Beginner Golf Swing Basics – 3 Shortcut Concepts & Drills

– So beginner golf swing basics, well there’s a lot of things you can tell a beginner golfer that might help. But I’ve picked out three for you that I think if you can get
the concepts especially, and I’ll show you drills to go with them, and get started this way, it’ll really be a shortcut for you. If you like the video, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. A lot of free content. is my home website. Full courses in every
aspect of the game there. (upbeat music) Okay, first thing to realize in golf, obviously, you’ve got this stick. It’s effectively a mallet. Your job is to apply
pressure to the golf ball, not so much to hit it, certainly not to get it in the air, it’s just designed with loft. That’s what does this. And here’s the thing, and
this sounds super obvious, the goal is to apply pressure
at the back of the ball so that you send it forward. Now let me just show you
very briefly with the pro how the club’s designed. We’ll get back out and look at this. Okay, Adam Scott here, wonderful player. Looks like a middle iron. There’s a yellow line
that shows you the angle of his golf club. Now he’ll swing more or less along that. The arms will then rise somewhat above it, but you’ll see the
downswing as it progresses, he returns there and really
delivers down that line. And as you see, club comes
right at the back of the ball and squashes it. Golf balls compress like tennis balls do, not as easily, but that’s the idea. Put pressure on the back of the ball. One little pitfall a
lot of players get into, if you draw a line with many golfers, from the club to the ball, they go right down that line at the ball. In other words, they’re
aiming at the ball. It shouldn’t. It should come down more. You can see how he’s coming this way. That allows you to get on that swing plane and gradually work your way
around to the back of the ball. So as we start on a small scale, keep these two things in mind. Number one, you’re trying to
apply pressure to the ball right on the back. Number two, your swing should
be aimed at the target. In this case, that green over there, not at the ball. So easy subconsciously to aim at the ball. Get a little flow and
just on a small scale, come in at the back of the ball, get your club going in that direction. Now, again, as a new golfer, you’re probably not gonna
get the consistent contact that maybe I’m getting on these shots. Don’t let that upset you. Keep getting the shape of swing, getting the feel for how
the club should move. Contact will come. So here I go, back of the ball, mentally, I’m aiming the club in that direction out there. Then you can do it on a bigger scale. Okay, recommendation number two. Don’t hit with the golf club. New golfers have such a tendency
to try to hit at the ball. It ruins the motion of the swing. As we just said a minute ago, you’re trying to apply pressure. So let’s say two things, you’re trying to flow, get
some motion in the club, and apply pressure, not hit. So start on a small scale,
this is a nine iron. And just pop the thing out there. Now you may not get as
good a contact as I did. Don’t let that dominate it for you. Just get the right motion. So again, I’m thinking flow, and here’s another key to it. The club should be
reacting more to your body. Don’t get these little control
muscles and start moving the club independently. Get a little bit of sense of body motion. Let the club begin to react to that flow and apply pressure as you go through. Then just change the scale. Make it a little bit bigger. Again, relax your mind,
don’t worry about contact. And just start to get that
flow in your golf swing, you’ll have helped yourself. So here’s our third tip
for you as a beginner, and this is a boring one, that’s why I’ve stuck it
at the end of the video, but hang in there if you’ve come this far. There’s a lotta ways to grip the club but if you don’t get a
couple of things right, it’s gonna be a struggle for you. So first thing you wanna notice that in any good setup, the
arms hang down from the body, and here’s the key, at a significant angle to the club shaft. So many new golfers
just line their arms up with the golf club. You won’t be able to grip it that well. When you do this, the club is
gonna rest more on the heel with the toe ever so slightly in the air. So relax the lead hand. This pad must be on top of the golf club if this thing’s going to work properly. So again, a good grip, this is important, allows you to apply
pressure down on the handle. That’s the essence of wrist cock. That makes the club feel light and allows you to create speed. If you’re in line with it, you have no leverage on the golf club. So I’m telling you, if you get a grip that’s
consistently good, allows you to apply pressure to the club, allows the club to feel light, the first two things we talked about, applying pressure to the back of the ball and getting that nice flow in the swing, are so much easier. So don’t forget that one. So beginner golf swing basics, hope those are helpful to you. Hang out with those three, get good at them, you’ll be on your way, you’ll be off to a good start. If you liked this video, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. is my home website. Full courses in all
aspects of the game there. (upbeat music)


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