Anthony Thinks More Sports Need Moments Like That Daytona 500 Crash

– Alright, our first headline is in the auto racing world. – NASCAR. – Daytona 500. You know they kick off the season with like their biggest race, and a massive crash which
took out about half the race. Twenty two drivers in all were taken out, with about nine laps left. – Massive crash at Daytona. Erica play the clip one more time. (imitating crashing sound) You can hear that it was, I mean it was a crazy crash. How many cars Greg? – 21 – 21 out of 50. 50 cars started the race,
21 involved in that crash, and at the time I think ten of them were even off before that. So that’s more than
half of the competitors out with one turn. I love that. I wish that happened in more sports. Imagine if like on one play in the NFL half the players got hurt. Half the players had
season ending injuries on just one play. It would be like the equivalent I think of, as Hines Ward’s kickoff return in the Dark Knight Rises,
when the entire field collapses behind him, and both teams, everyone on the field dies,
except for Hines Ward. The deadliest play in NFL history. I think more sports should have this sort of catastrophic possibility. – When you have the threat of
potential death at all times, doesn’t it make the actual
event more meaningful? You feel the meaning. That’s why older people
often say, as long as they don’t get the penis cancer,
the end of their life is some of the happiest,
’cause they’re aware, at any moment, that it
could have all been over, and you appreciate it more. – Yeah, I didn’t really take that angle. I just thought it’s more
fun to watch if like, like an MMA fighter or boxing
fight, there’s a chance that it could go 12 rounds, there’s a chance that it
could be over in five seconds you know, if someone gets knocked out. And I wish they had that in more sports. Like I think, in basketball,
they should blind the players. That way, you could just slam
into someone and it’s over. You could run into the
backboard, you could run into the stands by
mistake and kill yourself and that would be the end of the game. And that would be so much
more fun to watch the game. – Wait, how would they blind
them, what do you mean? With like, throwing stuff in their eyes or they would have a blindfold, or what? – I think you’d wanna make it permanent once you get to the NBA level. Like, in high school you
would blindfold them, in college you would probably
throw something in their eyes that would blind them for periods of time, and then when you get to the
NFL, you gotta pluck ’em out. You gotta take ’em with a spoon
like in Slumdog Millionaire. – Oh yeah. Eugh. – You’d Slumdog Millionaire ’em. And then I think the NBA
would be more popular. You’d get to your seat
before the game started, ’cause you’re like, “I don’t
know how long this is gonna go. “I paid a lot of money for these tickets “and I don’t know what’s up.” Let’s say baseball, if
when you swung the bat, you had to let go of it. Like, you had to let
go of it on your swing. Think about how much more exciting major league baseball would be. How long is the pitcher gonna pitch? Could be one pitch, could be
the whole game, you don’t know, ’cause the bat’s coming at him. – I like how they, the
announcers, all took it totally in stride. I mean, they were kinda like,
“wow, this is a big one!” They were calling it a big one, and there was a little bit of silence, and then the guy was just like, “well, that ruined everything.” They weren’t worried at all
about the safety of the drivers or anything, ’cause
that’s part of the sport. – Well, if you heard the crash, I think you got all the
information you needed. You didn’t have to hear the
announcers pontificate about it. Erica, play the crash again. (imitating crashing noises) Yeah, when you hear something like that, what are the announcers gonna do? How are you gonna add to that? You can’t, unless you
go back and talk about Hines Ward’s kickoff. (laughing) The deadliest play in the NFL. I think that’s a lot of the
reason why they’re trying to get rid of the kickoff. You know, a lot more touchbacks now. – Because of Hines Ward? – Because of the teammates
Hines lost that day. – Right. When they run
the stats and it’s like, “oh, the average fatalities
on kickoff returns “are way higher than any other play.” But that’s all just Hines Ward. – And just after that
play is when they executed a nuclear physicist right on the field, in front of everyone. (laughter) Which, you know, I think
the NFL needs more of that. – Tennis legend Martina Navratilova was in the news this
week, by writing an op ed in the Sunday Times in London, saying that it’s insane and cheating
for transgender women to compete in sports. So, olympics, bicycles, anything. – Never in my life did I
think Martina Navratilova would speak out against trans people. If anyone has an ally, you would think it would be Martina
Navratilova, who is, you know, a woman, but could pass
for trans, let’s say. She could make it. Her speaking out, it’s the last
person I would ever expect, and I love when people
speak out against things that won’t affect them, and could not possibly affect them ever. Like, Martina Navratilova
does not compete any more. Why is she talking about this at all? And let’s go to what she
said, that trans people competing in any sport, or in tennis, is insane and cheating. Is it cheating? Yes, but so is using a racket, and everyone turns a blind eye to that. (laughing) Is it insane? Again, I’m gonna have to agree with her. That in today’s day and
age, I think trans people have better things to do than play tennis. That if I had a trans daughter or son, I would not let them play tennis. I would have more
activities for them to do. – Like what? – Hockey. I think the trans community
could excel at hockey. I think the trans community
would be great at soccer. I think the trans community– – You’re going through the
names of sports that you know. – … could dominate the
NFL, if they chose to. I think they’d be really
good at swimming, diving. I think running.
