Hey, welcome to “Golf Life.” I’m joined by a long-term — How long have
we known each other? What, 25?>>At least 25 years.>>Maybe 25 years. I actually started “Golf Life” and the company
here in the Vail Valley, and Alice Plain, from the Vail Golf Club, joins us here on
“Golf Life,” and so good to see you.>>Thanks for having me. Great to be here.>>What a wonderful place this is. People just don’t know, do they? I mean, it’s like no other, right?>>It really is. I mean, blue sky, mountains. It’s absolutely spectacular.>>Well, come along with us, with Alice and
I. We’re going to take out a bunch of your friends,
different golfers, some juniors, some older people, what have you, and let them play the
golf course and tell us all about it.>>Awesome. Can’t wait.>>Let’s have fun. All right, come on along. ♪♪♪♪>>The Vail Golf Course, it’s
located in Vail. It’s right in the valley, in between all the
mountains. And unusual for a mountain course, it’s in
the valley, so it’s a walkable golf course. It’s a beautiful scenery. We have the Gore range that you can see throughout
the golf course.>>This place is the most beautiful place
on Earth. It’s over 8,000 feet. You just get perfect, crystal blue air every
day. The people up here are extraordinary.>>The Vail Golf Club is great for many reasons. First of all, we have the ability to allow
walkers on the course, push carts, and even golf bikes. Because we’re in the valley, it really is,
first of all, a beautiful location, but also, being flat, you can do all those things like
walk, take a golf bike, or push your push cart with ease. And it’s also very playable for everyone. There’s five sets of tees to choose from. We feel that we can take the best players
and challenge them and also take the players that struggle on the golf course and allow
them to have a good time out here. ♪♪♪♪>>So, my favorite part of the
Vail Golf Club really is the Gore range. Every single hole, when you’re playing and
walking or riding the bike, you can see the Gore range. So even if your game is not up to par or not
playing well, you can enjoy the Gore range, enjoy the beauty, and really, it’s so special,
and you’re not gonna understand that until you come visit.>>I truly love the Vail golf course. If you just look around, the scenery is just
unbelievable.>>I like 7, elevated tee box, because it’s
a challenge for me. I like number 9 because it has a beautiful
view going all the way to the golf clubhouse.>>I really like hole 15 because it’s an over-the-water
shot. You hit over a river, and I also like hole
number 4 because it’s the only hole I birdied.>>On the back nine, we have 14 and 15. Again, the river comes into play a lot on
those holes, and they’re really fun to play for that reason. And then, of course, 18 we redid a few years
ago, and it’s a great hole. The tees, we backed up. There’s a lot more carry over water now, which
is exhilarating, I think, for that final hole type feeling, and you’re finishing right in
front of our beautiful clubhouse. People are on the deck, watching. It really is a fun atmosphere to play.>>The golf course has changed a lot in the
past couple of years. A new clubhouse, a lot of changes to the course
itself. I think it’s really made it one of the best
public golf courses not just in the valley but in all of Colorado. ♪♪♪♪>>The design of our new clubhouse
is such where we can — you can have lunch after a round of golf, enjoy our patio at
the golf course, as well as simultaneously we can have a wedding going on. This design, we can have both activities going
on at the same time.>>It is a big clubhouse. It’s beautiful. It caters to the Gore range really well. The patio is set right in front of it, so
you can finish your golf round, and you sit on that patio and you have a drink or have
some food, and it really is a nice finish to the day.>>So, we’re lucky enough to have a new banquet
space, The Gore Range Room, in our Vail golf and Nordic clubhouse. We can host up to 160 guests. We have the option of using our fabulous restaurant,
Grill on the Gore, for food, or you’re welcome to bring in your own caterer as well. You also have the option of using the wedding
island for your ceremony site, which we can also host up to 160 guests. So it’s a great place to do both ceremony
and reception here at this beautiful location.>>And our pro shop is beautiful. We have a spectacular layout in our golf shop. So we’re very excited going into this summer
with our new facility.>>One of the best times to come to the course
is in the middle of September through the 1st of October. The weather is nice and cool, and there’s
not a whole lot of people up here.>>So, to find out more about the Vail golf
course and all that’s happening in the Vail Valley, you can go to our website, Or you can visit and find out everything
about our wedding venue, the golf course, our new clubhouse.

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