Basic Drum Strokes : How to Play a Full Stroke for a Drum Roll

Now we are going to discuss the individual
full stroke. So the full stroke you are going to take the bead and for now we are going
to have it at 12 inches. You could really do it at any high; at 9, 6 3 but for right
now we will do it at 12. The first motion that you are going to do is down. You are
not going to want to prep in any way. The first motion should be like there is a wall
right here. This stick can not move up at all. Now the first motion is going to be down
and it should end in the same exact position. What you can do to test this is have both
sticks with the beads together at 12 inches. Down will be the first motion and you can
really match the beads to each other and make sure that they are at the same height when
you start right now and when you finish. I went a little bit above and right there it
is matched at the up position.

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