• The extra features with buttons around the shift area are on the DSG model, not the manual.

  • Videos are really improving. Check out Saabkyle04's channel, he's been doing this stuff for years.

  • Frédéric Sagnes

    CarPlay will help future proof the entertainment system, but in a couple years the screen will look really old. I have a same generation Passat and am super happy that it supports CarPlay and Android Auto out of the box, but got a Ford Fusion as a rental and was shocked at how much better the screen was (bigger, brighter, better resolution, better colors).

    The 2018 Golf has a new entertainment system that gets rid of the buttons around it which makes the screen bigger, and presumably has a much nicer screen. It might be worth waiting for that, or considering the bigger entertainment system screen option if that is available (which also allows you to watch DVDs on there, what a killer feature).

  • I listened to ATP before watching this… I agree with John about the audio, and hopefully one of the new mikes will fix the issues. It was jarring when you cut between the over-the-shoulder to passenger cameras in the same sentence.
    (And I hope you and Erin do consider strongly staying a one car family when you get rid of the BMW… If you do need a 2nd vehicle, maybe consider a scooter? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scooter_%28motorcycle%29 )
    Overall, nice fun video!

  • Your comments about the general plantedness of the car reminded me of my old 2001 Audi TT quattro. I had the HO version, with 225HP and a 6 speed into an all wheel drive system. I threw that car into impossible corners, and it always came out the other side.

    The rest of my comments are the same as your ATP buddies. I do have a 2016 e-Golf, which is the same general car as this, but without the noisy gas engine, the digital dash and the handling. The rear hatch latch is awesome!

  • Yosuke Matsumura

    "loved the 335, but it's lived in the shop"…"replace it with something with [list of features]" doesn't mention reliability?! 😅 Love you Casey!

  • Buy the GTI. When you get bored do a stage one flash and fall in love again.

  • Sebastien Morissette

    Very well done and informative. I would appreciate if you would mention braking performance and how brakes feels, which is also something you ommited in your previous car reviews. Are they big Brembo with drilled disks? Are they bitting hard, spongy?

  • I can understand some of your complaints about the interior of the Golf R, to an extent. Where I think some of your complaints fall flat is the fact that you are comparing this car to cars like the Focus RS, Civic Type R, etc. Those cars undoubtedly have far less creature comforts, more boy racer (less mature) interiors, with less luxury features.

  • You are funny with your rant on sunroof and price. I don't think money dictates that.
    There are tons of shit boxes that have them.
    bmw m3 is almost double amount of money and it also doesnt have sunroof. (At least standard)

  • Pls review a tesla Model 3

  • Have you thought of getting a GTI and getting it tuned by someone like APR or Unitronic? These EA888 engines make massive gains. The only thing is the clutch is a weak point on the GTI, but they do have low torque tunes.

  • Can we get the American poet philosopher Johnathan Siracusa to roar at the start of your videos .

    It’s time for the world to know of the first trillion dollar company’s secret weapon.

    Cheese grater Mac for life…

  • The car does have driver assist? You might have erred in claiming it does not.

  • If you’re in eco mode and kick down, the car will give you performance acceleration. Otherwise the throttle response is dumbed down. Not that you’d be in eco mode in a R 😂

  • Lol what, complains about the 'blob' on the XC90's windsheild while the Golf has the same??

  • I have a 2018 euro spec golf r . Sunroof prets wireless charging non electric seats not an option in my country . Full assist systems lane departure adaptive cruise control blind spot assist rear assist . There’s start stop 😡 rubbish and like American no option for park assist like the lowers end golfs probably weight saving ? . I got the discover pro would recommend it rather than the one in the video . I don’t know why the American market is so limited on options but I believe there’s customs issues on the American end even tail lights and the armrest storage were sealed up on the mk7 .

  • My Golf R has a sunroof

  • I think the Cadiz wheels are the best looking rims for Golf. I have them in my Jetta an they look awesome.

  • Love my Golf GTE 2017

  • Wow audio quality and presentation are through the roof on this new episode! Keep it up!

  • To bad you guys dont get seats or skodas. The best in my opinion is the Leon Cupra ST 4 Drive ( or one size smaller on Golf GTI power levels the Octavia RS) … Great wagons and much better in terms of price then the normal VW

  • That's a lot of carbon buildup on the exhaust pipes for a new car. Also, the Audi A4 is fast enough for U.S. roads, unless you plan to race every Civic Type R or Subie WRX you see at a stoplight.

  • You could get a GTI with a sunroof and then get a tune on it. Raises the HP from 220 to 319…more than a stock R

  • Francisco Vahamonde

    You never mentioned that the power difference btwn R and GTI is restricted by the weight difference

  • Just get the GTI Autobahn

  • Finally! A manual Golf R on YouTube 🙄 So fed up of DSG videos.
    That’s exactly my car and I chose these wheels over the Pretoria. (I had the choice)
    I like these better, the other ones look like you’ve got 17´´ tires.
    Hard to explain.

