BAMF Golf Bag: One Bag. Infinite Options.

The BAMF golf bag by tactical the world’s first and only tactical Customizable golf bag to feature the molle webbing system the police and military standard for customization It means the standard pouches come off revealing a versatile platform capable of complete customization Then you decide what you need from thousands of parts made by dozens of manufacturers all available on Amazon and Then you decide where it goes with a webbing system strong enough for the battlefield perfect for the game of golf The BAMF golf bag is a ready-made platform for customization available in coyote brown stealth black or olive drab Start with a standard bag and create your own perfect loadout Or let the tactical custom shop reassemble one of our loadouts for you featuring ten or more hand selected parts pouches patches and accessories all from multiple vendors these head-turning versions Demonstrate what we mean when we say one bag? infinite options Available now at BAMF golf bag dot-com

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