Can I Break Par At Indian Bayou Golf Club? | Golfing In Florida

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day we’re down here in Destin Florida actually on a family vacation
just decided to get out for a little round of golf one and y’all to come
along with me we’re gonna be playing Indian Bayou Golf Club today
number one par four three hundred and ninety nine yards pretty dead straight
away you can see the pin right there in the distance I’m gonna go with driver
here let’s just split the fairway all right didn’t hit that one great
that’s all right right side rough about 110 yards left here front 1054 degree
let’s let apply there’s an overhanging tree right back
there about 20 yards maybe 30 yards in front of me
so did have to play it out just a little bit left left us about 20 feet to the
hole see if we can’t roll us in for the first fruit of the day on number one
that’d be awesome that would be a four on number one on at number two number
two our four 397 yards it’s that little butter fade around the corner little
dogleg right is what it looks like hopefully we hit it a little better than
that first tee shot on number one 72 yards left here front pen hit it
pretty straight actually I didn’t realize you’re gonna run through the
fairway here or right down here just nice to the car path we’re just gonna
hit a lob wedge up there so cut a little flyer there putter in hand we did hit
the green however we’ve got a bow fit defeat left ya gotta roll the rock speed right there was not too bad
long distance away not too bad are here on number two on to number three are for
457 yards this is the number one handicap hole on the course dogleg left
not really sure how far it is through the fairway on a dead straight line but
it does look like I’ve got some room don’t want to push it right we’re gonna
try to keep this one on the barrel hey push that one a little right
not the greatest however I do see it over there yes we’re okay we are Oh a
little over 200 yards yeah what yeah
not yet short-sighted we’ve got a little slope here up the hill to the pin not a
whole lot of green to work with behind I thought I hit that so good and that would be a bogey yep number for
par for stinger club in hand haven’t hit the driver very well so far
let’s hit the fairway see if we can set ourselves up for a good look at the
green not in bad shape
could have hit it a little better and yet we’re still not in the fairway but
not far off 197 yards left to middle front pin it looks like from here I’ve
got six iron in hand a little breeze into so we’re gonna let fly not too bad
a little uphill chef’s we’ve got sixty degree in hand hopefully we get it up
there about six feet short rolling will be nice chip to sin all right they’re on for 1 over through
4 on to 5 I want to par 5 hopefully this is a par
5 we need to make a party little dogleg left but if you hit it dead straight I
think we’ve got plenty of room but I am gonna try to hug that left side 524
yards number five let’s tee it high let it fly and try to hit our first fairway
of the day 204 yards left to the pin back pin par 5
love to hit a good iron shot here give us a look at Eagle gonna test out the
sand for the first time today would love to get this up-and-down for
our first birdie should be a pretty straight putt grains almost straight
down so part of the cup and just like that we are on the board with our first
birdie of the day 224 yards par 3 first par 3 of the day I’m gonna be hitting a
smooth 4 iron it’s a little into the breeze a little short right that has been a
tendency to day with the irons a little short right but really not too bad a
little short-sighted but it’s a pretty short chip 35 feet not too bad pretty straight putt maybe been in just the
fraction to the left I’m gonna play this right edge and that’s a par on number six par four
four hundred and fifty nine yards Vince to the right it looks like it’s a pretty
good little dogleg to the right but er fade butter cut butter something
hopefully we find the fairway here on number seven we hit a fairway y’all yes we did yes we
did been waiting a long time for but we did 148 left to a back-right pin breeze
is laying down for us however don’t really want a swing fall to pitch and
watch we’re just gonna hit a smooth oil 3/4 9 hold that a little left
contact was really good however it is a pretty tight green back in here don’t
really want to miss it right so our miss was in a good location
30 feet 35 feet left that’s a four on seven even par through
seven holes number eight par three little over 190 I think it was like 194
little breeze into I’m gonna be hitting a 6-iron here a little short there not a bad place to
be here on this par 3 definitely don’t really want to miss
right so target line was middle of the green
tried to hit a little fade in there stayed fairly straight for me
and came up a little short with that Breeze in to see if we can get this up
and down and the short game has been coming up
huge today to keep us at even par through 8 number 9 542 yard Par 5 does
bend a little to the right but fairly straight a little into the breeze you
know what it calls for the old driver 2:55 left hit that one actually okay it
was into the wind pin looks to be on the left side
we’re gonna hit hybrid I didn’t come here to lay up yeah so these trees that you see right
here I definitely pulled it a bit but I guess I pay my dues on time because I’ll
be right there there’s where the ball ended up really
not too bad par 5 decent looking it up and down for birdie that was huge let’s go finish it one
under that was the front nine out here at Indian Bayou Golf Club had so much
fun finish that 1-under short game saved us
didn’t hit the ball well today however got it up and down when we needed to
this was a great course had so much fun hope y’all enjoyed if you did drop a
little light below that would be greatly appreciated
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