Best Way To Practice Golf – 5 Stroke Challenge Day 16

okay today is a great day because it’s
our first full practice session we’re gonna hit it right now let’s go okay so
we’re gonna here’s how we’re gonna start we just warm up on the putting green
like normal your tutti or your six for gaming just a putting aide 20 pots 20 30
pots just to get the stroke warmed up then do your three foot circle and just
make twenty in a row should be pretty easy alright let’s start off right there
and then we’ll move on okay next up we’re just gonna do some chipping in
case you’re wondering where I am today I’m at PGA West Golf Course playing
Stadium Course so that’ll be a great day but we’re gonna do a practice session
before we get going so I want you to get one bag shag and you’re just gonna go to
a short flag today just right to here and just so we’re just one bag shag you
sure you know sixty degree or your highest lofted wedge and we just want to
take your time with these smooth it out and just get a good feel for your shot
okay we’re doing a little bit of everything today so it should be should
be good at as we try to lower our handicap and our score when we practice
there’s going to be times where we only practice certain things like chipping
and putting or a driving range and then there’s going to be other days where we
practice a little bit of everything but you want to mix it up today is your
first practice session where we’re doing a little bit of everything today so that
should be good so you get one bag shag of these little guys that make that one
almost okay here we go and today I’ve got my Voki
sm7 60-degree wedge with 4 degrees of Bounce very little about today it’s
winter time I like very little bounce in the winter in California because we
don’t get a lot of rain so we get these weird lies out here it’s that for me I
like a lot less bounced get in I want to make one one more shot
so one bag check here good stuff ah let’s move on okay so next
up I won about twenty balls or so just out of the trap okay nothing too crazy today you’re just
warming up I can’t even see that flag but you just making sure you hit running
good good sand shots you know make sure I’m not gonna hit anybody
there’s a guy over here okay he’s gone uh yeah so like 20 shots are so out of
the sand I like a nice wide stance wait really into this left knee is what I
like right in here that’s my setup and then I just take it a little outside and
really accelerate through the ball best I can and what I like to think about
when I’m doing this is accelerating with my shoulders not my arms or my hands I’m
turning my shoulders at it that’s what I’d like to feel okay you’re gonna hit
something don’t even worry about it it’s right in
there boom okay crazy crazy bunker here there now I can see the flag so just get
that weight into that left side and accelerate with those shoulders are you twenty balls that’s it nothing too crazy out here nice wide stance wider than any other
shot in golf always match your shoulders with the slope here so I’ve got a big
upslope so I want a lot of right lateral bend in here weight forward there you go
and remember we always practice too short flags so this is a lot farther
than my typical practice this flag so normally I don’t expect to be that good
at that far of a shot right now I expect it to come up short because that’s where
I practice which is totally fine I don’t necessarily mine like I like that shot that’s great 20 30
balls something like that now let’s move on
okay so we’ve putted we’ve chipped we’ve hit some sand shots now we’re at the
driving range here’s what I want you to do I want you to start with a pitching
wedge just hit maybe ten shots a warm-up then we’re gonna go to a 6-iron hit
twenty six irons just add a target pre shot routine then we’re gonna hit 20
hybrids same thing just at a target really focus every shot and then 20
drivers same exact thing focus at a target different target every time just
even if it’s just a slight you know variation in your aim we want to adjust
a little bit every single shot as we go let’s do it all right good stuff this was your first
full practice routine it’s really gonna help shape your game because some days
we want to do everything other days we just want to do specific things and we
want to mix it up so today was our first day as we’re getting better to lowering
our scores and then once a week we’re gonna be doing a practice session like
this for now and then towards the end it’ll be a little bit every day it’s
gonna be exciting thanks for watching a hope this practice session is helping
you to improve your game lower your scores we’re gonna get there okay we’re
almost there also just comment below let me know what you’re finding is helpful
and we’re gonna keep want to keep cranking it out alright and subscribe to
the channel if you haven’t done so already hit the Bella notification so
you don’t miss anything love you guys see you next video


  • Great course! Stay away from the left on the 16th!!! Love the island green on the 17th too.

  • Your winter looks better than my winter, lol

  • Nice video! I also just noticed it for the first time but great audio with the mic!

  • It was tough to practice and play today, very wet. Greens all punched and not rolled after a week of frost and wet weather. Putts were bouncing all over but played first 9 with 13 putts and 2nd with 17 and zero 3 putts.

  • Dont ever change! I love your presentations

  • By the time you play you'll be wore out. I won't practice unless I plan on playing.. I usually hit 5 pitching wedges, 5 driver, a few putts and then go to #1. Most of the time it's 5 minutes on the putting green and then play golf. Never notice any difference if I practice a little before I play.

  • The typical golf instructional video offers 6 to 8 minutes of blather followed by one or two demo strokes. YOU, my friend, understand that a stream of demo strokes in conjunction with commentary adds up to relevance and success for both the one giving the instruction and the one seeking it. I very much appreciate the what's and how's of your videos, as you understand that these are VIDEOS rather than audio tapes.

  • That's a great approach to practice! 20-30 balls with each drill is a good way to keep the focus.

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