  • Awesome brother, I owned a GTI, and just bought the R……. no regrets! Well built and amazing power & handling!

  • I test drove one extensively recently but as an older guy I felt the car was too rough over uneven pavement even while in comfort mode.

  • very clean informative impressive review. cant believe u only got 4k subscribers lol

  • Just get an Audi S3. Same driving dynamics but waaay more stylish, prestige badge and lots of cool options if you can afford them.

  • Nikos Kostianis

    i am in the exact same position as you. Got a 2011 335i and sick of this stupid n55 always having problems.

  • yes the european version is much better

  • the automatic has the park stuff

  • Electric… boogie woogie woogie?

  • My 2018 R came standard with 19” Pretoria wheels. The Spielberg’s (no thanks) were an upgrade.

  • Is that 335 the IS version? If so, that’s way cooler than a Golf R.

  • Even more grown up would be an Audi S3.

  • Sean Washington

    First of all, great “normal guy” approach to your review. Secondly, THANK YOU for saying something about the missing sunroof. I also think it’s a shame that a car that costs so much doesn’t have one. Other reviews have stated that, because it’s FWD, the GTI has a little more storage space in the rear… and for “safety reasons” the R doesn’t have a sunroof. That is why I opted to keep my (dated but still awesome) 2007 Acura TL Type-S 6-spd manual: 286 hp, a great trunk, and, having just moved to Stuttgart, fun to drive on the Autobahn. However, I’m hoping that the 2019 Mk 8 Golf R will address all of the concerns you and I have and include all of the things you and I are missing in the current version. I say wait until June 2019 to purchase your next car, if you haven’t already made the jump. Thanks again!

  • don't understand the complaint about the vol/power knob

  • You can pay someone to cut a moonroof into a car. No idea what level of quality that gets you. And thanks for three things. The laugh with your OCD on the power/volume knob; the beard is still around (I’m guessing your wife agrees); and the Pride watchband. Thanks for your support. I agree the sound is very nice. However, I ordered a model 3 with instant torque. A LOT more expensive at $60k and 4.5s 0-60. Couldn’t stomach $71k for 3.5s

  • I would recommend you do a video on the e-Golf if you can get your hands on it. Other than that I agree with your statement about the Golf being incredibly planted

  • Really really really. Really? Unbelievable.

  • VW North America never makes any sense to me and I share some of your points. Its interesting that you, in the USA only get the Speilberg wheels yet here in Canada, we get the 19" Pretoria's as standard (Speilberg are a $250 option). I totally agree with you on the sunroof, a top of the line model and its not even an option. Even worse, the 2015 to 2017s didn't even have an opening centre arm rest. As for the radio knob, I covered mine with a little black sticker I found online and placed it over the knob. No more worrying about the line facing up LOL!

  • You're too old for Civic but too young for Accord????

  • marc montebello

    have you considered a kia stinger or genesis G70? they won't be in the shop nearly as much as your bmw or volks and when they are it won't cost you a macbook pro.

  • I can’t stand they make so many 4 doors Rs! A hatch should be 2 doors only.
    Im 40 also, drive an r32 mk4 and I need another car cause I’m garaging mine, but I don’t know what to get.

  • Great video Casey! If that stroller survived, you should do a review on that amazingly built machine.

  • Hi Casey. Love the video! Just to let you know that, here in Belgium, I am perfectly able to add a panoramic sunroof as an option to the car!

  • I feel the same way… it's so good, but its just not quite there. I still love it!!!

  • Hilary Lyttle-Gittens

    I own the MK6 Golf R. I love it! Traded in my ‘08 GLI in for it. I bought it brand new and never regretted it. There is a huge difference between a GTI & R. I got rid of my GLI because it lacked hp and you really felt it whenever I used the a/c. That’s not an issue with the R. And the handling on an R just puts a smile on my face everyday. Plus it’s 100% made in Germany, unlike most of VW’s lineup. I’ve driven the 2018 R and honestly I wouldn’t trade my MK6 for it. Like you said the newer version has no sunroof, the wheels are hideous & those extra ponies can easily be added with APR. But the ‘18 does have better technology. But I’m a driver first so I can live without it. Overall I think you’ll enjoy driving an R daily.

  • Nice, but less talk about your age and just tell me what you think about the car. And take easy on the stroller.

  • Just a little suggestion… if you do close-ups of the interior, I would polish the touchscreen once before doing the shot.
    The fingerprints on the screen don't look good, even if is the standard way it will look after 1 day use …..

