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all right guys we’re playing the back
nine’ here at monarch boot Beach we just played a front nine match play match you
know I don’t know how you do that this is the second time in a row you birdie
like the eighth hole to go anyways watch the thing on his channel good stuff it
was a great match Matt played great he had some great up and downs it was a fun
day and hopefully you guys enjoy it a little bit of it and see who takes home
that uh that golden wedge again mm-hmm ah yeah I think we know anyways we won’t
talk about that we’re gonna do now on the back nine is we’re gonna give you
two different ways to play a hole so coach we’ll play it one way and I’ll
play it a total different way so it’ll show you just options about how to how
to play this crazy game yeah there’s many ways to skin a cat and sometimes
you can bombing off the tee or just lay up
David Toms it and try and play smart and not you’re not get yourself into too
much trouble and just play stress-free golf
fantastic let’s do it we have a 382 yard par-4 pretty straight away but there’s
bunkers on the left and right and we’re gonna approach us two different ways so
yeah typically I would not hit a driver on
this hole but for today’s purposes I’m gonna hit driver I try and leave myself
right around like 120 that’s a good yardage for me
so take 120 off of the 380 you’re looking at something 260 I just hit a
smooth driver down the middle good shot but he’s going up the right side and you
might have reached that bunker hard to say okay so I’m going out 3-wood on this
and just try to play this as a position positioning alright Matt had a good one
right down the middle don’t take your eyes off that center cut I think your three would have went past
my driver okay so when now I put it in the middle of fair we got 132 I’m going
with pitching wedge and just I think the 3-wood for me was a
the right play yeah I think so too I think this is just generally the right
yardage that you really want it’s full wedge a little bit right of the pin
drawn over should be good pin high all right hit that drive a little bit off
the right side didn’t hit it great but I got 112 going in a little bit uphill
wind is kind of with us so I’m gonna play the number I’m just gonna hit a
nice wedge 54 in there and probably miss a little left of the pin geared it up
there a little right and shits been just a little short oh and it’s spun down the
hill but it was the right play yeah I’ve been I didn’t hit that 54 very well just
kind of bailed out on it a bit and I was a couple yards short so it obviously
came off that false front and now I got tough up and down I Mike didn’t hit that
bad of a shot in here it just hit short and rolled down so he’s got this tricky
little up and down nice clear oh he has a great shot okay
so two different ways to play that hole I think my par was a lot easier than
yours for sure definitely you know did not like missing the green with a wedge
in my hand I never do I was probably a couple yards shy of the ridge and
everything kind of funnels back when mice elevated like that so yeah Matt was
the the right play 3-wood down the middle 135 have a full bull shot yeah I
took a little off 154 and I think that’s what kind of did me in yeah yeah I’d
like to have a full shot especially when you’re gonna have a wedge in your hand I
prefer a more shot than less yeah all right let’s move on okay
the 11th hole 405 yard par-4 this time Mike is going 3-wood and I’m gonna do
the driver yeah see how it goes swish it up see see what happens this is a little
bit longer of a hole so I’ll probably have like a 8 9 7-iron going in and full
full shot okay let’s do it I like the 3-wood play here actually I
wouldn’t mind doing that and I say it down the right side should be perfect my fanned it out to the right just a
little bit heading towards that bunker I think he might be in it yeah I’m in this
is why I was saying that the 3-wood is that he’s the play here because that
bunker is right in driver land all right so I got 173 left the winds kind of
cross it’s a little bit uphill I’m gonna go with a smooth 6-iron and try and miss
right of the pin it’s really good senator green turn over a touch oh just
a look yeah it bounced up there so hit your short and bounced up got a good
bounce on that that’s one aren’t have about 180 but I’m gonna go I’m gonna hit
a high 6-iron I can’t go less than that and got this lip right here so this is
what driver would this is what you get when he had driver and should tip at
home when you got a lip that big I would always recommend clubbing one up and
leaving it maybe a little bit short of the green but that’s a pro so he knows
what he’s doing he’s got about three four feet in front
of him that he has to get up and over yeah he got up and over it’s enough no
it just came up short of the other bunker when you’re trying to hit a
higher of a bunker it’s easy to hit it just behind the ball – so that’s what
happened oh we should call it fat but I’m out so see if we can not save tape
are all right 92 I’m going hard 60-degree wedge because a little
downwind and I don’t want to take anything off of it I hit this one hard
but yeah should be good just got over the
bunker he’s being good play I think somebody might have holed out here and
we see two divots and we see one ball what do you think do you make what a for next box both gonna make good decisions
but we’re gonna make let’s make good different decisions today I’m playing
with the voice caddie gl1 watch gives me the whole layout the yardage you can see
that as whole is from right here 469 yards you swipe it gives you the green swipe again you just get a numeric
layout of the hole so I’ve been testing this watch out in terms of yardage I’d
normally don’t like playing with a watch because the it’s too heavy but this
one’s a lot lighter then let’s say the GL to that they make so the GL one GPS
got the whole layout it’s really been fairly accurate I like it gives you
artists to the front and the back of the green that you could put you can just
tap on the green on the watch and it moves the flag around it gives you an
adjusted yardage so it’s pretty nice check it out link in the description
below for this bad boy your little Christmas gift for the one
you love okay so Mike and I are both hitting driver on this hole it’s a par-5
so maybe it’d be dumb to hit three would but our second shop we all
probably make different decisions depends on where we work
we are he’ll be in the middle of fairway that’s what he does right into this time
but quite good perfect down the middle baby draw low bullet find good with
that’s a good good layup shot Mike that’s no surprise but I see I don’t hit
3-wood unless I’m going for so I’m going hybrid I’m only giving him a hard time
if you’ve got the boulder wedge now that’s what he gets the golf gods punish
them he pushed that to the right you’ve got just over near that bunker and
that’s what happens when all right don’t talk trash don’t talk trash kids cuz you
get punished I hit it good when maybe a fairway or two to the right will be
alright though I clipped a branch right behind them
it’s a little bit left of the pin should probably be in that back bunker hey I’m
still getting penalized for talking trash not gonna happen again
good golf cutler I learned quick quick learner no talking trash bull uphill I’m
just gonna hit hard 60 be kind of aggressive with this one 85 yards up the
hill I mean this has got green light special written all over it
no up here right at it looks good little right of the hole and he plays a little
draw spin so that should get get pretty tight all right
bad news is falls below the stance quite a bit he’s kind of short-sighted himself
and that’s what he’s working with the good news is that he’s got a good lie oh
I think he’s gonna try and miss a little bit long here I think that’s the play
anywhere on is good and just try and salvage a par well done
yeah that’s an A+ that’s why they call mr. short game right there that’s a trash box boat crash that’s
what not to do but if you want a video on how to hit those bunker shots
I’ll leave it right up here video check it out alright guys that’s uh so wraps
getting dark out here at monarch Beach great course if you’re ever in the
neighborhood a Newport area come check this place out you like it yeah it’s
beautiful it’s right on the water it’s usually always in great condition
people here are the best and it’s just fun to be here yeah
great spot and so that’s just some holes two different ways really approach your
game you know I do recommend like always have like different options for ways to
approach certain holes we were certainly going out of our comfort zone doing
things we we wouldn’t normally do but we’re trying to just make it look you
know give you options so you can not one-way look you said it’s gonna cap
yeah it’s fun to just take different shots at different holes and just try
different things and make all fun and just have a good time out there it
doesn’t always have to be a certain way you can play it you know golf a lot of
different ways yeah all right be sure to check out golf all X is linked in the
description below and that whatever right up here whoever put it there um
love guys see you next video


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