Beginner Tennis : Beginner Tennis: Mini Tennis Volley & Ground Stroke

Okay this drill, I’m going to volley to Darren
and Darren’s going to hit the ball back to me off the ground. This is one of the best
drills you can do to work out all facets of your game. It’s going to incorporate movement,
consistency, the volley, the ground strokes. So, we’re going to demonstrate here. Good
job, Darren. So, I can move around a little bit and then your practice partner, we hope,
doesn’t take your head off when you’re at the net. But this way you work on every shot
and always be careful not to step on the ball. We’ve lost a lot of good players that way.
But this way I get to work on my volley and he gets to work on his ground stroke and then
what you do is you switch positions on this; to learn then; I’ll be at the service line
and Darren will be hitting the volleys to me. But, this is a really good drill and if
you do this everyday, it’s a good warm up too.

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