Baseball Photography: Tips for Sports Photographers

hey what’s up everybody I’m gonna show you in
this tutorial how to shoot a credentialed media sporting event
first that you’re gonna need is a credential and if you wanna great
tip on doing that you’ve gotta listen to the episode the
podcast I did with Dave Black but here are some of the
photos that we’re about to make in tonight’s night go shooting you have seen them
but I haven’t the game is gonna start for another half hour am I’m here shooting with Deanne Fitzmaurice who is a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer who has shot for just about every major
publication you can imagine and so she’s give me some great tips and
things to learn and it’s just gonna be an awesome night
really excited to shoot it not too much for baseball fan but a with
an opportunity at like this how could you pass it up so I’m really excited
for it and I’ll share every tip that I get for you first things first gotta me with the
media guy who’s going to tell us where exactly you can go on the field and
where you can’t so don t booted out by the first inning let’s go to during this tutorial man a cut in a
little bit after the fact to share some other tips that I missed these are the areas that were allowed to
go we can go anywhere the fans are we can go outside the locker room doors
to see their players getting In and Out the walkways leading from the locker
rooms out to the game which were a great vantage point to be able to see the face
at the batter and we can go into the dugout as long as
we stay right on the edge in the dugout and not getting the players ways they’re
getting into now and they asked us not to turn around and
shoot the players in the dugout while you’re in the dugout because then it makes it feel like the
camera is right in their face well one other thing to keep in mind is
is the player left-handed or right-handed so you’re on the correct side of the
field to see their face when their batting are pitching alright next up is equipment in gear
setup I’m using a Nikon four hundred millimeter f/2.8 lens but honestly this gonna be overkill for a lot
of what we’re doing tonight i think im I’d probably even be better off or on
for most in this shooting with the 70-200mm but I really want to get some nice tight
shots and with the lens like that how can you
resist must be spirits I and then I have a 24-70mm I just keep my
cargo pants pocket because I’m not be back I’m not a fanny pack guy. I’m
not that comfortable with myself getting the exact moment for action
photography is tough I was shooting this with the Nikon d4s which gives me 11 frames a second that awesome for sports photography but it
still didn’t make it easy so what I did is at the very start of the
game I shot all the classic action shots you
know the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand the
battered you with the bat right on the ball as it connects those kinda shots right at the beginning
because it was daylight and i could get a shutter speed have 1/5000 sometimes 1/8000 of a second which is really what’s needed to be able
to really freeze that ball it’s been thrown at ninety miles an hour and hit even faster so I shot their
batter I would focus on him man I as soon as he
started the wind up her I would just be fire in those frames
and the same thing when I shot the batter this is tough because I had to watch the
picture to see when the ball was coming because the batter just a still until
its his Rd swing in the key maybe no time to react so I would keep both eyes open my left
eye on the pitcher and my right eye looking through the
viewfinder to be able to to get the exact moment it was tough but we got some cool shots
my basic camera settings right now while it’s light I’m gonna shoot
aperture priority f/2.8 and then I’m gonna increase my ISO until the shutter speed is at least you
know 1/1250 if a second maybe even 1 2000 the second and then for my and for my motor drive home obviously on continuous
high so I can shoot 11 frames a second on this D4s and then focus focus is important and
all I’ll be talking a little bit about that but what I basically do is make sure you
can continue this bogus were army can enhance that’s me I serve
on Mon and I’m choosing to shoot and 9 points and nine-point group Focus so that I’m
I’m often going to miss my aunt and exactly getting my spine on Moscow to hunt down but I’m if I missed
my spot have exactly where I want the focus to
be than 12 points around will be there so usually on the issue
with nine points but you know if you shoot a Canon revelers on your not gonna
do that cuz you only have nine points but if you have it on a focus point like
on the d4 asset d8 an apt 5d mark three you know something like that then you
can then you can stand to do that and then I word were ready to go that’s
a that’s all we’ll do with the focus usually I’m gonna choose a single focus
point I’m just gonna move it around but have that Groupon 9 so anything
right around around choosing it can it can go to so I that’s my basic
setup well there’s a lot more I could talk about sports photography but that’s
basically my setup and how I approach the shoot we got some fun photos be sure to
subscribe to our YouTube channel where I have tons more videos just like this one have behind the scenes on photo shoots


  • Holy cow–that's a fast fps!!  I bet you burned through a couple of memory cards! Awesome opportunity.  Thanks for the tips!

  • OMG,a lot of work must be invest. Nice shoot,nice foto's,nice tips. Thankx for it.
    Well done!

  • Jim, I must say the way you showed the focus points through each shoot, was the absolutely terrific. That's the first video I have ever seen that done that!👍👍👍

  • MAN that is one fast camera!

  • Great tips. I shoot with a Canon 7D which does focus fast. I am more a portrait photographer but your video was great.Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing, Jim.  It was very informative.  I noticed your focus point often hit the pitcher's torso or the batter's hip.  At f2.8 and a shallow depth of field, did you find images where the players' faces were outside the the focal plane and not as sharp?    

  • That was soo good but can you share the settings you used when the sun went down?

  • jordy de leon

    hey I'd like to know do you get a credential to shoot minor maquis baseball?

  • matt schilmoeller

    i currently shoot with a canon 50d and i use a 55-250mm lens for the time being until i have enough money for the 70-200mm 2.8 how many focal points should i use while shooting baseball say for example the senior league world series? and we aren't allowed in the dugout ( if we are shooting for a blog such as i am doing at the present time)

  • AI servo serbo? What mode did you say?

  • Wow, you'd think someone who can speak English would also be able to spell. I became more focused on catching all the grammatical errors than the photo tips themselves. I mean confusing the word "picture" and "pitcher"? C'mon, dude. You really should proofread your own copy before committing the text to your tutorial(s).

  • Out of all the sports videos I've seen.This is far away the best. Explained well.

  • Yes, over kill

  • I wanna be sports photographer. I will be going to some minor league games this year.

  • Terrific video. It is tough keeping one eye on the pitcher and one looking through the lens at the batter. Usually the batter will give a sign as the ball is released such as raising the bat, taking a step or even just a facial expression. It's not easy but that's why we get "the big bucks". LOL

  • @ 3:47 "and for my motor drive I'm obviously on continuous high" – dial is on continuous low.

  • Is there a link to your podcast on credentials?

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