Billiards Stroke Basics : Billiards Grip Tightness

All right, the next thing that we want to
look at is your grip tightness. We talked about where we want the grip hand, so once
we’ve got it there, just how tight should we be holding the cue? Well let me tell you,
we don’t want a death grip. We don’t want to really be grabbing it hard like that, and
hitting the ball with a lot of power, because this game isn’t about power. We also don’t
want to be gripping it too lightly, say with just what’s called a teaspoon grip, where
we’re just using the thumb and a couple of fingers last set, because that’s not going
to give you enough support on the cue. The cue might slip out of your hand or so. So
the way we really want to be gripping this cue is just with the thumb, and maybe the
first two or three fingers. Generally, the last finger is left off of there, and the
reason for that is because it kind of guarantees that you’re not going to be over-gripping
the cue. So when you’re cuing, or or you’re gripping like this, you’re really not gripping,
you’re cradling the cue. And we just want to cradle the cue in there to where you could
actually see some light between the top of the cue and the bottom of your hand, so it
just allows you to hit the ball with the weight of the cue only.

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