BROTHERS! Powerful! – Sport Motivation! – Football Motivation

today before you go out on that field I want you to do two things first I want you to take a good look in the mirror who you will see looking back at you as the only person that can make you a winner or loser today because only you decide if you will leave your all on that field today I can’t do it for you your mom or dad can’t your brothers can’t no one can but you it’s up to you you must decide every time you set foot on that field that you will give everything you have inside of you as a matter of personal pride and integrity if you don’t give your heart and soul for the cause you should be ashamed it’s integrity it’s you versus you it’s self pride I don’t care if you win or lose the game sometimes sport is cruel but if I see any of you give anything less than a hundred percent you’ve lost respect for me and you should lose it from yourself you’ll give everything leave no regrets out there not an ounce of effort that is what a real champion is made of second I want you to take a look around the room before you go up these are just your teammates they are your fellow warriors they are your brothers they are family you are family you die for your family you sacrifice for your family you give your heart to your family if you see one of your brothers need help go help your brother if you care for your brothers you will give everything to your brothers now go up there and give everything you have for yourself you’re for your brothers stay it with me today I will give my twin news there is no real defeat unless I look at that mirror what we’re I will give ma Oh let’s go let’s go [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]


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