Can I Shoot Under Par In Scotland? | Golfing At Gleneagles Host Of The 2019 Solheim Cup

all right so before I head out to the
course stopping in here for a little lunch I’m eating lunch next to well most
importantly Rachel yes however this right here y’all this is the Solheim Cup going to be completing here in less than a month right next
month it’s gonna be playing here in the same course we’re playing this afternoon
so excited there begin we’re gonna eat a little lunch I hope y’all having a wonderful day I’m
out here at Gleneagles Scotland we’re playing Gleneagles the course
that’s hosting the Solheim Cup here in about four weeks from now gonna be
playing the same course can’t believe it won and bring you all along for a chunk
of the round and I’ll update you kind of where we are my score for the round as
we go also want to say thank you so much to Scotland home of golf for just giving
me this opportunity to be here this week partnered with them this week and just
wanting to say thank you so much it’s been an incredible week I didn’t go welcome thank you very much okay thank you very much number two par 5 this is a great hole
here you kind of want to stay right of that left bunker that you see our target
will be right edge of that bunker maybe a little cut middle of fairway
par 5 not a great tee shot there here on number 2 made par on number 1 we’re
right there it is reachable had a ton of room right to miss it you don’t really
want to miss that tee shot left so we’re okay here
no worries set up the camera I’ll let you know the distance here in just a
second still pretty good ways fitler wind up there I actually did not
pretty decent it’s just a little short not bad shape let’s get up-and-down for
birth all righty not in bad shape here we’ve got probably
about 30 yards and 25 yards I’ll say but we’ve got a little Ridge here we got to
make sure to get up on top to give ourselves a good look at birdie he’s done it no Sookie I thought that
was gonna break a little left it actually kind of went alone right and
America falls one back to the Europeans three three holes for even par par one
upon two are on three on the floor got a 7-iron here it’s a little uphill little
slight breeze into want to make sure we get it back there not a bad swing there
little right you don’t want to miss it left not sure if I quite got up a slope
there to the top tier but shouldn’t be too bad walking up here it’s basically
pin-high but here’s the ridge runs along there so we didn’t quite get onto the
upper level but really not too bad get up ball lines all right through four holes even-par
made par on each one we’ve played so far I feel like this is kind of a good flow
showing every you know a few holes and maybe a couple shots a little commentary
from some other holes thrown in there but just keeping you updated on where
we’re at in relation to par even through four onto five even through five holes we have an epic
par three right here number six wanted to show you another part three on this
side this is really a nice hole 168 to the pin downhill just a bit we’re gonna
be sending a 9-iron really I didn’t think I hit it that bad
maybe a little heavy came up a bit short I send a little bump and run see if we
can’t ship the sin what a view back there thank you sir
that’s a par here on number six thank you that’s a pin slammer I didn’t introduce
that hole there that was number seven I ended up recording Nate’s shot that was
a birdie that’s her first birdie of the day moves us to 1-under
Wescoe no this is the eighth Pole and the tees that were it off at the moment
is it drivable par-4 316 yards well you know my motto we didn’t come here to lay
up we’re gonna tee it high let it fly with the old D rod I was a little right no worries I think
it’s okay alright so we are chomping through these weeds thankfully we did
find it right down there there’s the hole par 4 see if we can’t
get this out on the green somewhere for a putt for birdie just a bit over the green that was over
there with me his tee shots weren’t great kind of deserved that I’ve got to
get this up-and-down for par looks like I’m actually in a bunker oh no no no
stay just out all right not too bad this guy’s a baller if I could be anyone
I wouldn’t be Ricky Fowler I wouldn’t be Jordan speith I’d be Zac Radford unfortunately NASA bogi their first baby
of the day number eight bogie on to nine yeah where
you are even par for today’s round this place is beautiful it’s truly amazing so
thankful to be out here what an incredible round so far see if
we can’t get something going here the last ten holes start making some more
birds you sure can find some dicey lies here
in the rough we’re just in the first cut well I guess second cut technically
par-5 number nine hitting solid tee shot just pulled it a little left