    And if you do the shots that show just the interior and the design, maybe use a stand for the camera and do a slow panorama view without shaking camera?
    A single foot stand would do the job I would assume…

    On the outside… just mount your camera on the stroller 😉

  • It’s clear to us now that you better stick to US brands. But I an willing to give to a tip: there are plenty of optional packs with auto-park etc

  • Tim Vanbenschoten

    Great job Casey. Thanks for a fun film, kept my attention.

  • Not sure why people still compare the R made in Germany to the GTI made in Mexico. Just pick any spot on the car and knock on it and you'll hear the difference. The R is much more robust with a better finish overall. Plus don't forget the residual value. It's not the best obviously but it's an enthusiast car that people buy not with their reason. Gear video!

  • Wait a minute, is this a car entertainment system running at 60 fps? Are we living in the future yet?!

  • Get an S4, though even the A4 does feel like it has plenty of power. It feels in between the GTI and R to me. I got the GTI and wish I had gotten the R (or A4 but we had just bought a luxury SUV and didn’t have the money) but I suppose if I didn’t care about warranty I could “chip” it and buy some better tires. It seriously needs better tires…

  • Accord too young for that … Siracusa burn!

  • Good review also btw. I also like it’s understated look

  • I enjoyed the video, but it’s a bit too long and too clinical. And what is this non-sense about being too old or too young for a car? That strikes me as being very immature and I found it rather off-putting.

  • Great job, Casey. Keep it going!

  • It appears that the version on sale in Australia has the sunroof on the Manual, but no sunroof on the DSG version. Weird.

  • MK7 GTI owner and avid ATP listener here. One other thing to factor in is that unlike R's that usually go for close to MSRP, GTI's can be had with a huge discount. If not in your state then maybe a neighboring one. I drove from NY to VA to get $6K off MSRP. Stage 1 is a $650 proposition to take a GTI to stock Golf R power. I know you've mentioned you didn't want to deal with any tunes but it is something to consider still.

  • Myke was right. You should have dubbed the car noises underneath a vocal track from your podcasting setup (yes yes I know you didn't know about that one until Myke mentioned it on Analog(ue)…but something to try out for next time).
    But other than that…very entertaining car review Casey. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Who the hell is Casey?

  • Are you going to do a follow-up featuring your new R? I'm seriously considering the R as a replacement for my 2004 WRX wagon which, after many years of noble service, will likely become SecondSon's primary vehicle. I love the clutch and transmission in the WRX and generally hate VW clutches, so I'm considering the DSG. I'm prepared to be persuaded if you decide to do a follow-up, though….

  • Duuuuude I HEAR you on the gorgeous pretoria wheels!!! It seriously has me considering getting a used 2017 model vs a 2018 model.

    2017 PROS:
    – Pretoria wheels
    – Older front fascia (not feeling the new one)
    – Analog gauges (not sure I like the look or trust reliability of screens long-term)

    2018 PROS:
    – Newer infotainment features
    – Incredible 6 year / 72 mile limited VW warranty * HUGE *
    – LED front and tail lights
    – Extra gear on the dual clutch auto

    I'm really conflicted, here. It seems like you really think things through… what would you suggest???

  • Getting better Casey, a lot better , just need to match the good audio when using the likes of the iPhone to shoot video in the car, maybe invest in a DJI gimbal for some cool shots and a sturdier mount for the interior shots to stop the Camera vibrating-awesome job – keep her lit 🔥

  • Get the R. You’ll love it.

  • Watched this and the GTI review, I'm having the same internal debate. At what price are the added HP and all-wheel drive no longer worth it? Right now (10/18) in the States, a GTI SE (the sweet spot trim IMO) w/ DSG is about $26k give or take. A Golf R w/ DSG is $40-$42k. As much as I want the all-wheel grip, is the added HP and all-wheel drive worth $15k?

  • John O'Shaughnessy

    As an avid ATP listener since the days of Neutral, I really enjoy your car videos. They seem 50% car video, and 50% “On the analyst’s couch with Casey” 🙂 But in a good way. My wife owned a Golf years back, and we liked it quite a bit. Since then we’ve had Audi A4s, BMW 335 and 328, and (you’ll probably downvote my comment now) recently, we BOTH got Honda Civic’s. Personally, I like the Golf R wheels, because I find them distinctive. Again, I really enjoy your videos, and enjoy following along as your shooting and editing improves. Thanks!

  • It comes with sunroof in Australia…I have no knobs on the infotainment just flat screen. It's a 2018 7.5 v2..

  • Casey, looks like VW listened! For 2019 they're adding an option for 19" Pretorias (black package), but now I'm torn, do I get a great deal on a 2018 Golf R with ugly rims, or do i pay sticker on a 2019 with black Pretorias. What will you do?

