BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Our degree in Sport, Exercise and Health
Sciences explores how the human body and mind function; how they create and
control movement, and how they respond to exercise. As we understand these
fundamental sciences, we learn to apply them to a whole variety of contexts.
There was a strong health focus of the course which was something that appealed
to me so I wanted to get a grounding in sports science before then moving on to
something that was more clinical afterwards. We learn how to enhance elite
sport performance ensuring our athletes can perform at the highest level, and can
do so without compromising their health. But we also learn how physical activity
and nutrition can help to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. I’ve
enjoyed being able to specialise in my final year. I’m really getting involved in
dissertation and the project and choosing modules are a little bit more
specialised so that’s been really really good. We look at obesity, unhealthy aging
and frailty, mental health problems, and non communicable diseases, like heart
disease, diabetes and cancer. I am going into more of a clinical base; so I’ve got
a job with C, P and R; so a company that specialises in cardiac and cancer
prevention and rehabilitation in London. The careers support has been really
helpful this year we had C, P and R this company came in and did a presentation
about what the company is about what they do, as well as some other careers
events, such as women in sport and other events within the school, and that’s been
really helpful in getting that first step up into employment. You’ll gain the
knowledge and skills to really evaluate the scientific evidence, to think
critically and creatively, and to communicate effectively. You’ll be able
to design and evaluate effective interventions, and learn how to use your
understanding to enhance people’s lives, whether they’re athletes, children, older
adults, or patient groups. So now I graduated from the University of
Birmingham I’ll be enrolling in a master’s in clinical exercise physiology,
with a view to pursuing a health-related career, looking to use exercise and
nutrition to rehabilitate people with chronic diseases. Come and join our
academic community, and start your journey at Birmingham.

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