we’ve got 197 to a back-right pin this is a par 5 so if we knocking on this
will be our first eagle look here at Glen Eagles we ended up playing that a little safer
after assessing that why I couldn’t really attack that pin it came out a
little fluffy but we’re in good position just in front see if we can’t ship it up
and give us a birdie whoop this is for the second birdie on the
front nine see if we can troll this in that broke a bit more than I gave it
credit for I thought I made that jinxed it I had to top that cuz the tripod was
in the way but we made it we’re gonna have a little new versus old test right
here I’ve got my club right here a little over 130 is the number I’m
heading a little pitching wedge little breeze into then we’re gonna hit the
Niblick see which one gets closer let’s go probably should have got a little harder
the Niblick doesn’t have a whole lot to contend with I’m gonna go ahead and say
the Niblick sooner win this that was like a knife through the ground
right there I it’s actually gonna be close
we’re gonna be playing the pitching wedge my first shot for our actual score
that was a lot of fun getting to hit another Hickory club and yeah neither
one of those four great shots comment below
before we walk up here I’m walking up here which shot do you think ended up
closer I can see right now so take a moment pause drop down in the comments
let me know which one you think is closer old or new alrighty this is new
that is about 45 feet away right over here this is old the old is the winner thank you that’s a three on ten we had
to speed up there on the T in the approach shot however wanted to drop you
in here on the 11th green being Matt stuck a couple wedges close got a couple
birdie looks hopefully we can roll one in ah you hate to see it nope in slamming
today Thanks there will be no pen slamming here just
like that said amazing well I improve can do a couple of six 5-iron
gap wedge little cup tweeter for the next one it’s just a treat to be in your
presence right speaking of treats where’s the sugar hey
give me some tablet so this is the 13th hole so tough par for slightly downhill
there were 463 so as a strong par-4 yes it sure is all righty update we did make par back on 12 par 4
so we’re level par here on 13 solid tee shot right there but what a view
Wow well that wasn’t great walking up here I
landed about there found us in the bunker got a little work to do I was pulled over there yeah that’s a bogey here on 13 par 4
really tough it’s really tough out there but if we had a great round ah a million
even try got driver here however don’t want to go full blast here we are gonna
tee it high high watch it fly hopefully right on the green looking to try to hit
a little butter cut in there for lemonade fade yep Matt will be the Nick
Faldo to my Jim Nantz it’s a pleasure to be here in the booth with you thanks
Nick um Zach nice it is really a great player he’s an upcoming player on tour
it’s absolutely cool Russia’s security fingers drive for the kids at home if
you’re interested in a great golf swing look elsewhere look no further
I tried to play that into the bank there and flew it right over it we’re putting
but we got a long birdie like to play a little bump stinger with a lob wedge to
the hill now is it a quite go to plan and who’s better a sticky little putt
down the hill what’s your take on this right you know is it appropriate to
sting I better I mean heard he’s got negative loft just
so he can try and get a sting out of this one he’s cutters back it’s through
try stand in their tracking oh no another missed putt you know what he
didn’t do though he did not leave it short and you missed you missed a hunter
you missed a hundred percent of the putts you leave short don’t have struck gold jackets your shooters get a
choke thank you 15 this is what Jamie Dolan hid the wedge show into the 2014
Ryder Cup really and we sting it here perfect go on that is how you sting it in Scotland
we’re right down here look at this view this is a sweet green that we’re hitting
down our approach to all right we got a little gap which into the breeze
downhill 130 maybe throw it a little passes but in a little zippity-doo-dah
back hey folks Jim Dan’s here we’ve been watching Zach
all-tournament and he’s just playing fine fine golf he’s looking for a little
bit of that tour sauce that Phil Mickelson tore sauce he’s done it he has
done it you can tell by the length and the distance of the divot that he has
done it body language says no I can’t see very well here in the tower so I
really don’t know no it’s not good team work that’s where we are there’s the
hole look at these guys they’re just throwing darts up here and I’m hitting
sloppy wet shots we need to get it in gear with these iron shots with these
