Basic Drum Strokes : How to Play Tap Stroke Drum Rolls on a Snare

Now we are going to discuss the third stroke
type which is called the tap stroke. The tap stroke in reality is very similar to the full
stroke where we started at 12 and down was the first motion and again, there is that
wall at the top in the same place. Now we are going to bring it down to 3 inches and
still there is going to be that wall preventing us from having any sort of prep. We are not
going to want anything like that. Down is going to be the first motion and we are going
to start at 3 inches and end at 3 inches. Which again you are going to want a little
bit of an incline of a stick from the back to the beat of the stick. You are not going
to want a flat stick that is parallel to the drum. So you can bring your beads to the center
of the drum at 3 inches and match them together, make sure they are starting in the same place
and then you play the stroke. Down is the first motion and end that 3 again.


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