m an HTML crush I’m just
doing that I don’t want my balls crushed well I really got a fair thing to say
yeah I don’t think that’s that great brother mark I don’t think no I don’t
wait I don’t think you agree you’re going to give it a protest this whole
concept yeah that’s right what my balls crushed you got me fuck you okay go go
go you’ve been going go ball go home stop hitting me
it’s fun I’m not trying to hit you like a tease that was I’m gonna win wedding
is wherever I didn’t even like mmm haha that’s you right now wait I feel like
I’m hanging up a character again no mystery this is what my kidneys come on
do it erm I’m in the whole way you baby keep
fighting do I really feel very first Molly she’s
in like the other room going why why why am i marrying me that’s fair for
questions oh well no we’re all right I’m pretty sure I helped rotors way where is
luckily it’s all the way down here Oh Dada Bowl I went in this bowl on top
it’s out here oh shit I did not understand what you were saying when you
were saying down here yeah there we go like oh my god do you hate
it right on the fucking end are you kidding me
quite the fighting thing I thought that a lot when it knew that what
good god fuck well shit sells I thought you’re not about to marry fuck it don’t
they’re alive hey what’s up you like Firefox yeah don’t do that I try it you
know what oh no that’s not fair four-and-a-half
are you sure cook don’t you don’t do it don’t do it
stay I am almost out of strokes guys hey Mark lady does see us out of throw stop
no I mean it oh my god I’m running out chunks right here closer look at me oh
I’m so close wait here please Sean do the clamshell going oh wow got
it my gosh wait wait please economy is why why well do it you guys sucked in
I don’t need sucked in I’m left in the suck deprivation zone it’s like an anti
vacuum out here I really I really came in third in that after all that yes you
want something we didn’t make it man plus book jogger Thank You Holly the
video I guess I drew they don’t get it wait okay you guys did that to me six
holes ago why are you saying that that’s a surprise I win things Jackie win stuff I know you went I
didn’t say actually so I’m not really he doesn’t I’m just saying I don’t remember
yeah Wow that’s what I’m saying you think well I
win things I don’t go oh yeah I won me guys I’m in the
I think that’s exactly what actually now that you say that idea remember the
lesson now I remember you would take it very familiar wait what do we do what’s
don’t know that I don’t know I’m not a religious god damn it oops
oh let’s forget jump though holy shit oh yes it is is impact on or off I don’t
know dunk is its own game I don’t know what
the rules are honk oh yes my god oh you ate it – that thing apocalypse oh boy
pretty high no yeah you jump high enough to get you just have to did it don’t get
cold oh fuck oh don’t get fuck yeah ha ha Wow what is life Bob you got the perfect
stroke likewise you know I just had a real good
three modes like should I not go ahead and you had the perfect person folks
I’ve seen god damn oh yeah get under testicle at the back got it double bogey
I snuck in yet ice cream nothing I saw your head those are tests
fine but that wasn’t testicle also there’s some cream on it oh wow that’s
Harley bring it full circle there huh Oh nailed it yeah so I see some Shack you
just wait you might woo no best at an angle angle Nate I could bring this back
I can bring this back ah shitty dudes I have it in the Warren fuck
the modus bullshit by the way I just thought you said the last one was Bob
everything about this game is bullshit playing with you
when I went up through it and back down and it doesn’t count oh oh I’ll swear
don’t work my goodness Irish still play basketball come on a
patient even finds donks fat okay hey guys how’s it going
yes hey Bob I’m here now where have you been on my own adventure
well what a fuck is how I’m sure ball I’m not going to adventures ticket mom
wait okay I thought I had I thought they gave me I was so used to myself being in
the last place that I was like hey why do I have nine strokes and I realized I
don’t suck on this game oh I don’t suck in this game I mean I accidentally got a
far point oh my god why I ain’t n tional II did it because I’m good and not
actually oh when you get another date it will not do anything it sucks GT that
can do anything me bebe Oh shouldn’t have followed away that was mistake i
want me to go through those windows or Foe yeah
oh hey what’s up hey I got a bogey guys guys I got a bogey guys are you happy
Biogen job mark no unfortunately what kind of third dimension is this way
what you’re winning yeah I am winning cuz I’m a winner guys fuck I might think
something like that I did indeed I did oh yeah oh yeah fuck the jelly bounces
you’re super funny y-yeah eagle babies eagle I got a tourney whatever I’ll take
it I don’t care oh why are you murdering Eagle babies Martin slamming I’m
slamming there we go I’m not slamming eagle babies I want to be very clear
slamming eagle baby that’s cuddly mmm baby no I refer directly Oh baby I’m
slamming Eagle babies whatever yes that’s his military name slamming eagle
baby it’s how he survives a vast wilderness Congo where the whole dad
come and I just went me baby put your which six babies in here yes my military
name it’s fat said yes I just made that oh go God y’all have decided but now you
Harry fuck you Harry dad for sure you carry me
naughty Oh trust oh right now after the end I almost did it me bogey bogey bogey
bogey haha I saw that Jack ha sorry I know I’m
really mean I was really no green friend I mean really mean I don’t know why oh I
know I heard a half Oh what I got kicked Oh No why cuz I was so mean Jack left I
was sorry I think I could you hurry he can’t handle little party okay it’s okay