  • Great video! Wasn't a fan of the thumbnail if you were looking for criticism.

  • Hello Casey! It's unfortunate that different markets get different standard specs. Here is what we get in South Africa! https://www.vw.co.za/content/dam/vw-ngw/vw_pkw/importers/za/Showrooms/brochures/passenger-vehicles/2018/october/golf-online-brochure.pdf/_jcr_content/renditions/original.media_file.download_attachment.file/golf-online-brochure.pdf

  • Great review Casey! I have listened to ATP for years and appreciate your perspective on a lot of things. I am the owner of a 2018 Golf R with DSG and after watching this video and the GTI video(I have also owned 2 GTIs also), I hope you drive future model with DSG but use manual mode more. My experience with my R is that it is a different car depending on what I select. Race mode and manual mode on twisty mountain roads is amazing when you can keep both hands on the wheel and still move through the gears as needed (and I grew up on 3 pedals). I hope you do future reviews and give DSG in manual mode a try. From one older man to the you( I am John's age), keep up the great work! BTW, the throwing of the stroller was classic!!

  • Lol at the power/volume switch! You’re also unable to center it because of the notches. OCD nightmare 😄. Also the center armrest is locked from factory, but can be unlocked with aftermarket support.

  • The video isn't too bad until you start talking in the car, it almost sounds like you are under water… Video needs wayyyyyyy more B-roll and colour grade the video so it doesn't look so flat all the time.

  • Casey- I needed that video. Although I’m 61, I’m in the same conundrum. I’m coming out of an A3 and want the HP. I’ll miss the sunroof, but at 61, a GTI is out of the question. What’s got me concerned, the 6 speed is not in anywhere near in demand as a DSG. The MK 7.5 will most likely be the last in the USA for a MT. Will that eventually outweigh the demand loss and value? Do I bite the bullet and order a Nardo Gray or close with a DSG? Or pick up an in stock Iridium Gray, Black, or Red with the MT?
    Curious to know your final decision.

  • Great review I have seen a lot and I really found this one so much more objective. Thanks.

  • Putting in another vote for a Golf R follow-up video: I’ve heard John Siracusa make mention of “loaners” on ATP and I’m hoping your new car isn’t already broken!

  • one of the best reviews of the Golf R out there. agree with a lot of the issues you mentioned (the lack of a sunroof being paramount). also strange that, given the price point, Golf R doesn't have a heated steering wheel or an auto-tilting passenger side mirror when on reverse. what did you end up getting to replace your BMW? I'm in a similar boat.

  • Nice review. Just stop talking about BMW's. You did comment your BMW used to be at the shop all the time. That means is a very unreliable car. I think VW's are more reliable. Good review in a manual Golf R. Save the manuals…

  • Curious to know. I’m torn between Indium Grey and Lapiz Blue. What swayed you to the blue? Now that you have lived with it, any regrets on the color? And did you go with black wheels? Thx

  • I love the rims on this car!!

  • I am with you on the sunroof. I would not consider a car without a sunroof. Also, I do not believe this thing has homelink which is another huge omission on a 40k+ car. Summer only 35 profile tires also kill this thing for me for, although that is fairly easy to remediate (not necessarily cheap though)

  • Well! mine has a sunroof and if you would have tested the DSG option then you would understand why you look hopeless doing this review.

  • Have a 2017 GTI. Love it. Next week I am going to test drive an R. Thinking of getting it

  • you must be Jewish or something… bro I you suck at this. You have to go back to selling hot dogs in the city or something..

  • The fact that the USA version isn't available with a sunroof is inexcusable. Especially or a $40k car. I'd just get a GTI.

  • You live in Michigan the all wheel drive is a no brianer.

  • FFS first world problems are just so………… Knob

  • Totally agree that the 2018 wheels are Ugly!!! The Pretoria wheels are so much better!

  • ohhhh Boy there is another idiot reviewing a car… waooo Bro.. you suck at this.!

  • Hi Casey, the reason theres a kickdown switch in manual is to push out of speed limiter/cruise control. For example when driving round London (with cameras and average speed checks everywhere) I'll set my Manual R to limit at 30mph and so i can have my foot sitting on or just above the kickdown point. but if i need to quickly accelerate past that limit i just push down past the kickdown point and it boosts out. Hope this helps.

  • LoL too young for an accord.

  • Alex Drouillard

    I happen to love the wheels.

  • Alex Drouillard

    You complain to much.

  • I bought the GTI 7 months ago, compared to my previous chipped Focus ST I've found it so dull to drive I've just ordered an R instead. TBH if it wasn't for the fact my wife wanted to switch to an automatic due to arthritis in her ankles and shoulders I'd have been totally happy keeping the ST….

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