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For long time skiers and snowboarders in
Michigan, Boyne Mountains hemlock needs no introduction. This legendary black diamond run is the centerpiece of the mountains 415 acres of skiable terrain and is a landmark in Michigan skiing history. Perched atop hemlock, the iconic
Eagle’s Nest restaurant stands watch over the view of Boyne River Valley. Enjoyed by skiing legends like Olympian Stein Eriksen and filmmaker Warren Miller among others over the years. The hemlock lift, installed in 1948, was the
Midwest’s first chairlift; at that time the classic double chair did more than
carry skiers to the top of the mountain, it helped grow interest in the sport in
Detroit, Chicago and other Midwestern cities. The first few turns are
relatively gentle but as you reach hemlocks headwall the pitch and your
speed begin to increase tight turns are Tight turns a must if this run is bumped up, but on a
day like today when it’s freshly groomed it’s go-time! Carry your speed into the long run out
at the bottom and hop back on the sixth place Mountain Express for another lap
or… five! visit to see other episodes in the series and visit to discover more winter attractions in the area.


  • you guys should do a video about the effects nestle is having on some of Michigan's trout streams after I found out I'm trying to get the word out cuz big buisness shouldn't be able to wreck our environment to pad there pockets

  • This is some top-notch production.

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