All right, from the Front Range, due west
on I-70, we run into the Vail Valley. Vail Golf Club. Mike Billingsley joins us. Mike, you know a thing or two about Vail.>>Well, you know, we started “Golf Life”
20 years ago this year right here in the Vail Valley. I lived here about 16 years. We used to come out to the Vail Golf Club
all the time. It was an older course then. It is the oldest course in the valley. Now it’s like brand-new with this amazing
clubhouse, brand-new driving range. It’s unbelievable.>>Well, a couple buddies and I — we’re gonna
go out to the course. We’re gonna check the whole thing out. You’re gonna keep driving west.>>Well, I’m tired of trying to keep up with
him, so I’m gonna go play with somebody more my age down at Eagle Ranch, which is an Arnold
Palmer design, in Eagle, Colorado. There’s so much great golf in the Vail Valley. Let’s show them what they’re missing.>>Let’s go have some fun. ♪♪ ♪♪>>Vail Golf Course is located
right in the valley, in between all the mountains. And, unusual for a mountain course, it’s in
the valley, so it’s a walkable golf course. It’s a beautiful scenery. My favorite part of the Vail Golf Club really
is the Gore Range. Every single hole, when you’re playing and
walking or riding a bike, you can see the Gore Range.>>This place is the most beautiful place
on Earth. It’s over 8,000 feet. You just get perfect crystal-blue air every
day. The people up here are extraordinary.>>The Vail Golf Club is great for many reasons. We have the ability to allow walkers on the
course, pushcarts, and even golf bikes. Being flat, you can do all those things, like
walk, take a golf bike, or push your pushcart, with ease. And it’s also very playable for everyone.>>The golf course has changed a lot in the
past couple of years. A new clubhouse, a lot of changes to the course
itself. I think it’s really made it one of the best
public golf courses not just in the valley, but in all of Colorado.>>It is a big clubhouse. It’s beautiful. It caters to the Gore Range really well. The patio is set right in front of it, so
you can finish your golf round, and you sit on that patio and you have a drink or have
some food, and it really is a nice finish to the day.>>You can go to our website,, and
find out everything about the golf course, our new clubhouse.>>If you haven’t played Vail Golf Club, get
out here right now. This place is amazing.>>Come here, definitely. ♪♪ ♪♪>>It’s my old friend, Jeff
Boyer, Eagle Ranch Golf Club.>>How are you, Mike?>>How you been?>>I’ve been great. How are you?>>We’ve known each other what? 20 years or so?>>I think just about that.>>Done this a time or two.>>Yeah.>>But we are in Eagle County of Colorado,
at Eagle Ranch Golf Club, and Jeff is the general manager here. Tell folks what we have in store here.>>Well, Arnold Palmer Signature Course today. You know, the Eagle Ranch opened 17 years
ago. And fantastic golf course. Great condition, great layout. People of all abilities enjoy playing it.>>Let’s go out and let’s play the course,
and, Jeff, you can beat up on me. And we’ll show the folks why they want to
come out and play the course.>>I like the sound of that.>>You like that?>>Yeah.>>All right. Let’s go. ♪♪ Tell me what most people say when they
come to Eagle Ranch.>>You know, I think they’re impressed by
the quality of the golf course, the quality of the conditions. It’s a fun layout. Yeah, and, like I say, we have an eight-month
season, and when the other golf courses are not open yet or are closed down already, we’re
rockin’ and rollin’ here at Eagle Ranch, and the golf course is still in great condition. ♪♪>>Eagle Ranch is an amazing destination
in Colorado.>>Thank you.>>It opens the door to so much. What do you want to tell people? How do they find out more and get out here?>>Well, of course, we have a great website. It’s You can book tee times, and there’s a lot
of information about the course. And you can call 970-328-2882. That’s the golf shop, and our staff can help
you out.

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