Basic Golf Equipment : Lie Angles on Golf Irons

The next thing we’re going to talk about is
the lie angle on your irons. There’s upright and there’s flat. A real simple demonstration
on this is if when you setup to the golf ball, an upright lie angle is usually going to be
for a taller player, like that, or for somebody whose hands are fairly high, when they setup
to the golf ball. Basically what you’re doing is, as you setup like that, your lie angle,
that’s a flat lie angle, that’s a more upright lie angle. This is really important in determining
where you hit the ball, on the club face. When you go to get fitted for your irons,
they’re going to tell you your lie angle is two degrees flat or two degrees upright. My
lie angle is actually two degrees flat and that’s going to be most cases for shorter
players. Your hands are going to be a little bit lower, which causes that lie angle to
be a little bit flatter and that’s where you’re going to get that. Let’s take a taller player,
for example, their lie angle is going to be a little more upright, obviously because they’re
going to be a little bit taller. Between each company, out there, their standard lie angle
varies. If you say “my lie angle is two degrees flat,” well two degrees flat in one company,
could be standard in another company. It’s really important to keep an eye on that and
it’s just another reason that you want to talk to your local golf professional, when
picking out your irons and deciding the lie angle that best fits your swing. The next
thing we’re going to talk about is the club face, specifically the grooves in the club
face and what the grooves actually do to the golf ball.

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