Beginner Drum Lessons : Double Stroke Drum Hits

Now we’re going to discuss double strokes.
We’ve already done single strokes, which we also call alternating. In double strokes,
we’re going to strike the pad twice with each stick. Now notice how my sticks still move
up and down just like we did with alternating strokes. The difference is you hit twice now,
one, two. Right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left. Just like this. Keep it
even. Notice the stick height. I’m not coming up much more than six to eight inches above
the drum head. Again, there’s air up here, we don’t need to be up here. Keep your sticks
down low and just tap them, nice and soft. We’re not trying to hit hard here, this isn’t
about strength, it’s about technique. So, tap nice and soft. Make sure your stick bounces
up. Again, no digging. And just do this, over and over again until you become proficient
at it. That could take some time, but it’s very important that you do this.

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