Callaway Octane Black Driver | Golf Club Review Video

Hi guys Donal from Golfbidder here at the
Doc’s Dawn Raid and I have Pat with me looking at the Callaway Diablo Octane driver. Pat
I want you to give me your honest, unbiased review of this club. Now we have about 30
drivers here today and while the camera was off we had the R11 and other white headed
drivers but tell us what you like, this is your pick of the bunch. Tell us what you like
about it. Let’s get you over the ball and tell us about it. Firstly when I stand up
over the ball I like my eyes to be comfortable. The white headed driver i find a bit distracting
because, i know it matches the ball but..So how does the Octane sit behind the ball. It’s
lovely. You’re focusing on the ball and not being distracted by the head of the club.
Ok. Let get you to hit a ball and give us your feedback about how far it goes, does
it match up to the other drivers in terms of distance? It certainly gets it out there.
It gets it out thee alright! So how does it match up, we won’t tell the viewers what
the driver is in your bag, but how does it match up distance wise. It matches up fairly,
fairly close. I just think the shaft might be, I have a stiffer shaft, but it’s the
same distance. So this driver, the Callaway Octane, gets it out there, looks lovely at
address, sit lovely behind the ball. A very, very good endorsement. You can check thousands
of different driver, loads of different Callaway’s, this is the Diablo Octane as reviewed by Pat.
Check them out on Golfbidder.


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