Classic vs. skate: the 2 types of cross-country skiing | CBC Sports

So in cross-country skiing there are two techniques: the classic and the skate, or freestyle technique. They both require different
sets of equipment. In classic skiing, the ski is a bit longer. So for a skier like myself, it’s about 200 centimeters long And the classic ski requires a grip zone
so from about halfway up the ski to about halfway down the ski they have a zone where they grip wax, or kick wax, is applied and the ski can get traction on the snow. The poles for classic skiing are slightly shorter. They come up to approximately shoulder height. In skate skiing, or freestyle skiing, the ski is slightly shorter. It’s about 185 centimetres long for a skier like myself. There is no kick zone; the ski is glide-waxed all the way down, and the poles for skate skiing are slightly longer, so they come up to about chin height on a skate skier. It’s just that simple.

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