Asking Strangers Which Twin They Prefer

Which one of us is better-looking?
Okay, why? Wait, wait, what? Okay. Wait what?
Flex it right now go So which one of us do you think is better looking? I love you both, but maybe Alex? Me? You’re the first one who said that. Everyone else has always said him. Here, give me a hug. That was so sweet. I Love you too. Oh my gosh. Yeah.
Get out of here Alan.
You know what, I deserve a hug too Which twin is better-looking in your opinion? I mean, I’m not gonna lie both y’all lookin fine right about now. What what?
Who would you rather go on a date with? Alan Is it because I know how to speak Spanish? muchas gracias bonita I can speak a little bit of Spanish too español Alex, hola, take me on a date-o
Who do you think is better looking? Alan Wait, you looked at me? Wait, do you mean him or me? Okay wait, so can you tell us apart?
No You can’t okay. So which one’s Alan are you Alan? Yeah. Okay. Why? Why do you find him better-looking? I don’t know Maybe the hair which twin do you prefer? Uh Probably Alan because he has more followers on Instagram Wow, I like that answer that’s so mean okay like wait Why do you have more followers people don’t even know that we’re twins they do but they just choose not to follow you like her Okay. All right. I’m leaving we’re done filming this video Which twin do you prefer? Not you, wait, why? Because you have a fatter face. Okay. Wait, what about now? Yeah, no, I have a sharp jawline look Okay, whatever. All right. You’re no fun. All right, that’s so mean. You’re so mean so we found twins. Hi. Hi So basically we have a question for you guys since you guys are twins Who do you guys think out of us two is the better-looking twin? Alan. That’s me! Alex is it because you’re like, is it like because you’re like standing next to him? come on Why is Alex the better-looking twin? He is! Can even tell us apart? Yeah, you can yeah. Okay, cool Which one am I? Oh, whoa So me or Alan? Uh you You. That’s so nice! I don’t think this has ever happened before, two in a row picked me. Okay, come on guys. Stop lying Yeah him Wow. Okay. Shut the camera off Sean, I’m going home Which one of us is better-looking? Uh, I’m gonna be honest both y’all ugly. Okay, that’s not one of the answers I don’t know why I’m here bro. Wait. Which one of us do you think is better looking? Which one of us do you think is better looking? Wait, which one of us do you think is better looking? I don’t know what to say to that Which one of us do you think is cuter? Alan Okay, then.
Which one of us, would you rather kiss if you had to kiss one of us life-or-death situation?
If I had to? I’m out, I’m leaving Okay, no. [screaming]


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