backdrops are incredible outside 30 feet the people’s favorite
the people’s champion I wasn’t able to capture the tee shot here on 16 the par
5 I cut the corner sitting in about 125 to
the hole this is a shorter par 5 let’s see if we can knock this close
we’re 2 over we need an eagle let’s go yeah we got a little work to do on the
range but we’re putting we’ve got an eagle look all right here’s where we are
right there number was actually not too bad
we’ve got about 35 feet left here for the eagle come on right I had an eagle here at
Glen Eagles but that’s a birdie and that is our first pin slammer here on the
back we’re back to one over a birdie was big and he’s almost done with his iron
brew he might need another one what do you think two holes from home had an
iron brew probably gonna make a birdie so I need another ball to make a birdie
on 18 this place is incredible it’s been an absolute honor to get to come out
here and play wow this is incredible here’s the par-3 behind looking right
here 1:30 little down the hill let’s see if we can hit a wedge on the green well
we did on the last hole but that was a long ways wait I want to hit a good one
here let’s do it let’s go good shopping up plain of the sort
good shot it was a huge divot we finally had a decent wedge be the right Club
today let’s go that’s two birds in a row okay you’re on fire
we got another pin slammer right here he’s on fire
slam it in there oh you slam that in with authority let’s go on to 18 last
hole of the day this has been incredible how have you enjoyed this course
this place is money I would play this every day for the rest of my life
couldn’t agree more the views though almost get distracting
on your shots because they’re so good yeah that’s why I’m not playing well I’m
just taking it all in I understand yeah that’s what it is yeah yeah so 18th all
hey par-5 up the hill slightly redesigned it was always a par-5 but the
structure of the green site has changed it’s moved a little bit to the right so
you need that lemonade feed love it what’s the distance here four five all
right so this is the final hole I am gonna be playing ball on here in
Scotland it is normally a driver but let’s be real I’m not gonna miss the
last hole the last opportunity to hit a stinger so yes we’re stinging it stung that was stung so hard honey came
out of it we got six iron in hand we’re gonna need to hit it all all right we are just left of the green
we’ve got and look for an up and down that was very juicy lie we’re gonna try
to pitch it into that little slope right there kick a little left hop up trickle
on down hopefully miss the camera I needed to land that just a fraction
shorter but we’ve got a birdie look this is for three birdies in a row the
disappointment in the crowd was that is it that is all she wrote we did it for
the trip here in Scotland we did that was he did a lot of rides in the Fun Bus
me and Matt yeah driving through this here other things pretty awesome way
it’s been so much fun Ryan here today was with us it was that
was the first time we ever seated up it was another yeah we did the top
golfing but this was the first time we played golf and it was just a pleasure
for me to watch you strike the ball sir well it’s a running badge it was a real
roller coaster well we did end up at a Louisville par
so you did yeah that was that was nice we did when you
say we ended up at 11 I had a real yeah bad time out there all guys check out Ryan I’ll put his
link to all his description and land to his description I am married in the
description he has so ladies nation in the description below he’s married I’ll
put his socials down below check out Matt is well I’ll put all his socials
down below he is not as so but he’s taken so ladies they’re off limits hope
y’all enjoyed today’s video finishing tools but I hope you all enjoyed today’s
video here at Gleneagles again I want to thank Scotland home of golf so much for
putting this on unbelievable it’s been an incredible dream come true experience
of a lifetime for me can’t thank them enough for partnering with me having all
of us here this week top-notch five-star what was your
favorite course Gleneagles Kings bonds yeah Kings bonds Kings Kings mine have
you ever played Kings Bob I haven’t I would love to hit a lemonade at Kings
Bonds lemonade lemonade with my Peggy’s so Matt’s out on that cue my favorite
course was King’s Barnes as well that nine holes the soon as we got here was
epic guys if you like this kind of content want to see me back here in
Scotland drop a little like I’d be greatly appreciated
comment below where you’d like to see me travel next and y’all until next time
they’re doing something like dance moves in the background
we’ll see you always say yeah


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