Bodycam shows officer shoot man wearing headphones


  • This is America no one safe from anything not even The Who suppose to protect you rip to The Who was shot 😤

  • Is this PIG still alive? Just wondering…

  • This is why we need civilians that are armed. When a cop murders someone in vain, someone needs to execute these kind of cops.

  • Incredibly edited haha haha lol

  • 1:56 “i saw him reach”

  • Ooops, I was just doing my job at McDonald’s and I thought my life was in danger so I shot you. Sorry. But my “training” certainly isn’t at fault. So I’ll be put on register duty for 2 weeks and then put back in the kitchen where I have the freedumb to continue shooting unsuspecting victims, I mean… “protecting” myself.

    America!!!!! Fuck yea!!! Because Freedumb!!!🇺🇸

  • American gun laws are fucking dumb

  • Thats just sad, an officer doesn't have the right to shoot because the think someone has a weapon. Its called innocent until proven guilty, and beaides that. Cops are taught to react in seconds to threats. Not to shoot before there is a threat.

  • Thats just sad, an officer doesn't have the right to shoot because the think someone has a weapon. Its called innocent until proven guilty, and beaides that. Cops are taught to react in seconds to threats. Not to shoot before there is a threat.

  • Any updates on this murder

  • he got shot for nothing murdered

  • They canneasily kill deaf person.

  • This is bullshit the cops always get away with killings ,everything is justified with them ,an when the cop gets killed they want sympathy, thier lives dont matter at this point eather anymore, this cop so busy trying to search him in stead of save him to justify his killing to find a gun making a wrong right til it's just getting to be heartless killings every day ,an thiers not even a safe for whites cops killing every race an taking them out traumatizing families every day so bad you cant even be sad for loss of cops cause it's you or them smh to the world today

  • If i was there and i had a gun i would of shot the officer

  • Wish i can investigate myself when i screw up…..i will be found not guilty too.

  • Looks like murder to me!?!

  • That was an Execution 🤔

  • I'll have to remember that it's okay to shoot deaf people. You can always learn from police.

  • Darren the wild man

    What's the cop going to do next time shoot somebody else when another child has ear plugs in his ears the cop needs to be taken off the fourth be Aunt needs to see for millions and millions of dollars this is not a good cop and then he handcuffed that kid after shine four times that cop is a dirty cop he's a retard he doesn't belong on the floor they need to sue the police force for having him on it for crying out loud look what he did the boy couldn't hear him there is something that can be done Big Aunt needs to keep suing and keep bringing it up that's a retard for a cop

  • Darren the wild man

    I want to see that Cop fired he's not a good officer he has no clue what he's doing that child had ear plugs and he couldn't hear him and all the while he's telling him to stop but he shot him in the back anyway the suspect was someone else who shot an innocent child the cock needs to be put in prison he murdered a child you won't hear the rest Darren the Wildman

  • How does her shoot him then handcuffs him. Then you hear him 🤥

  • Pussies can't fight back with police.

  • JP Bushcraft and survival reviews

    It was probably turning his f**** radio off

  • I hope the police man die at cancer

  • he did not even know what happened get these insane son of a bitches in hell

  • No one is being held accountable for the murder of an innocent young man just because the murderer has a badge???
    This poor family knowing their relative was shot in the back, tied up face down then is searched as he lay dying. My heart goes out to them.

  • Whoa! He reached for NOTHING. He also showed ZERO remorse for murdering a dude. I always say to be an effective police officer you must possess the 3 C's..Courage, compassion and Common Sense. This officer had none of the 3.

  • I want a one way ticket to another planet.

  • Somebody should have came right behind that cop and shot him in the head eye for an eye

  • This dude said “what the hell were you reaching for man”
    I’m mind blown because that kid was just walking and blasting music. I could die like this at any time. 🤯

  • I think cop like that should be shocked that's b***** a motherfuker should get his ass f**** handed to him

  • Is it me, or are they trying to make you bleed out by putting the hand cuffs on forcing blood to push just because of how your arms are…

  • that cop is a fucking idiot no wonder why people don't like cops

  • That sad some people will make phone calls and say this man hás a gun then the police comes and the person is cunfused then they get shot the next minute

  • This wouldn’t have happened if he was wearing air pods

    I’m sorry I hope his family is recovering I’m gonna go to hell

  • The police just murdered a person

  • 1:57 the cop 👮 was are ready lying 🤥 I seen him reaching he was reaching wtf Then he have the nerve to 😂put hand cuff 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Oh boy do I wish I could get my hands on that cop

  • This officer is realy paranoïac and loose to shoot in back. He's a murderer. 😡

  • Don't live in USA. Land of unjustice. Land of murderers. THAT'S WHAT I SEE.

  • This dumb mothafucka just shot him and instead of worrying about him is first thought is let me put his hands behind his back and he didn’t reach for anything bro

  • Noe that's some killer beats or killer song

  • shot in the back WOW.

  • Son of bitches pigs 🐷

  • To use deadly force, one's life has to be in danger. At no time was this cops life in danger. Illegal use of deadly force!

  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😦😧😧😧 wtf

  • He literally killed someone and is handcuffing him what a retarded pig

  • He shot him in his back like a fucking coward. Man doesn't even know what he died for.

  • Welcome to Nazi Germany Circa 1939

  • I support cop killers

  • So, you get shot and when you are fighting for your life they need to put you in handcuffs. What a bunch of tyrant pigs

  • What an idiot

  • CNN is bullshit, you fuck nuts dont know the whole story. Do your homework this guy was a scumbag wanna be thug!

    SOUTH SALT LAKE — A man who was shot and killed by police Monday apparently wrote on his Facebook page last week that he would "die before I go do a lot of time" in jail.
    Dillon Taylor, 20, died in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store at 2102 S. State.
    About 7 p.m. Monday, officers responded to a report of a man "waving a gun around," investigators said Tuesday. When police arrived, they found three men leaving the convenience store. One of the men, later identified as Taylor, reportedly matched the description of the man reported in the 911 call.

  • Fuck the police this is just so fucked up and sad to watch

  • Focused more on the search than stopping the bleeding

  • Wow . And just like that he shoots and kills the guy .
    If that was me id be in prison well the guy infront of me was reaching so i shot and killed him .
    Then the cop cuffs him searches the dont find anything and starts yealing what was you reaching for to cover up what he just did .

  • I find it odd that when Americans say "aunt" they always do it in an English accent

  • 2:48 you know by his voice he knew he just murdered and innocent man for no reason at all

  • Alventura De la Cruz

    Stupid cops

  • The cars with flashing light are coming to steal all our human rights

  • Why police when we have Jesus?????

  • ICantWaitFor TheNewKindom

    This is some messed-up shit. And thus again we have another fucked-up, demon-ass, trigger-happy swine-cop who murdered ANOTHER INNOCENT in cold blood. What kind of person just shoots another person just for not stopping after they were told to stop? What kind of human being just ups and does shit like that? To just shoot someone because they didn't stop when you told them to stop and then you shoot him because your already fucked-up mind told you you saw the guy reaching for something that your already fucked-up mind thought was a gun. Or you knew he didn't reach for anything you just used that shit as an excuse to justify you murdering someone so you wouldn't get into trouble. Bastard pig.

    Whether that poor guy had on headphones or didn't have on headphones he did not deserve that shit. To use a damn gun instead of a taser? Pretty sure that demon had a taser on him but he chose to use a gun instead. Or at least walk up fast ahead of him so he could at least see you talking TO HIM. That piece of shit fucker. This is why most people hate fucking swine-cops.

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