– You’re still going. – I think track and field, pole vault. But tennis? Get the fuck out of my face. – The topic didn’t even come
up, having to do with tennis. It had to do with the
cyclist that she randomly decided to back. You know the microphone is picking up you opening the turkey jerky bag, Anthony. I mean, talk about dropping
the ball (laughing) and professionalism. – When I wanna show disrespect,
I eat while I’m working. It’s strictly for disrespect. – I mean, it worked. She was talking about a cyclist,
but my favorite thing was, she kinda got caught up in
this by saying this wasn’t fair back in October, and
she says, then she spent the ensuing months researching the topic so that she could be better suited to write this opinion piece. Which, I love the image
of Martina Navratilova spent the last three months
just researching trans topic, and she got deep into
it, in terms of hormones, and men have muscle and bone density, and they can’t measure that. It’s like, don’t you have
something better to do? – Now the story’s getting stranger. This sounds to me like she got caught looking at trans porn
and tried to cover it up by bailing notices for a research project. (laughing) And then they’re like,
“wait, we just did chicken.” She was like, “let me
say something and just “get it out of the way
before I get embarrassed.” Yeah, wasn’t, in the ’70s or something, there was a trans woman
or guy who ran a race or did something, and they were like, “oh, men are going to become
trans so they can win medals.” And that never happened. Like, no one has that priority. – Right. Renee Richards,
who played tennis, I believe was kind of
the first famous trans. – Yeah, it was tennis. – It was tennis. I think there was a 30 for 30 on it. But yeah, that whole thing sounds very, and you know, she’s
been called transphobic, that her big argument was that, what’s to stop a man from doing it, and then they get the trophies, and then they change their
mind and make some babies. Then they can go back to wanting to be a woman and make babies. That’s a long way to go. – And also, imagine that person, that has no bragging rights what-so-ever. It’s like, “yeah, I
pulled a fast one on ’em. “I got sick of these chicks
getting their trophies, “so I thought I’d go through
a long and painful procedure “and then win some, and
then switch it back. I’m no fool.” Yeah, it’s hilarious that
she came out with this. It’s just an old person talking
about old person things. Erica, anything you wanna add? Any other sports you think
trans people would be good at? – Field hockey. – Field hockey, that’s one. Lacrosse,
– Lacrosse, definitely – I think they’d be awesome at. Horse riding, equestrianism. Equestrianism is what they call it. Curling. – Bobsledding. – Bobsledding. Regular sledding. Skiing, snowboarding.
– Snowboarding. Windsurfing.
– Like recreational sledding? What is regular sledding? – Water skiing.
– I think crossfit. Like I know that’s not a real thing. But like, video games? Video games, I think trans
people would be good at. – Chess. – Chess, checkers. – Ping pong. – Ah, that’s too close
to tennis, you know. Badminton, I wouldn’t put in there. Basically, the trans community, stay away from rackets
and paddles, in that way, and we don’t have a problem. You’ve got other sports you’re good at, you don’t need tennis. Erica, before we move on, one more time, play the clip of the crash. (imitating crashing noises) Good job. (hard rock)


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