Cleveland Browns Cheerleader | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– Being an NFL cheerleader
is all about bringing pep, supporting the team, creating joy and celebrating
the team’s successes. But I cheer for the Cleveland Browns. (sad music) Finding something to cheer
for with the Browns is hard. Fumbles, sacks, injuries, fumble-sack-injury safeties, Browns football isn’t very cheery. Any NFL cheerleading is hard. There are all these rules. You’re not allowed to gain
weight, or date a player, or put your head in your hands and cry. That one’s specific to Cleveland. The stadium is kind of
a feedback loop of sad. The coaches are sad, which
makes the players sad, which makes the fans sad,
which makes the coaches sad, which makes the players sad,
which makes the fans sad. It’s… just a lot of sad. It’s gotten to the point where sometimes we ditch practice
to brainstorm new cheers. – [Cheerleaders] Less! (clapping) Less! (clapping) Turn the ball over a little bit less! (cheerleaders sighing) – We made a swimsuit
calendar for the fans, but it was after we blew a
twenty point lead to the Ravens. It’s not really selling. (crying) I’m trying my best. It’s not my fault the Browns let two good free agent
offensive linemen walk. I always try to keep things positive, like, all the Browns are in the NFL, so, that means they’re some of the best
football players in the world! And that’s cool! It’s just hard to put that in a cheer. – [Cheerleaders] We still
have basketball! (clapping) We still have basketball! (clapping) (cheerleaders sighing)


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