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This is the bat smash gonger Good to get first trickshot underway welcome to baseball trick shots Dude Perfect This is the bounce back swisher Do I get three points? Sure, it seemed like at least a three pointer Music: Here comes a shakedown We get approval for this? no we did not guarantee everybody needs to take off their gloves and start picking up sugar My mom always said don’t play ball in the house. Good thing this isn’t a house I’ve always wanted to hit a home run, but I physically can’t. Why are you laughing? Coming off the bat, I don’t know if you saw that but that with a swing of a lifetime You know when you’re out of the ballpark everybody gets so jazzed up for a deep ball over The left-field wall or a frozen rope to right-center, but you know it’s a really underrated hit It’s a nice soft, bunny, and that’s why we practice bunt buckets. Here we go Bobbing for baseballs I don’t I don’t think thats happening Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the mobile dunk tank shot since none of us really wanted to get down tweet Got a little help out from our buddy Tim also You know him is cameraman and editor so to appreciate you yeah, kind of back to the roots here for DP We’re actually gonna be filming this trick shot. Wait who’s filming this one? You’re filming? This the mobile dunk tank shot, sorry Tim That feels good for a couple reasons number one I just made a shot number two I wasn’t the one getting dunked in the nasty sewage water Oh that is nice Bang You guys probably thought the only part of that trick which is not gonna bottle off, but you didn’t think how it landed Guess we got to start over Well didn’t think about that. This is the bowling pin strike Not gonna live had more comfortable elevator rides Do you think that targets in a good placement? I can’t find the target through these binoculars. Wait really? These are the worst binoculars. I have ever looked through oh Wow well you can’t see anything? This is the Press Box Bottle Snipe This takes physical ability Cody up top me down here. And a glove behind me throw it Codes. This Throwin To A Buddy We don’t really trust Cory’s hand-eye coordination, so we just taped a glove to a stick and yeah I don’t know. Why Cory celebrating like do anything What’s up guys welcome to the second dunk tank shot took a quick poll and Still nobody wanted to get in the dunk tank thinking Tim wasn’t dying to hop in a second time, so hey Let’s give it up for editor Chad Okay taking over on this cam so hey Filmer touch Huh if I’m not, I’m gonna stick to what I do best and that’s stay in front of the camera Ty did the people need to be reminded with the boom stick look like well, I think they might you know It’s a shot that took us a long way This is the Boom stick THAT WAS THE BOOM STICK Great choice on my parts and nasty in that come take that it’s a splashy boomstick baby whoa What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber click down here, so you don’t miss out on any new videos special Thanks to our friends at YouTube TV for making this video possible Good news the World Series is coming up and you can watch it live right On YouTube TV click right here to do that Also, if you want to see the last video click right here signing off for now pound it, No


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