I play from the abyss look all got it in Oh hold on I’m back guys
Oh about for the event I didn’t die Oh hooray watch it oh there’s some giant
ass chairs ass Cheers well here what other kind of chair would
they have face here small last year’s so can we jump and shit oh yeah the guys
the background doing this macro dude that’s pretty mean that the technical
term for this man could do yeah Oh are we shapes nice wow there’s
fucking invincible bullshit on the ground here yeah that’s me I know
Rico deca heat runs yeah will relate the paper mache balls or whatever the
perpetually are we that a whole time we ever it’s random every hole are we
already behind wait are we bad well do we all get to be the same one or in the
Glendon for everyone right now we’re ornaments I don’t know you have a
fucking bobble hole on the thing oh yeah Oh what’s this holy shit man oh I think
we need to ramp all the way over to that neck turn oh yeah what that booty is
telling you hit me you can’t blast providing oh I see where the hole is
hey hole I found you back well hey hey hey hey hey Olay Oh on my life in the
hall already prepare to sucka da
Oh shot what I was almost oh haha looks now motherfucker
uh fuck you comment I see a nice one wait where Oh clearly not true
oh fuck I’m gonna run now to throw plate in notes again strokes think it’s wrong
oh okay fucking no no no oh come on we’re on you ornament nipple bitch why
won’t you jump when you’re supposed to jump
yadi quick draw keep excited face pretty quick guys won’t I can’t do anything I’m
like fuck you guys okay I hope you all see 30 thought like how do you be shy a
bar I think I just man you did like fell into the abyss I know it happens every
time Oh Oh nobody saw that know this guy’s
that’s right yeah I actually did it oh boy it’s all about our oh it’s just like
the plot was not oh like it’s like a do sure it’s like a buried a gonna do sure
a whoosh your amid god bless oh my God Joe – Josh – I know for two I go to
fancy with my shot yeah that’s what I call my girlfriend –
whoosh so please don’t do to the whoosh it’s not her dark name Oh what the hell
Oh here the cone is the world looks like stupid it’s just look like a great film
oh I fell off I don’t know no way in hell this is gonna work
well Charlotte oh now I’m in a good shape for this oh fuck me hello what was
the last stroke no okay if I can make it in build one
Oh nope no I don’t like to work here oh yeah the i-90 to the the Frick spot
birdie eat my kombucha fuck you get me kombucha
hey what subject you say wow I can boot you I’m gonna suck some clothes you’re
all join you guys later I got a bogus you guys ever hey wind-up
way it’s when the red carpets disgusting no not really kombucha have you had this
good because I was amazed I got par bitches I got bar
no fuck I got far rounds no baby no let me the wrong way so hard oh wow bring my
eye goes this until I call upon you there we go Oh
okay okay I don’t know if you did that one to yourself though hey give one
stroke left did anybody do it you it gets not easy would you make it whoa wow
that’s whack oh that’s not a good shape I’m a cheater fuck
I’m literally spamming Wow Joe Mauser well maybe a life your rope to the bed
no just now I helped Jack you could be the best whatever whatever huh well
Bob’s having a fun time the rest of us over your suckered car whoa hey speak
you’re selling of us are sucking cock it’s Bob me yeah well why did I go that
way yeah I mean oh boy pretty good eh oh
that’s not what I wanted to do oh no that’s not what I wanted to do I
was so close yeah shit well you’re lucky you were
scooting on your butt oh yeah I why I got those but goose oh yeah go in the
hole hey Wow get it all into the hundred of you guys hobbies – shut up Yoga shut
about but are we sure we normal Oh God Oh balls
oh we’re bouncing balls oh fuck oh shit oh my god go get a jump I’m in the
horizontal library brother goin I’m wearing very little party Romario
I’m just jumping mama and there’s an eye between the things you guys oh oh you’re
making it out with exactly right eyeball a septic eye
Oh everyone’s eyes cat had welded it can will did everyone pick a second eyes
every cube is tied about it every cue every one of them I don’t don’t know I
feel don’t appeal that’s not how to horse no no you’re you’re nice to team
logic yours is not Alonzo yours is not your whole goal goal Oh a little gray
for you ever whatever there’s a baby head in that couch wait hey I got 12
oh fuck another one oh my god we’re not gonna do yeah that’s
not gonna happen oh oh oh who made it up not me
Samantha might be bouncing down there not gonna work so what hit me and bail
me out I made it up I made it up I made it up boys
no go to the hole I didn’t know that oh go in the hole full we’re big ornaments
fuck you big fucking douche bag ornament ha ha wait where do we go huh
oh right on this thing you gotta go oh oh oh I see where we go okay Oh mark I’m
there – thank you very much oh do calm knock dammit big bucket dos bag ornament
goodness say hi – bang ah no no no no no no you doing oh you’re good
hmm yeah we’ve one hole after this it all
comes down to this thankfully yeah change your gown
I got it you use your guide but there’s a halt to that you guys is that to
ancestor guys I see does it work that way the cluster is nostalgic tanks
jakszyk whoa if there’s two of them in the brain you can’t claim it santak eyes
pour oh wait Porter box oh not like what I did not what I did
oh no I’m a stupid one yeah I know we only played oh we win it okay come on
really dude you wanted to force me that shit Oh we fucking life man sorry have my
fucking light me and report is the whole point I already love so chances you’re
not a plane guys I won Bob thing growing okay call you later

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