Cheating in Gambling and Sports Betting

Alright, alright… here we go here we go. Ready? Settle down! Settle down… settle down… All right? Sorry. I’m just screwin’ with you! Hey everyone! J Todd here on Fremont Street with Deadpool… and here’s what’s happening This Week in Gambling! This Week in Gambling! Hello friends, and thanks for streaming another
edition of This Week in Gambling. With the spread of sports betting across our
great nation, and given some of the recent headlines, I thought it was time we discuss
a difficult topic: Cheating! This week’s big story is nothing new for our
friends in the United Kingdom and Europe, where match-fixing has been a part of the
sports betting landscape ever since there was… well, sports betting! To find a sports betting scandal in America
you have to go back a hundred years, all the way to 1919 when the Chicago White
Sox threw the World Series! Of course, there was also that Pete Rose feller… but I mean, come on man! Of course we’re not just
talking about sports betting here. Cheating affects online poker, horse-racing,
even e-sports! In fact, one player was recently banned from
an eSports league for providing inside information to someone who was betting on the games! Not only that, it’s recently been revealed
that Triple Crown winner Justify failed a drug test last year… a test that revealed
performance-enhancing drugs. He should have been banned from even running
in the Kentucky Derby! Instead the California Horse Racing Board
just covered it up, and Justify kept on running and kept on winning. Later the board had the nerve to say that
they take the integrity of horse racing very seriously! Obviously! It shows! Also, let’s not ignore the potential for cheating
on sports betting in America. Just take the current situation with the National
Football League, Antonio Brown and the Steelers… or the Raiders… or the Patriots… where is he now? While the accusation against Brown are quite
serious, can you imagine the ramifications if similar charges – whether true or untrue – were leveled against a star quarterback, say, ten days before he was scheduled to play in
the Super Bowl? After a lot of big bets had already been placed? Yeah, you see where I’m going with this?! Not only that, now there are growing concerns
about online poker cheats… and I’m not talking about collusion or accusations
that the software is rigged… I’m talking about artificial intelligence! A computer geek at Carnegie Mellon University
recently developed a poker bot that can outplay even the best professionals! And it only took him eight days and
$140 to develop it! Think about what that could mean for the future
of our industry! Some encouraging news this week as the state
of Michigan now says they could… could have legal regulated sports betting
up and running by the time the Super Bowl rolls around in February! Well, better late than never! Not so encouraging news this week came from
the state of New York where sports betting was legalized and regulated
this past summer… but only in land-based casinos. And it looks like it’s going to stay that
way for a while. Word is that mobile and or online sports betting
will not get done in 2020. Legislators there say there’s just not enough
time to get a bill passed. I would think not when they’re only in session a little
over 60 days during a five-month period all year! Nice work if you can get it! Finally this week, we’ve recently reported
that three progressive jackpots had been hit over a four day period in the state of Pennsylvania… all at the same online casino… all playing the same online game! And now you can make that four progressive
jackpots hit over an 11 day period in Pennsylvania… all at the same casino… all playing the same game! Damn, must be something in the water in Pennsylvania! That delicious Lake Erie water! Beans and Franks!

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