Basic Drum Strokes : How to Play Up Stroke Drum Rolls on a Snare

Now we are going to discuss the 4th and final
stroke type which is called the up stroke. Now for the up stroke again, we are going
to start down at 3 inches and we are going to start down and we are going to end up.
So down again, is going to be the first motion. But you are going to need to get enough velocity
from this 3 inch playing height so that the stick can bounce back up to 12 inches. This
probably is the most difficult and overlooked stroke type in reality. I think that the lack
of using this stroke type really kind of tricks some people up and will start to make some
patterns feel a little tighter than maybe they should. So you can match your beads at
3 inches. Again, we have that wall preventing it from prepping at all and we will start
down up to 12 inches and then with the left hand. One more time. We got a rim shot.

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