Coach McGriff vs Coach Roach on the Golf Course: Episode 1 (2018)

[MUSIC] The 2018 Ole Miss Rebels are building. 12 months ago the Red and Blue were faced with uncertainty and ambiguity all while searching for their next architect. During the 2017 campaign the crew learned even the slightest adjustment can make all the difference. A year later, the foundation has been laid by a man that has embodied the Rebel spirt since birth, Matt Luke the lifelong Ole Miss staple rallied his team around a blue collar effort and enters the fall with an identity ready to capitalize on their triumphs and resolve the shortcomings from last season. With the dust settled on the Luke framework it is clear the key for the Rebs success is his call and unwavering message to compete. And he isn’t solely talking to his student-athletes, but to his staff as well. Hey, do I need to call Matt Ball before we get started? Ask him what’s the transfer rule for coaches? You got your blood pressure cup with you? Oh no, not yet. Okay. Get you to check that fuy’s blood pressure before he go out. [MUSIC] Ut oh. It’s leaking right, it was left yesterday. It’s going right today. [Club hitting ball] Did you see that shot? That was awful. [Club hitting ball] Get in the hole. Did you see that? Did you see that shot? Did you see that? Oh he missed it. Oh. I wanted to let you win the first hole, that’s a set up. Good hole man, good win. Good win. You know we’ve found mine every time. I’m probably lost. Are you serious? There be no snake will bite it. When you’re a full-time coach in the SEC there is no mulligans baby, let’s go play. I’m going in people’s pool. [Laughter] Why you chance me to go in trees man? I said don’t go in people’s pool. [Club hitting ball] Aw you called it. Are you serious? Oh man. We sorry. Let’s go. That thing is gone. Oh he’s just giving me strokes. Crime dog down one, not for long. I just tucked my shirt in because of him today. I wanted to be like Crime. Today he may want to be like Freddie. I’m down two in every great event this is the turning point. This could be a movie, athletic contest, but it’s always a turning point, you’re getting ready to see it. [Club hitting ball] Ut oh. Are you serious? You see that? Did you see that? Did you say pressure? Did you say pressure? Are you serious? Oh my gosh. Son, didn’t I tell you it was a turning point? I just told you it was a turning point. I love you. It’s a little adversity, it is what it is. So what I’m going to do, I’m just going to go down, I’m going to hit it out, two putt and then I have a par. He’ll choke. [Club hitting ball] Did you see that? Did you see that? I should pull up my grip and moved it. Sir, would you please put that knife down? You don’t need it to cut that steak, that is some cut. Are you serious? I may get me 20 years to life, no chance of parole hitting the ball like that. [MUSIC] Say if I make that putt you’ve got no shot. Do you want to leave right now? I won’t tell nobody if you left the course right now. My pleasure. You’ll have to meet my wife Hilda. We’re big supporters. Awesome I love the shirt, love the shirt. Sorry for interrupting your game. That’s okay, I’m over there beating this boy so bad he needs a pause in his play. [Club hitting ball] Are you serious? That’s the way you attack. You want to be a Landshark, got to attack. Full line. Are you kidding me? What you got? That’s what you call center cut. The Bulls and the Knicks back in the day that’s what it’s going to be. And I’m the Bulls, I’m Michael Jordan. I told him he’s in the middle of a turning point. It’s like any other contest, you keep them around and make it entertaining. Then once you get them down, listen I’m like a tattoo, once I get on you I ain’t going nowhere. No! I think you were down two, with one to play. That turning point is unbelievable. He’s down right now, I’ve got to be careful because I don’t want to ruin his confidence, training camp starts next week, we got a whole season. I got to be real careful. Hey, how’s your confidence? You good? Huh? You good? Ain’t crying this thing’s getting ugly baby. I didn’t want to steal his entire confidence, I let him on the first hole, let him win that last one, but in between, you talk about a whopping, huh. I mean, just look at his body language huh? This is the press conference of a loser, look at it. I mean, are you serious? Let’s listen. Now he’s been golfing since ’72 when he was 25 is when he started golfing. So – but I’m golfing off of athleticism. Played in the SEC 5’9″ 250 division II athlete just whooped him. [Laughter] The champ baby. High five. We did it again baby. Huh? No question. Hey, appreciate you guys. Hey, I enjoy whopping him. Thank you for your time.

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